15 April 2011

What i use...(Face Routine)

A while ago i did a few posts about trying to find some different Face Cleansers and make up removers.
I had been using Simple for so long and although it work well for me i was curious if there was something better out there.

The ones i tryed where

you can see my post for that here

I like how this works and feels on there skin and it does work fast and gets eye make up of but it wasn't as good and gentle on my skin as Simple.

Again i like how this feels and works but it make my skin change and not in a good way.
After a while of using it i could tell it was making my skin bad and i had to stop using it.

So now i am back to using my trusty Simple that i know works for me and i have to say i have noticed a huge difference in my skin its so much better.
I'm definitely sticking with this from now on my foundation goes on well again which make me very happy.
Ive also started using Oilatum face creme which is amazing!!
Most people have probably heard of it from the pixiwoo sisters who love it.
I had been using a different creme called epiderm i think or somthing like that for years and year and loved it i never thought id use anything else but this is deffinitly my new favourite!

I use these three products every day at least twice.
After i get out of the shower i use the eye make up remover first to get of any mascara that is left,
Then the Simple clenser and finally the Oilatum.
After i have dont this i then go on to apply my foundation

I would deffinitly recommend all three of these products.
I picked mine up from Boots I think the Simple was around £3-£4 and the Oilatum was around £8.

Laura xxx


  1. good review! do you have oily or dry skin? I think oilatum is for dry skin , am I right?

  2. I adore Oilatum, it works wonders on my dry skin!:) xx

  3. im not sure Shareena if it can be used on both but i have dry skin x

  4. I've started using Simple Cleansing lotion to take off my makeup. I find this really removing all my makeup and leaving my skin really soft :)


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