16 May 2011

Graze Box...Week 4

This weeks box has just come and it looks a good one :). I think everything in this box is ones i clicked send soon and one i clicked to try.I think its good that they try sending you all the ones your really want to try as soon as they can, its like they really put the effort in to my the box how YOU want it and not just the same for everyone to get them out on time.
Another thing i have noticed is that they are always here by 9.30 on the day they are suppose to be, they have never come a day or to late which i think is really good.

So todays box....


Chanachur Panch Phoron

Lemon chilli chickpea noodles,Cashews, Green Raisins & gojis

Looking forward to trying this one my dad used to buy something like it years ago and i loved the noodle bits.
Rating-( will up date when tryed)

Honey bee good
Honey peanuts, Cashews & Peacans

I had a huge addiction to there a few months ago so i know il love them :) .
Rating-( will up date when tryed)

The Firecracker
Chilli rice crackers, Spicy peanuts & salsa corn sticks.

Just tryed these.... YUM. I love hot things so i was really happy these came today. :)
Savoury roasted Seeds
Roasted pumpkin & Sunflower seeds

Rating- ( will update when tryed)

Then as always you get the info of the snacks inside :)

What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code


I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .
Why not give them a try while there free! There worth it!!!

You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx


  1. Honey Bee Good sounds lovely! I had the savoury roasted seeds before, really really tasty :) x

  2. I got the savoury seeds mix today, haven't eaten them yet though. I haven't tried much from my Graze Box last week.. I'm so fussy! x

  3. Thanks to your code, ive managed to order my first ever graze book :D YAY thank you very much Laura!

  4. i love trying the different things that i wouldnt normally bother with... i always get the things ive asked to 'send soon' so most i like.xx

    No probs Kirsty :D enjoy!!i love getting mine! xx

  5. Honey Bee Good looks lush, might click send soon for mine on wednesday! My one last week came a day late:/ but graze dealt with it very well and it came the very next day!:)x


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