3 April 2011

Maybelline-Great lash Mascara

I pick the Great lash mascara up a few days ago so i thought i would give a demo of what it looks like on.

I have heard this mascara is big with make up artists and has been around years!
I can remember useing it a few years ago but forgot what it was like...
Ruth from a a model recommends (YT) who had been a model for nearly 10 years mentioned this as one that is used alot.

So i had to give it a try, especially as its only £5.19!!

I picked mine up from Boots and it is in Blackest black.

The brush is quite small, i normally prefer a bigger brush but it is good for getting in to the corners and the smaller lashes.
This brush would be really good if you don't hair long lashes.

No mascara...

Great Lash..

Overall ...
I think it is a good mascara, not the best I've every tryed but at only £5.19 its pretty good right?
It gives a really nice effect and you can definitely see it makes my lashes look longer and

Its not so amazing that im not going to try others but i definitely would pick it up again.
Its a great  if your looking for a cheap high street mascara.

Laura xxx


  1. I used to use this when I first started wearing make up and do quite like it alot of celebs have raved about it in interviews i've seen though

    www.vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com x

  2. I like to slick this mascara on first and then use 17's Va Va Voom over the top as it has a huge wand and gives a really good effect!


  3. Wow your eyelashes are so long and I love the colour of your eyes. This mascara looks pretty good for under a tenner! x

  4. This mascara has been around for ages and ive had it twice it is a good product think it will be sticking around for a lot longer too x

  5. wow what a difference!!! you have gorgeous eyes!

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  7. Wow il looks great on you! It absolutely doesn't work for me )=

  8. This was the first mascara i ever owned :) x

  9. If you repurchase this hun, get it from ebay :) my brand new one came last week, £2.65 free next day delivery :) xxx

  10. This was the very first mascara I ever bought!! Used it for years but now im hooked on L'oreal Telescopic, amazing!!

  11. This was my first mascara too! I had kind have forgotten about it, might have to pick up another one x

  12. Pretty eyes :) I have never tried this mascara before, although I think they might rename it here. I would have to look for it. :)



  13. I think it makes your lashes look great :)
    Ive heard mixed reviews about it but I still want to give it a try :) x


  14. Your lashes look amazing, this has a lot of lengthening. Look beautiful.


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