2 January 2011

make up remover, i dont like!.

I recently did a haul with some new make up remover i got and the first few weeks i was really liking it as i said..it took my makeup of face and was really smooth and nice. but after using it a while...Ive changed my mind.
Ive heard it takes around 28 days to get to know if a products is rights for you?
well in this case its true and took a few weeks for me to realise this wasnt the new go to makeup remover.

I have used Simple for so long and really wanted to try something different so i went for Johnson's face care.I thought i had found a new favourite until my skin stared to change, i never break out and i was starting to notice my skin was getting dryer and the odd spot coming so i wasn't impressed.It must of been the Johnson's as i haven't changed anything else in my routine.

I am quite upset as i wanted to like it :(.
So for now it is back to Simple and Johnsons is thrown to the back of my beauty box.

What make up remover do you use?
I still want to try some new ones to see if there is some better ones out there for me.

Laura xxx


  1. I usually just use wipes, my favourite are from ASDA. Otherwise I use Maybelline's. I heard the Boots Botanics one that you have to shake up is really good.

    Which Simple one do you use? I'd like to give a cleansing lotion a shot!

  2. I tried this and the same happened to me.. At first it was amazing and I loved it but after a while it just seemed to leave my skin feeling stripped and stinging so I went back to simple for their cleansing lotion and toner and my skin is finally getting back to how it was xxx

  3. I only use..olive oil!! Yeah, I'm not kidding, it really works! ;)

  4. I use Simple too! The transparent liquid, I love the stuff x

  5. I love ponds cold cream cleanser and superdrugs vitimin e wipes are great too x

  6. Shu Uemura's cleansing oils are an absolute dream. When I'm lazy - fragrance free baby wipes all the way!

  7. I use the Radiance Boosting cream cleanser with the muslin cloth from No7 and also their blue eye make up remover which is a dupe for Lancome's Bi-Facil. If you like Urban Decay enter my Book of Shadows 3 giveaway!
    Kat x

  8. Wow, 28 days? I'm never patient enough to give it that long if I don't like a product. I picked up the Johnsons Eye Make up Remover as it claimed to remove everything on my eyes. A) it lies and B) it stings! I just use it to remove products when I swatch. I'm not putting that near my face again. Although saying that, I love the Johnsons 3-in-1 make up wipes. I'm currently using Johnsons fragrance free baby wipes and No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've not tried Simple, but everyone seems to rave about it, so I might have to give it a go in the future xxx

  9. hey hun i've tagged you over at my blog =) x


  10. I use Baby Oil as a makeup remover, it just melts everything away!

  11. Just to let you know Ive given you an award:


    :) x

  12. makeyuup- I used to use wipes but they dry my skin out to much, ive been meaning to pic the botanics up but keep forgetting. i use the clear eye makeup remover and the purifying cleansing lotion x

    charli!- exactly the same as me i loved it the first week until i noticed my skin start to change!x

    makeupcakes-ohh ive never thought to use that might have to give it a try! thanks x

    looms11- yup thats the stuff :) x

    the beautiful blog- thanks there on my list to get :) x

    chrissydee-ohh never seen that il keep an eyeout :) x

    kat- ive never used a muslin cloth :/ ive heard so may people talk about them though think ill have to get one!x

    kim-yep thats what ive heard! it is a long time i know! x

    starsglittermagic- aww thanks hun :) xxx

    gaby- ohhh going to try that one tonight!! x

    Gemma- thanks youuuuuu :) xxx

  13. I have the Garnier clean sensitive make up remover which does a good job, but it does leave an oily residue on my face :/ It hasn't broke me out or anything though


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