28 April 2011

China Glaze Peachy keen....

Peachy Keen came out with the Up & Away Spring 2010 Collection so many of you have probably seen this before.I'm really into peach at the minute so i had to pick this on up :).

This colour is great for spring summer especially with peach been so big this year.
Would look so lovely against a nice tan!

It applys good i use two coats and lasts nicely with a top coat.

Really love this colour.

I got mine from eBay seller beautyzone2007 as i do all my polishes, they have great prices and shipping only takes a week from America.

Laura xxx


  1. I love this colour, I just bought Four Leaf Clover and Re-Fresh Mint from beautyzone2007 - I can't believe how much cheaper they are!

  2. loveee re-freshes mint!! wish id of got four leaf clover i was so close to getting it! il have to get that one next time :) x

  3. That colour looks lush on you- was about to tweet and ask you who the seller was you used. I'm off on ebay now, and if i spend a fortune,i'm blaming you :p xxx

  4. Ah this colour is gorgeous! I have got a major thing over all things Peach and Orange at the moment, I am deffo going to check out this ebay seller come next payday xxx

  5. LOL let me know what you get :) i always get more than i go on for its addictive becuase it seems so cheap!

    me to charil :) reallllyyyyy want the essie one you have! xx


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