17 May 2011

Tragus piercings...a spontaneous day with lots of piercings!

This morning when I woke up my plans were to take my Sister to the doctors have a walk round town and come home.
I ended up with having my ears pierced firstly at the bottom in the second hole as my sister had been wanting it done and thought while she was there to see how much it cost so maybe she would go back and get it done another day.We found somewhere that did it for £6.99 so for the price she really wanted it doing then
.I have had mine done there before years ago but they healed up because I took them out, so because she was nervous thought it would hurt I went first to show her there was nothing to worry about( nice big sis ;).

So of we went to the doctors and on the way I was really wanting to get my tragus done I have wanted it done for a while but never did because it wasn't at the top of my 'to do list' and I thought it would hurt to much so I never did it. The place we had just been was nice and they did it for £10 which we though was a really good price.The ladies in there were so lovely aswell so I really wanted to go back and get it done.....I did and the sister loved it she had it done too.

Then after I had that done I wanted to go back and get the top of my ear re-done...I think its addictive having a piercing! While I was in the seat the first time the woman was talking to me about the top piercing I had had done years ago twice but took it out both times (due to PE in school), so I ended up calling back in before we went home.

'Alot of piercing in one day!! Especially 
when I wasn't planning on having any an hour before!!!;

(UPDATE- 3 Weeks after piercing-here)

I have been looking online and there are quite a few celebs who have had it done...
 heres a few that I found..

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett had a tiny stud in here which you can only just see here.
I like her top one aswell I think I might get it done. :/ oh man I'm addicted!! agh

Rochelle Wiseman
You can see Rochelle get her's done on there show from last year. I think it was while they were in LA.
This is what me and my sister saw that made us think about getting it done.
(YT it)

(images from google)

Have you had your Tragus done?

Do you want it done??

Ohhh and if you have had it done what earring do you have in?

Laura xxx :)


  1. Oooo i love it! Such an awesome price, one place near me charges £30!! xx

  2. I've always wanted my tragus done - just afraid of the pain! :P

  3. lol you addict! it looks cool, i want mine done...but i'm a wimp and don't even have my lobes done, i have had it done but they closed up and now i'm too scared, not even of the pain it's such a weird fear i have haha xx

  4. Hayley get your self to ponte lol! ekk £30 is alot! i only had it done today because it was so cheap lolxx

    Yu is doesnt hurt! i was so worryed it would lol just aches a tiny tiny but after but i cant feel it at all now :)xx

    seriously emma is addtctive lol i bet if you brave having lobes done youl go for it and have everything done lol :) xx

  5. Hey Laura, I have mine done and have a horse shoe type earing in it! I love it! Also have a scaffolding done too! Im looking to get more done asap!

    See them in this video every now and then xx

  6. ive always really wanted it done to but im such a baby when it comes to things like that, i had to walk in and out of the salon three times before i had my firsts done haha xx

  7. i've got a lip stud in mine, i think the flat back on it makes it more comfortable and easier to use headphones etc

    i'm addicted to piercings too, i have one like scarlett johansen's but slightly lower, kind of just above the tragus (not on the same ear) i also have anti-tragus, conch, the top of my ear and 4 sets of lobes lol! i'm planning on getting a rook next

  8. ohhhh i love it natalie ( just watch vid) :) xx

    My sister was same sophie lol but as soon as she saw mine she ws like ok i need it done lolxx

    ooohhhh did the one like scarlett's hurt Sarah? i think i might get in done in my other ear next week! ..... or tomorrow lol xx

  9. no it didn't hurt, it can be a bit fiddly to get the jewellery in though, I would definitely get more piercings if there was anywhere around here that didn't charge £30.

  10. great post! the piercing looks awesome on you!

  11. Ooh I've always kind of had a urge to get my tragus done but been worried about the pain! I have my ears done twice and my bellybutton, I had them done when I was younger though and was more fearless!! I've been wanting a new piercing for ages so you've maybe pushed me a little bit! Looks lovely on you :) x

  12. I really want a second piercing in my lobe... might have it done in the summer, too much of a wimp to have tragus or top of my ear done done tho... school wont like any of them but hay :L

  13. They look great! I'm a wuss when it comes to piercings - tattoos I can do but piercings make me squeamish! xx

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  15. That look like an ear stud you have in your lobes :/ please don't tell me you had it done with a gun :/ x

  16. Looks lovely :)
    I got my tragus done and I love it! I have a plain stud in at the mo, I lost my diamante one and still haven't gotten around to changing it, must do that soon! x

  17. The tragus looks so cute, but I'm too afraid of the pain LOL. I really want the top of my ear done though!

  18. I have my tragus pierced and its just got a barbell with a crystal in it atm!
    I love the piercing took a long time to heal but so worth it.

    Next I want my rook doing. :)

    Harriet x

  19. Yer i got it as well. Would do it any time again. ! :) Taly xx

  20. i just got a piercing in my eyebrow yesterday, i am in love with it... i like your piercing that Pink has it too.... its kind of "sexy"

  21. I got it pierced with a sliver stud. Then when it (eventually) healed ...takes AGES..... I put in a kind of half hoop with little coloured balls. Kind of hard to explain! I like little hoops in it though

  22. They look good, but due to the low prices and the fact you have earrings in them as opposed to proper piercing bars, did you get them done with a gun? :/
    I'm not trying to be a boob but if it was that's not right and they should really be stopped because it shatters the cartilage in your ear and can cause it to not heal correctly.
    I have eight piercings myself, lobes, nose, belly button, my helix x2, rook and conch, and only my lobes were done with a gun, but they're just flesh so it's fine.
    Please let me know how they are healing, as they may heal differently than if you had a proper bar in them, like email me or something because I know quite abit about piercings and don't want yours to get infected :)

  23. hi jessica yea she did them with a gun :/ . to be honest i didnt really know much about piercings and an hour before i had them done i wasnt planning on getting any.i had no idea until after they were done it was bad to get it done with a gun :( really hoping they heal ok! thanks for your comment :) xxx

  24. No really don't worry, I didn't mean to make you worried or anything I'm really sorry :/ I just get abit panicky when I see piercings done by guns! Just keep them clean and put in a proper bar when you can change it, probs about 6-8 weeks :)
    If you do get your rook done, it's worth paying a little bit extra for it to be done properly, mostly because they have to use a curved barbell because of where it is. But I love my rook, it's really cute :)
    Keep me updated on how they're going lovely

  25. Looks great! I had the top of my ear pierced in November last year and it still kinda healing..I heard that it takes a long time to heal but I've stuck with it and haven't taken it out. Love ear piercings they are fab. xx

  26. Hey Laura.
    I was very spontaneous when i got my tragus done 3 months ago still healing but i love it so much. Didnt hurt what so ever i actully got in done by a needle. Quiker and easiar!!! :P

  27. I am very spontaneous when it comes to getting Piercings as I have 8 altogether on my left ear I have my lobe done once The Conch and 2 Helix Piercings and also my rook done on my left ear on my right ear I have my lobe done once my Tragus and The anti-Tragus and I'm planning on getting more :]

  28. I got my tragus pierced a few years ago and I love it. The guy also used a gun on me, and everything went fine:)
    Btw,I have the same amount of piercings you have on your ear...but the higher one is lower..almost parallel to the tragus one :)

  29. I've had the top of my ear pierced, many moons ago..think i'de look rather silly now though. Leave it to you young un's ;)


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