5 April 2011

E.L.F-Eyebrow Kit ..

Ive always hated my eyebrows i just cant get them right!
And ive never been good at filling them in to make them look better.
I'm so jealous of all the girls with perfect shaped brow and can fill them in perfect!

Ive been using on of the colours from sleeks storm palette to try fill them in for the last few months but after seeing this pop up i thought id give it ago.

Is was only £3.50 from the E.L.F website.
The one i got is in medium as my hair is quire dark at the minute.
The darker shade is the gel and the lighter is a powder which sets it gel.

I have found it really easy to work with so far and i am much happier with how my brows look.
I think it makes the shape stand out more and i find it easier to make them look more similar shapes.

Love that it has a mirror too incase you want to top up while out.

The brush...

This is the brush that comes with it.
Angled side for the gel and fluffier side to set.


Left is the powder. Right is the gel.

The result?.....

Heres a picture i found when im wearing the eyebrow kit.

Close up ....

The packaging....


I would definitly recommend this product.It has helped me alot and for only £3.50 i think its great!
I think it comes in three shades light , medium and dark.

Laura xxxx


  1. Thanks for the swatches, been thinking about getting this product for a long time but always unsure :)

  2. I love this! I don't use anything else now for my brows since I found this :) xx

  3. I swear by this...will always repurchase this!! x

  4. Great review...I need something like this. At the moment I just use a medium brown eyeshadow and put it on using my pinky finger (which seems to be the perfect size) but I imagine I would get better results with something like this!


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