7 April 2011


I am trying to lose some weight for summer as im sure many of others are.

The main thing i want to do is get back to my pre baby weight which i still haven't managed to do!!
I see so many people not just celebs, getting back to there pre baby weight or every below it.

And as my youngest is 19months old now i feel like i should of been back to my old weight a long time ago!

I suppose ive been abit lazy and with what i feed myself after cooking different meals for the boys and there dad everyday i don't feel like making something 'propper' for myself and end up having some toast through the day if i get hungry because its quick and easy and there no extra washing up to do. Then some nights having a takeaway not that i had one every night but more than i should when im trying to lose weight,sometimes one a week sometimes two.

I was doing ok at losing some last summer as i was walking in to town most days which from where i live is uphill the whole way and pushing a double pushchair it was quite a workout, but as it got into winter and the boys got older and heavier it got harder and i did it less because of the bad weather and ended up putting back on what i had lost.

Its not like i ever stopped thinking about losing weigh its been on my mind every single day since i had my little boy i just havnt been able to find the right balence between eating healthy and excercise ...

 Now i am on a mission to do it for good!!
 I have been trying to watch what i eat and do more excercise and the sun been out always helps :).

Anyway on the the Zumba!
I had heard alot of people talke about 'Zumba' and how fun it was.
I dont have time to go to class's at the gym because i have the boys 24/7 and no one to watch them while i go because there dad works alot.
So i decided to look it up on trust You Tube and found a few videos, well theres lots but i like ones where i know the songs :).
I thought i would share with you some of the ones i have been doing.
I do them as much as i can i try doing it on a morning then on a afternoon while my youngest is napping then on a night when both boys are in bed.When they are both up i put it on and they join in with me as soon as they heard the music they go crazy and start jumping around so that always motivates me more :).

And theres many more....

Hopfully this will help me get back to the weight i want to be!!

If you have found any you like to do i would love to know so i can give them ago :)

Also if you know of any good DVDs?

Laura :) xxx


  1. Hey Hun,

    There is a Zumba game for most of the gaming consoles now and also check out the Zumba site, they have an offer on the official Zumba DVD


    Ive tried Zumba and I nearly died in the first 5 mins lol xx

  2. Fantastic!!! I am at home for study month and Im really missing my half an hour walk to and from uni every day! Just yesterday I was looking for exercise videos on YouTube but no luck, thanks so much for these links!! I will be trying this out tomorrow :D xxxxx

  3. Thanks Tasha, il check it out :)xxx

    Hope you enjoy them like me and the boys do hannah :) xxx

  4. I go to a Zumba class every wednesday night, there are some hilarious moves! I really like Waka Waka as well :)♥

  5. I'm actually going to be going to zumba classes with my Mum soon :D x


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