31 March 2011

NEW Barry M Nail Paint-Peach Melba

As soon as i logged on to the Barry M website to look for new colours i new i was getting this.
It is such a gourgous shade!
The perfect creamy peach for spring nails.
 I am in love <3

The picture doesnt show just how lovely this colour is!

I picked mine up from there website for £2.95.
Im not sure if its in stores yet i havent seen it in mine i think its usualy on the website for a while before its sent to shops but im not 100%.

What do you think?

Laura xxx

29 March 2011

China Glaze For Audrey...

I loveeeee this colour so much!
If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember my favourite nail polish last summer was Barry M mint, and this colour is very similar to it :) .

For Audrey is definitely going to be one of my most worn thought out summer.

It goes on really easy and has quite a creamy formula.
I only have one coat on in the picture, i think its great when you don't have to sit for ages trying to build the colour up.

Defiantly one go try! :)

 I buy all my China Glaze/ OPI nail polishes from ebay.
They are great prices and low P&P.

Laura xxx

28 March 2011

Kiss nails...

While i was away last week i decided to pick up some Kiss nails.
I have noticed nail polish doesnt stay on as long as id like.
 When im at home i change it every few days so i dont really notice as much.
I knew wearing false nails would help my polish stay on longer so i went for these ones as they were clear so i can put any colour over, they are short and square.
I ended up waiting and putting them on saturday morning when we got back.

I thought it would be a good idea to see how long they would stay on and keep you upto date to see if they are worth trying.

So far i have had them on three days and yesterday afternoon i noticed i had lost two!
I think it much of been from picking up the suitcase and getting them caught or fastening the boys in the car.
I was really suprise as they feel so scure!
I have replaced them and hoping the rest stay on longer.

They are by far my favourite false nails i have tryed.
I normally stay away from the ones you can buy instores as they dont usually last long at all.When i want  nails i will have acrilics so i know im not wasteing money and there going to stay on a few weeks and although those two came of yesterday i dont feel like the rest are and im not scared to knock them.

The nails when i first put them on without doing and thing to them.

I failed them down even more as i didnt really want them for any lenght only to keep colour on longer.
I added China Glaze Pool Party.

I will post agin in a few days to update how there are :).

You can pick them up at Boots or superdrug for just over £6
(i think superdrug is a bit cheaper)

Laura xxx

*I bought these with  my own money and am not been paid or in contact with the company in anyway.

16 March 2011

whats happening?...

Very exciting busy week for me this week :)
We go on hoilday on sunday night (3am) to the isle of wight.Hoping the boys will sleep on the long drive down to the ferry other wise it could get a bit crazy!
Were going down for 4 nights so will get back friday night.

 Im thinking of doing a few Vlog videos while down there?

Jason has some family down there so will be good to see them.
His grandad is also buried the so will be visiting him <3.
He was a driver for Sherings coatchs for a long time(which my dad is not doing :) ) so when he passed all the drivers had him his own bench made in one of the hotel gardens so we always go and sit there :)
 Its in the broadway hotel if any of you have been?
Its at the top of those steps i have a really lovely picture of it from the day it was put in but its not on this compture :(.
Meet up...
Its also the blogger meet up in Sheffield next saturday so im hoping to get there as its not to far.
Really looking forward to meeting other bloggers to because as we all talk alot on twitter it feels like we know each other already so will be lovely to actually meet in person.
Will be kind of scary at the same time though, but im sure it will be fine as everyone so lovely and will be feeling the same.
Are you going to be there?
all details on the meet up can be for on laurens blog here

Also finally getting a new phone its time for my upgrade so im getting the Iphone which im excited about.Ive been using jasons for months(he couldnt wait till the upgrade so payed extra to have his early), so i know that im going to love it. It will make doing litte videos and been on twitter alot easyer as my current phone like to get stubbon and will randomly decide it doesnt want to go on the internet.

Does anyone know how long it take for H&M to deliver?
I ordered a few bits a few days ago and it hasnt come yet :(

Laura xxx

15 March 2011

MUA swatches and a little hidden suprise....

I have seen the MUA lipstick popping up all over the blogger/YT world recently and i was curious to try them out myself as they have had may good reviews, so while in Superdrug on Saturday i picke a few shades up to try.

For me after trying these six i much prefer the plain shades to the shimmery ones as they are alot more moisturising and creamier.
The shimmery ones have bits of glitter in and you can feel the pieces and although they look pretty the feel of them would annoy me, i have noticed some of the shimmer shade are worse than others

Saying that for £1 you cant really complain and for that price i think they are well worth it!
Deffinitly some to try out.

Shade 3
This one i think is a more plummier version of MACs impassioned.

Shade 4
This is my favourite shade out of them all and the one that was broke :( typical ey!
Think il have to go pick up a new one.
Shade 5
Shade 7

This shade reminds me on MACs Ravishing on the picture.

Shade 11

Shade 12

Also and little hidden extra with MUA lipsticks is at the bottom there is a lipgloss/lipstick primer.

Ive heard differnt people say its different things maybe its just a bit of the lipstick stuffed in the bottom to show the colour,im not 100% sure.
Its also nice to find a little suprise though right?

All MUA products are £1 and can be found at Superdrug.

Laura xxxx

13 March 2011

2 true lipstick swatches...

 I picked these up from Superdrug resently.
I wanted to try out some drugstore brands and these caught my eye while on the way to the till with my MUA lipsticks and as they were only £5 for 3 i picked them up aswell.

These shades seem to be really sheer.
 The silver reflects stand out more than anything on the two pinks.

Shade 1

Shade 2

Shade 5

Have you tryed the 2True products?
Whst do you think?

Laura xxx

4 March 2011

Today...Make up/my day/family traditions :)...

Mac- face and body
Mac msf -soft and gentle
Sleek blush - Rose gold
MUA- bronzer-shade 4
Mac fluidline
Bare Study paint pot
Naked lunch

Today i have just been to the post office to send of my giveaway prize.

Then we took the boys to a local restaurant/play area for dinner, they loveeee running round there and playing in the ball pool :).
We've made it our new 'Family tradtion' :) once a week we go out for dinner so they boys can have fun and play with other kids :).
I love been able to make new traditions with my own little family :)
Now its time to relax at home with a movie till bed time.

And tonight i will be going doing the big dreaded food shop with my mummy <3 while the boys sleep.

Finally its mummy time and i get to sit down at the computer and catch up on blogs and as its Friday that means Jersey Shore, Vampire diaries and No ordinary family.:)

What have you been up to today?

Do you have any weekly family traditions?
When i was younger we alwaysss had a chinese on a saturday night.:) yummm

Laura xxx

february favourites...

1. MAC Face & Body.
Its back again, i used this all last summer and then through winter went to studio sculpt but now the weather is get a bit nicer im back to loving this.

2. The whole Lee Straford range.
I really love all his products they make my hair so soft and shiney.

3.Batiste- with a hint of colour.
Ive finish this bottle of through february.I find it so easy to use with the colour been the same as my hair so it doesnt take as long to rub in.

4.Tara Smith.Top coat glosser.
Great glosser.keeps my hair nice and shiney.

5.Pink sinful nail polish.
My new favourite :)
Its a real barbie pink.

6.China Glaze.Pool Party.
Bright Bright Pink ive had this on my toes all  month.

7.Mac Lipstick.Archatype.
Lovely nude.Quite sheer but leaves a lovely glossy finish.

8.Mac SPF.Soft and Gentle.
I use this every day as a highlighter.

9.My Sigma Brushes that i got for Christmas.
Leave skin looking flawless :)

Laura xxx :)

3 March 2011


Thank you to everyone who entered :)
I will have another giveaway up very soon so if you didnt win this time check back for that :) 

 I picked the winner through random org.

So the winner is.....

Please email me your address as soon as possible, hoping to send the prize to you tomorrow if i get your details in time :) .


2 March 2011

The fishtail....

The fishtail plait is probably my favourite style of plait.
I like that it looks a bit different and more difficult than the standard 3 strand plait but is so simple and fast to do!
I can see this been my summer go to hairstyle again as it was last year.
Its a great way to keep your hair back and out of your face in there warmer weather while still looking stylish.

In my most recent fotd i had the fishtail to one side.

If im wanting my hair down with somthing a bit different i add the fishtail to the back.

  Do you wear the fishtail ?

Whats your go to hairstyle?

 Heres a few celebs ive found rocking the fishtail.

Angela simmons & Rihanna



Leona lewis

Laura xxx
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