3 May 2011

April Favourites ...

I haven't picked out  many favourites this month but these are the thinks i have reached for everyday and haven't changed them all month.
The things i picked are one i will always keep repurchasing when i run out :) .

Chanel Universal-
Love this gives a really pretty natural glow :)
Bourjois Bronzer-
Favourite powder bronzer ive tried so far.Ive been on the look out for a good bronzer for contouring this is the best one ive found so far and have been using it all month.
Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight
The thing i love most about this is how soft it makes my hair, although i do have to straighten the front bits of my hair everyday ( when i have it down) but that probably because i always put it up for bed of if im just at home.

YSL Mascara-
LOVE this!!
Best mascara ive used even beats Benefit Bad Gal!
Makes my lashes really long, full and really stand out!
Lee Stafford-Bleach Blondes
This Shampoo has definitely helped my hairs get to a nice blonde shade.
More of white blonde than orange blonde.
This cream had really helped sort my skin out after experimenting with different face cleansers.

Laura xx


  1. I use the oilatum - its great isnt it. I really want to try the Borjouis bronzer

  2. Which YSL mascara is it? (:

  3. Its the Volume effects :) i did a review on it here if you want to see pics of it on :) http://lora505.blogspot.com/2011/04/ysl-volume-effect-mascara.html xx


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