14 April 2011

Products im trying out...

Here's a few products ive bought recently that ive been trying out...

YSL Volume effect mascara..
Soleil Tan De Chanel ..AKA Bronze Universal...
Bourjois Bronzing powder in 52..
New product by Lee Stafford :)
Argan oil
Frizz-ease 3 day straight...

Im am so far really liking them all....

I was so excitied to get the YSl mascara and Chanel bronzer they were my mothers day gifts of my lovely little boys :)
If you would like a full review/swatches/more info on any i will be happy to do so :)

What are you recent fave buys?

Laura xxx

*All product were bought my me.


  1. please do a review on the ysl! :)

  2. will do :) ... i love it! i try get it up in next few days :)

  3. I've always wanted to try Argan oil! can't wait for these reviews :) x

  4. It's on offer now in boots!! Think it's half price... Because it's his new product grab some before it goes up to full price :)

  5. I second the YSL review! Have heard good things about it! FAB mothers day persents!!!

    How much was that Argan oil? Is it similar to Moroccan oil do you know?

  6. Oooh, do want some argan oil! I had no idea Lee Stafford started selling it :)

  7. Awww thats soo sweet from your little ones!! I bought my self this YSL mascara as well and never tried it yet because I have yet to finish the other ones hehe. Chanel Bronzer is a much-have!!!!

  8. It was £7.99 i think or somthing like that, it was on offer :), not 100% sure if its similar i think so but would have t look it up.

    yeah it new :) had to get it as soon as i saw it :) love his range!

    arrr kirsty its so good! i love it! yeah the Chanel is def a must have :)


  9. Absolutey hate that YSL mascara. Hope it works better for you though!

  10. Ooooo fab purchases- deffo want to see a review on the YSL mascara xxx


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