8 June 2011

Tragus Piercing Update

I wanted to do a post on how my Tragus piercing was doing as ive had people asking about it for a few different reasons so i thought aswell as talking (typing ;) ) about that i would include the rest of the piercings i had done at the same time.(i will post on this seprate if anyone is intrested)

One if the first reasons people asking about my piercing was because it was done with a gun, which i didn't know was bad until after i had it done.As i wasn't very clued up on piercings i just thought if somewhere done them they know what there doing and its right unless they wouldn't be aloud to do it or charge for doing it?

I had mine done about 3 weeks ago now.
The first few days were fine it didn't really hurt at all- the day after i had it done i went back and had my forward Helix done ( i think that's what its called?) .On the other ear.

Day 1.

Few days after was ok...
But i few days later my ear started to swell which is completely normal but because she dint use the right bar to pierce my ear with it wasn't long enough.Because it was done with a gun she just used a normal stud but didn't put a back on!I think this is the main reason mine went so swollen - the back of the earring was to short at must have been going in my ear and poking inside my which made it very sore and very swollen.

Starting to swell...

After a day or two of my ear being swollen the earring wouldn't stay in. I was so desperate to swop it for a proper tragus bar so it could just be left alone to heal but still had room to swell as they all do.
So i went in to town looking for a long but thin bar. ( i had taking the earring out at this point).
The shop i first went to i couldn't see that i wanted so i had to go back to where i had it done.
The lady to pierced my ear wasn't there it was a younger girl so i just bought a tragus bar and went.

More swollen ..

When i go home i tried to get the bar through. I had no chance of putting it through the what they normally go through -( from the back), so i just got it the like you would a regular earring with the flat part that should be inside the ear left at the front.It was the only way i could stop it healing up while it was still swollen and sore.

Earring taken out..

I left it like that for around a week i did try to pit one in the right way because i was just so fed up with it and wanted to put the bar in right so it was fastened and then i could just leave it but it was still to sore.

Then after not touching it for a few days i tried to twist it and was really surprise that all the pain had gone out of it! I left it one more day and i tried to get the bar through the right way.... it did it first time with no pain at all!! i didn't feel a thing. I was so happy it was finally through and was ok.

when i got the bar in :)

I did feel sightly deaf for a few days thought!! its not that i couldn't hear really but i felt like maybe inside my ear was swollen im not really sure how to fully explain it maybe a but like when you have water in your ear :/
I'm not sure if that was because of the piercing or i just had a little ear infection that had nothing to do with the tragus as i had no pain round the piercing at all.That lasted a few days but has now totally gone and my ear is completely fine.

I have had the bar in a few days maybe a week now and it is totally fine no pain no swelling and is healing really well.

I know alot of people will thinking ouch i would of taken  it out straight away but i really wanted it and i knew it was normal to swell. I think if it was done with the right kind of bar been put through in the first place it would of been totally fine.
I would 100% recommend getting in done with a needle just so you done have to mess about like i did trying to put the bar in yourself.
It shouldn't really have been touched for a while i know that but i needed to change the bar so it could be left to heal.

My sister and her friend also had it done.My sisters was normal but feel out while she was sleeping and it was sore trying to get it back through so she left it out and her friends was fine just the normal but of swelling.

Laura xxx


  1. Ohmygod I cant believe the woman pierced it with a gun, is she mental? It can do a lot more damage and as you found out, normal studs are useless in that piercing, she shouldn't be allowed to work!
    So glad you managed to get the new bar in, but if its still sore after six weeks you should definitely get it looked at.It may hvae got infected whilst it had no bar in it!

    good luck I hope you don't get any trouble with it.

    (and yes that other piercing is your forward helix, I have these two also!)


  2. ouchh cant believe they did it with a gun! i ummed and ahhed over having mine done for ages so i did loadsa research and watched a youtube video ( bad idea ) and then had it done with a needle and mine looked just as sore as yours did. glad you managed to put a bar in it though i still have to put mine in back to front like you did and ive had mine for a year!
    glad u managed to get it sorted and thats amazing that the pain has gone from it already! :)
    it looks lovely btw xx

  3. I used to have this done and had to take it out one day to clean it and then after that could never get it back in as it hurt too much i was gutted as i loved it and had only had it done a few week! xx

  4. Wow, I didn't even know the Tragust could be pierced with a gun... so unprofessional! Glad your piercing is better now at leats!

  5. Hope you ear is better now... It looks cool minus the pain you have to go through because of that unprofessional piercing. :(

  6. Ouch!!1 That's gotta hurt. Remind me of the one's I had before.

  7. This hlps iv jus gt myn du wth a gun n realised that was ring. its swelling n hurts becoz the butrfky stud in inan uncomfortable plc. bt I had a professi luk at it n will b goin to Chang it soon I hope. tragus piercing wth gun.......BAD IDEA.

  8. I'm in the same situation! My ear has started to grow skin over the top of the stud because it's swollen around the small stud! I had no idea it was bad to get it done with a gun I have such a strong urge to change the jewelry but it's only a few days old and don't know if it will make it worse (but then how could it?- so confused) I'm going into town tomorrow to get a new bar and attempt to replace the bar I'm afraid that when I sleep tonight it will close around my ear and I won't be able to do anything about it... I think I have one paranoid sleepless night ahead of me!!


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