7 April 2011

Sleek Primer Palette Swatches

As i got this palette recently in a giveaway from the lovely Charli i wanted to do some swatches of it because it is so pretty and pigmented.

I have used this everyday since it came and has took place of my MAC paint pot as a base for eye shadows.
It is really good at making colour stand out and keeps it on all day!

I haven't used it on its own yet so im not sure if its long lasting on it own.

As with all the Sleek palettes it comes with a large mirror inside which is great and also a double sided application brush.

I love this palette so much!

Im so glad they brought it out i have been looking for somthing like this for so long and you get so many different colour for such a good price!

You can pick this palette up from there website for £7.00 and i think they are availible in some Superdrug stores.

Laura xxx


  1. This looks perfect for summer! I don't know whether I should get it though, my lids are quite oily and don't get on with many products...sigh..

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. THe colours are gorgeous! I love bright eyeshadows.

    I wish Sleek was available where I live!

  3. Oooo i have had my eye on this palette for a while now, thanks for sharing xx


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