31 March 2011

NEW Barry M Nail Paint-Peach Melba

As soon as i logged on to the Barry M website to look for new colours i new i was getting this.
It is such a gourgous shade!
The perfect creamy peach for spring nails.
 I am in love <3

The picture doesnt show just how lovely this colour is!

I picked mine up from there website for £2.95.
Im not sure if its in stores yet i havent seen it in mine i think its usualy on the website for a while before its sent to shops but im not 100%.

What do you think?

Laura xxx

29 March 2011

China Glaze For Audrey...

I loveeeee this colour so much!
If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember my favourite nail polish last summer was Barry M mint, and this colour is very similar to it :) .

For Audrey is definitely going to be one of my most worn thought out summer.

It goes on really easy and has quite a creamy formula.
I only have one coat on in the picture, i think its great when you don't have to sit for ages trying to build the colour up.

Defiantly one go try! :)

 I buy all my China Glaze/ OPI nail polishes from ebay.
They are great prices and low P&P.

Laura xxx

28 March 2011

Kiss nails...

While i was away last week i decided to pick up some Kiss nails.
I have noticed nail polish doesnt stay on as long as id like.
 When im at home i change it every few days so i dont really notice as much.
I knew wearing false nails would help my polish stay on longer so i went for these ones as they were clear so i can put any colour over, they are short and square.
I ended up waiting and putting them on saturday morning when we got back.

I thought it would be a good idea to see how long they would stay on and keep you upto date to see if they are worth trying.

So far i have had them on three days and yesterday afternoon i noticed i had lost two!
I think it much of been from picking up the suitcase and getting them caught or fastening the boys in the car.
I was really suprise as they feel so scure!
I have replaced them and hoping the rest stay on longer.

They are by far my favourite false nails i have tryed.
I normally stay away from the ones you can buy instores as they dont usually last long at all.When i want  nails i will have acrilics so i know im not wasteing money and there going to stay on a few weeks and although those two came of yesterday i dont feel like the rest are and im not scared to knock them.

The nails when i first put them on without doing and thing to them.

I failed them down even more as i didnt really want them for any lenght only to keep colour on longer.
I added China Glaze Pool Party.

I will post agin in a few days to update how there are :).

You can pick them up at Boots or superdrug for just over £6
(i think superdrug is a bit cheaper)

Laura xxx

*I bought these with  my own money and am not been paid or in contact with the company in anyway.
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