1 May 2011

Mini Barry M Haul

As its 3 for 2 in Boots i picked up three things to try out.

21 and 51

21 is a white with gold shimmer in it.
51 is the pigment form of there dusky mauve nail polish! it does look brown but in different lights purple....as you can see here.

Two Dazzle Dusts, Ive was playing around with my MAC pigments last night as i havent used them in so long i tend to stick to pressed shadows now as there easyer and faster to work with but pigments do ive a great look. So when i spotted these and swatched them they were all so pretty i fell in love.
I can see a new obsession starting....
I thought these were my first by Barry M but then when i got home remembered i do have one in green that i used to wear all the time on a night out because it was so pretty.( cant see the number, all rubed of :( )

I also picked up the famous 101 lipstick.
I know im a bit late with this one but i have been so in love with my MAC lipsticks.
There where a few i liked thought but most were sold out. I did intend on going in just for 3 lipsticks until i saw the dassle dusts.

What are your favourite dassle dust colours? i need help to find nice ones :)


  1. these are such gorgeous colours! I bought a few a while ago, but like you said they're so much harder to work with than pressed shadows, must try them again! the lipstick looks beautiful, FOTD please x

  2. Love the dazzle dusts...i got that lipstick lol :)

  3. 51 is a gorgeous coloured eyeshadow!

  4. Those dazzle dusts are gorgeous! My fave DD would probably be Mushroom x


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