10 April 2011

New storage for brushes & hair clips

I have needed some new storage bits for a while and decided i wanted someone new to put my makeup brushes as my old one was getting way to squashed!
I also wanted a small tin to put my hair clips in so they were easy to get to and i could just grab one with out having to mess about.

I first looked on Ebay but there wasn't any i really loved and they seemed over pirced for what they were really every thought they were only a few pound i knew id seen them in town for less.

So of i went in search for new tins and buckets....

I found this one in a little home shop in not sure the name but im thinking it could of been 'Home'.
It was only £2.99 and perfect for me to put all my clips in and it looks really cute too :)
Just wish they had a bigger one that would fit my brushes....

Here is the bargain i found to store my brushes!
It was only 99p from B&M!
Its not all fancy and pretty like i would like to have but its definitely better than the small one i have been using.
I was originally going to get two for my makeup brushes one for eye brushes and one for face but its is quite big and is big enough to fit both.

I also picked up these to put in the bottom to help the brushes stand up.
I seen alot of people use rice and the little beads but these were only 89p a pack!

Im happy with these for now although im going to keep my eye out for a holder More like the top one to put my brushes in.

Laura xxx


  1. I love storage posts from blogs LOL gives me inspiration as I can be so messy and always lose everything,

    great post

    www.vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com x

  2. The first one is so gorgeous!


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