26 April 2011

My first Graze box.....

Last week i ordered my first Graze box which i was really excited to try.I have been so close to ordering on a few times but never went through with it. As last week there was an offer to get the first box free i went for it......why wouldn't i?;)
Ive been trying to eat better and lose a bit of weight along with a few girls on twitter.

Graze offers a a wide selection on snacks and also styles you can opt for the Nibble box  the has maximum variety and you get to choose from over 100 nibbles.
Or the Nutrition box where you get just the healthy snacks designed by there nutrition team.Which is the one i went for.

You get to go through everything they offer and say if you dont like it and never want it sending,if you would like to try, or if you love somthing and want it sending out soon which i thing is really great.Its like every box is personaly made just for you.
You can also go back in to your account and change the lst at anytime incase they send you something you dont like and never want again or if you love somthing to come again.

You also get to chose the day/days each week you want you Graze box to be delivered, again you can change this at anytime.
Mine will be coming every Monday :) nice little treat to look forward to when the weekends over!

Here are the for snacks i got sent in my first box...

Oven roasted cashews
Rating- 5/5
The beach
20g Banana.Pineapple,Mango.
Lost army.
Classic rise and peanut cracker mix
Ancient forest nuts.
35g of Hazels, walnuts & almonds.

Each nibble is in its own little box which you can take out of the box and carry with you if you are going out, or take to work with you for a little snack.

You also get all the info of what is in the box's :)

Box's are £3.49 each including p&p!

Inside the box i got there was a code to give to three friends to get a FREE box!!!
Im guessing you will get this too :)

You do need a bank card to sign up for it but you can cancel at anytime so you could get your first box and log on to the site and cancel your account so you will never get charged.

The code is P5YMGJ3
It can only be used 3 times so if your intrested hurry!

You can also use this code to get your first box free and you next one half price :)

Laura xxx

*I am not been paid to do this post.I am not in contact with the company.


  1. I have just got my 2nd Graze box today - I love them... So good instead of biscuits and choc!

  2. wow I def need to get one of this!! :D

  3. I love graze boxes, I ordered some a while ago and this has reminded me I want to start getting them again! I only stopped because I moved house and cancelled things :(

    They were really nice though, perfect for taking out shopping or something which is when I tend to buy rubbish if I get hungry!

    www.justlikeh0ney.blogspot.com :-) xo

  4. what a great idea might give it a go xxx

  5. I've just ordered one of these! I can't wait for it to come now :D


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