29 April 2011

China Glaze Re-Freshed Mint....

Re-Freshed Mint is another polish from the 2010 Spring Up&Away collection.
I think this could possibly be my favourite from the whole collection.
Lovely soft creamy mint colour.

Last year my big nail colour love was Barry m mint, so i was looking forward to trying this one to see if was as nice.
 I am in love with this colour! It is a big lighter than the Barry M shade but definitely a great mint and great for s/s!

I have been wearing this one alot since it came, dont think im every going to lose my love for mint polish's.

What the colour you always go back to?

Laura xxx

28 April 2011

China Glaze Peachy keen....

Peachy Keen came out with the Up & Away Spring 2010 Collection so many of you have probably seen this before.I'm really into peach at the minute so i had to pick this on up :).

This colour is great for spring summer especially with peach been so big this year.
Would look so lovely against a nice tan!

It applys good i use two coats and lasts nicely with a top coat.

Really love this colour.

I got mine from eBay seller beautyzone2007 as i do all my polishes, they have great prices and shipping only takes a week from America.

Laura xxx

26 April 2011

My first Graze box.....

Last week i ordered my first Graze box which i was really excited to try.I have been so close to ordering on a few times but never went through with it. As last week there was an offer to get the first box free i went for it......why wouldn't i?;)
Ive been trying to eat better and lose a bit of weight along with a few girls on twitter.

Graze offers a a wide selection on snacks and also styles you can opt for the Nibble box  the has maximum variety and you get to choose from over 100 nibbles.
Or the Nutrition box where you get just the healthy snacks designed by there nutrition team.Which is the one i went for.

You get to go through everything they offer and say if you dont like it and never want it sending,if you would like to try, or if you love somthing and want it sending out soon which i thing is really great.Its like every box is personaly made just for you.
You can also go back in to your account and change the lst at anytime incase they send you something you dont like and never want again or if you love somthing to come again.

You also get to chose the day/days each week you want you Graze box to be delivered, again you can change this at anytime.
Mine will be coming every Monday :) nice little treat to look forward to when the weekends over!

Here are the for snacks i got sent in my first box...

Oven roasted cashews
Rating- 5/5
The beach
20g Banana.Pineapple,Mango.
Lost army.
Classic rise and peanut cracker mix
Ancient forest nuts.
35g of Hazels, walnuts & almonds.

Each nibble is in its own little box which you can take out of the box and carry with you if you are going out, or take to work with you for a little snack.

You also get all the info of what is in the box's :)

Box's are £3.49 each including p&p!

Inside the box i got there was a code to give to three friends to get a FREE box!!!
Im guessing you will get this too :)

You do need a bank card to sign up for it but you can cancel at anytime so you could get your first box and log on to the site and cancel your account so you will never get charged.

The code is P5YMGJ3
It can only be used 3 times so if your intrested hurry!

You can also use this code to get your first box free and you next one half price :)

Laura xxx

*I am not been paid to do this post.I am not in contact with the company.

24 April 2011

My week in pictures :) ...


Loving this little head band this week...
Lovely blue skys :)
My two favourite Lady's ever!!!!
Pretending to sleep...

Pretending to snore....lol
Jake pretending to sleep....
Happy Easter!!!!
Egg hunt!...
Found one!

Hope you've all had a great week in the sun :)

Laura xxx

21 April 2011

New Blonde hair.....What i use and how i did it...

I thought id share with you what i did to get my hair from brown to blonde as Ive had a few questions and to help anyone who's wanting to do the same :).

I seem to do this every year....as soon as the sun come out i want my blonde hair back!
After been blonde for so many years i feel more myself when its blonde makes me feel happier and brighter :/ weird?

Anyway here's how i went from this....

.....To this...

First of i picked up two packs of Bblonde from Boots( there on offer right now 2 for £9).
I got on the highlighting kit as that one had a cap in.
I pulled my hair through every hole (by myself, yes even the back... with the help of a mirror).
As my hair is long i used both packs.
Surprisingly i didn't have to leave it on long at all! maybe 15minutes which to say my hair was super dark and it didn't turn out orange is fast! I think its because i had two lots on.
That turned out like this.....

Then i decided i wanted a few more blonde bits in as as i was happy with the colour is had turned out ( not orange) i decided to do it again. I left it around a week maybe a bit longer as i just couldn't be bothered to sit and putt hair through the cap again, but i still had a box of the Bblonde left  from last year so this time i put put on the one box which did take a little longer to take as there was less product on alot of hair but it turned out ok :).

Before i put any bleach on my hair at all i made sure i had a toning shampoo in case there was an orangey look left in my hair.
As i did it at night and shops where shut i had to relay on Asda, the only one they had in was this John Frieda sheer blonde tone correcting. Which i was happy with until i could get to Boots and get some of the trust Lee Stafford products which i loveeee! (if you have dark hair go get the Lee stafford Shapoo/conditioner for brunettes its amazinggggg!).
I only used the John Frieda once so carnt really give a review on if it works well.

Since the first was i have been using the Lee Stafford Bleach blondes s/c.
Really like it so far and im pretty sure il carry on useing it....actually no id deffinitly sure.
I just need to go pick up his regular shampoo for blondes and your only supose to use the toning ones every few washes.

(The box came bashed in the post :( )

I have also used one of the Lee stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes which is another toning treatment to get rid of and brassy,yellow tones.
You get three in a pack for around £7, as you can see ive only used one so far but this again is something that only needs to be used once a week or every so often if you feel your hair needs it.

So after all that this is what my hair looks like now.....

Hope thing help some of you if your wanting to add a bit of blonde for summer :)

Laura xxx

*I wasnt paid to mention any products, i paid for everything myself and im not in any contact with any companys.

20 April 2011

Nail haul! China Glaze,Essie,sinful& Strictly Professional....


So i went and had a look on Ebay not really planning on getting anything and ended up logging of having bought 7 nail polishes :/ .

They all turned up yesterday which was exactly one week from when i ordered them so not bad really from America.


Firstly ill start with China Glaze.
Definitely one of my favourite brand of nail polish along with Barry M.

The four i got are,
Laced up,
 from the Kicks collection.
Re freshed Mint ,Light as air ,Peachy Keen
 all from the
Up&Away Collection.

My first ever Essie polishes.
Pink Lemonade and Looking for love.

and Finally....

Orly Fancy Fuchsia
Loveeeee this colour :)

I ordered them from Ebay shop Beautyzone2007.
The shop i use for all my OPI,China Glaze, Essie polishes, all really good prices.

Then yesterday afternoon my and my sister decided to have a trip to our local Dennis Williams which is a Beauty Supply store, my sister luckly has a card as shes done Beauty at Collage so we get to shop there :). 
I picked up some Strickly Professional Creamy Cuticle Remover.
This was £1.80.

Strictly Professional Cuticle massage cream.
Which looks like this.You get so much in there it will last forever!

Sinful Tropical Cuticle oil that smells yummy!
The one ive been using is nearly running out so i picked this one up.
or you can get one a bit smaller for £1.75.
And finally a Cuticle pusher because i needed a new one :)  .

What your favourite nail polish colour for summer? :)

Laura xxx
*I was not paid/gifted for and of these item or for mentioning them & i am not in contact with any companys.They were all bought with my own money :) .
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