28 September 2010


 A few days ago i saw a post on Chloe's blog about Barry m new effects polish and i wanted to try it out, so i went over to the site and ordered myself some :).
I want really looking forward to see if it worked and how it looks with different colours.

So here's what the nail paint looks like:


On the bottle there is a little leaflet that tells you how to use the effects paint:

Here's how it worked for me :).
I used a few different nail paints so you can see what it looks like on different colours.

one coat of colour

One coat of the effects

I added some glitter to make it even more funky.

I think the effects it good when your going for a rocky looks.It does give a great effect to the nails. 
It is easy to apply and only takes a few seconds to start working.

Here are the colours i used under the effects.

What do you think? Will you be trying it?


  1. I love this! Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle! xxx

  2. I like the look of this, although it's one of those products that confuses me, how does it work?? Looks pretty amazing, I'll have to look out for this. xXx

  3. thankyou for the mention, this has persuaded me to buy it :D xxxx

  4. I want to try this, did it take ages to dry? x

  5. That's different. Very cute! I'm loving the look of the pink Barry M polish...309 maybe? So cute! Wish we had Barry M in the US.xx

  6. I really want this! is it in store as well as online? xx

  7. this looks wicked! can't wait to try it out now :) x


  8. May- i couldnt i ordered some straight away :)

    Onyx - no idea but you can see it dessapering!

    Chloe - no probs i wouldnt of know about it yet if it wasnt for your post :)

    Ray- no not really just same as a normal polish.

    Ansa- cant you get it for the website? think they deliver there?

    Kelly- Im not sure i got mine online.


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