1 April 2011

New Barry M Nail Effects-Pink-Blue-White...

Barry M three new nail effects shades...

Barry M also do a black effects which they brought out last year you can see my post on it here

I must say though i do love these shades a lot more and i think the effect on the nails looks so much better,dont you?.

When i heard they were coming out with different coloured effects i wasnt sure i would get them as to be honest i never really used my black one and i thought i would be the same if i got these but nope... i really like them.

Today i am wearing the white one over there new Peach melba nail paint and i love it!

For the pink i put it over the Barry m shade Lilac nail paint.
I think it looks quite cute?

I really like this one.
For the blue effects i put it over China Glaze-For Audery but if you dont have that Barry Ms mint is a good cheaper dupe.

And again for the white one i put China Glaze For Audery underneath.
I think the white could possible get the most use over the summer from me as t can go over any color and lok good.
I am totally loving it over my peach melba right now.
( i will do a NOTD to show you,watch this space).

Overall i would definitly recommend these over the black effects.
I love all three shade and
 im glad i picked them up!

I got mine from there website for £3.99.
I havent seem them in stores yet but im sure they will be there soon( if not already).

What do you think of the new shades?
Will you be picking some up?

Thanks for looking :)
Laura xx

*all Barrry M nail paints have been bought by me with my own money.i am not getting paid for this or any Barry M posts.


  1. I love the white!! Looks to me that these shatter better than the black...idk though I could be wrong! Xxxx

  2. I also love the white one! Liking your new template :) x

  3. love them all, will be lovely for something a bit differant for summer xox

  4. These look great. I didn't get on with the black one..maybe I ought to try and hunt these down. xx

  5. Ah they're amazing!
    I want the White one

  6. I love the white one over the sky blue, very pretty :)

  7. I think I might get the pink one, but you make the white one quite appealing too! I never liked the black one and didn't pick them up and wasn't sure I'd pay the money for a China Glaze! :)

  8. I am defiantly getting the white or blue! The white looks so nice, I still haven't got the black one though- might just go straight to the white:)x

  9. I am loving the pink and the white, think I will deffo have to pick them up!

    Loved your other 2 Barry M posts too such gorgeous colours, cant wait to see your NOTD with peach melba and the white :)



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