16 May 2011

Perfect Jeans for Apple body shapes....

'Apple shape'
Bigger top half compared to bottom.
Bigger boobs and more weight round the belly with tiny legs.

This isn't a post about that if you are this shape you have to wear these, just my story on finding some great jeans that i am happy with. I find it stupidly had to find jeans that fit me so i am really excited about finding some that i love and if this post and help anyone that isn't comfortable in jeans or has the same problems as i do find some that fit them great too that's great :) .......
I have never really known what my body shape was i could never work it out and never really took much notice of that sort of thing to be honest...until a few days ago when i came across a video on YT by the the lovely Anna ( TheStyleDiet ) where she was showing the best jeans for each shape.

Ive been searching for some new jeans for a long time but i can never find ones i like there either to long or they are too baggy in the leg and tight round the waist. When Flares were last 'in fashion' i loved them they were the only jeans i would wear so when they became impossible to find in shops i went for the more baggy boyfriend type as skinny/straight have never suited me.
I have longed for some really well fitting jeans that fit well around the waist and tight round the top or the legs and arnt  2 mile to long in the leg!

So last night i looked on the Internet determined to find a pair i liked. I was looking through the NEXT website as for me its the easiest place to order from, Fast delivery, pay later...

I was looking for flared jeans with a high waist .... i wanted to try them as i haven't before and thought maybe ...possible they could be the answer?!

So 12 pairs of jeans later i decided to check out and pray there would be one that fit!

They all arrived this morning(i ordered last night,Great delivery ). I was excited to try them but i was 98% sure i wouldn't find any that i like the fit of any of them.

Out of the 12 there were THREE that i loved!!!! i was so shocked really didn't expect  it find three pairs at all..I wouldn't normally buy three pair of jeans at once but it is so so so rare i find jeans that i like that i just couldn't send them back....but i found the perfect fit  

Flared , High waisted!!

They even out the proportions as my legs are tiny compared to my top half and they pull me in a the waist. I find i hate jeans because they make my middle look bigger or just don't look flattering round my waists area but with them been high waisted the end at the smallest part on my body.They are so comfy too one of the pairs feels like i have my pj bottoms on!.

You can see here that they come up higher over my belly so i dont have any of there awful over hang that we all hate.

Again here its just a much more falttering fit for my shape .

Pair one

Pair two

Pair three.

These pictures are as i had hoped i wanted to get full shots so you could see them fully but the boys got hold of my camera and i cant get it to work, hopefully when its sorted i can get better pictures up.

Laura xxx

*not getting paid for this post.These were bought with my own money.


  1. This was a really helpful post. I am a fellow Apple shaped girl, as I randomly found out at a body shape event at a shopping centre near me. I also have the problem of having little legs so most trousers end up scuffed on the bottom. Us girls do have some nightmares dont we! I will be having a look at high waisted flares on pay day :) I love pair one the most out of those you bought xxx

  2. Thank you so much for commenting :) really glad you found it help full :)
    Hope you find a pair that works :) i wish i had found them sooner! :) yeai love the top pair too :) they are so so so comfy they dont feel like jeans at all! :) xxx


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