27 October 2010

Barry m Dusky mauve

I first saw this colour online when i was ordering the nail effects and i dint rush for it straight away as i just thought it was another plain brown colour so i decided to to wait. Then while shopping a few days ago i was having a look at the collection (as usual) and spotted it straight away, i thought it had a slight purple under tone but nothing like this.It has a gorgeous purple shimmer to it that looks really pretty when the light catches it and its sort of changes colour.I have seen a few post about it on blog but never noticed the purple stand out, maybe it was the lighting as in darker light you cant see the shimmer as much.
This is definitely another lovely Barry m colour.

You can see the gorgeous shimmer at the top of the bottle :)

Laura xXx


  1. i really fancy this, its so pretty! xxxx

  2. I love this colour, this is on my list of nail polishes that I want. very Autum/winter i think xx

  3. I'm a sucker for purple at the moment and this colour is beautiful. I think I may have to purchase it when I next go shopping :)


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