9 May 2011

Graze Box Week 3

Its Monday, that means its Graze box time :).
This weeks has to be the niceist so far, last week i swapped from an eatwell box to a nibble box just to try the different foods.

As you know last week i loved the Honeycomb Flapjack so i went on to the site and pressed 'send soon' ... so here it is again this week :) i wasnt expecting it wo come two weeks in a row but im not complaining ;).

So in this weeks box there is ...

Spicy Mango Salad

Dark rocky Road

Honeycomb Flapjack!

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code

I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .
Why not give them a try while there free! There worth it!!!

You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :)

*i dont work for Graze and i am not getting payed for this post. I just think the boxes are yummy and everyone should give them a try;)


  1. I ordered my first one the other day - it comes tommorow :)

  2. Just ordered my first one with your code- coming wednesday! Cant wait! I think I know what I'm getting because I pressed 'send soon' on quite a few including Copacabana and the honeycomb flapjack:)

    Everything looks so yummy- and not junk like I usually eat:)xx

  3. Honeycomb is by far the best ive had! keep going back on and pressing send soon after they send it lol.

  4. My second box came today, not amazed at what is it in though haha. I won't hesitate to try it though. The Honeycomb Flapjack is absolutely gorgeous :) x

  5. aww what did you get in it? xx

  6. they all look so yummy!!

    I have a new blog by the way, had to unfortunately delete my last one. not alot on there at the moment but just getting back into blogging again.


    Take care, keep up the good work with your blog, I am still a follower, I enjoy reading it :)


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