29 October 2014

3 Things #2 {Lifestyle} ||iphone 6 plus||

My 3 positive things from today...
1} I woke up & realised I had my new phone to play on.
2} Walking though the leaves & playing in the park with Jake & Cambell.
3} Seeing Emme find a new favourite thing....Stickers!

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27 October 2014

No Phone | Lifestyle

 The boys have been off school since Thursday for the Holidays which I am so happy about! We have been doing lots of crafty things & baking together. So far we have made 3 batches of cookies, Jam tarts, decorated pumpkins, read books, watched Hocus pocus, Oliver, HomeAlone, Made Leaf pictures and decorated plates! 

Today is Jason's first day off work and we are hopefully going to get me a new phone as the touch screen on my iphone has stopped working. I haven't been able to do anything on it for about a week which is so annoying. I'm very tempted to go for the iphone 6 plus though, I think the big screen would be great for yt videos and the battery life is suppose to be so much better. Do you have the plus? What do you think about it?

L x
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20 October 2014

3 Positives {#1}

#1. Emme Dancing and singing a Barney song from memory {Raindrops}.
#2. Buying 3 pumpkins ready to be decorated.
#3. Having a chippy for dinner while watching The Walking Dead with Jason.

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15 October 2014

Fun Healthy Halloween Idea {Spooky Fruit}

This is something we did last year, the boys {and myself} had so much fun doing it. I thought I would share the idea again this year incase you are looking for fun things to do that are 'Halloween themed'. We went and bought a bunch of different fruit to made different 'spooky' things with them. For the Spider we used a plum for the body then tooth picks and blueberrys for the legs. Mini pumpkins were done using persimmons,which are super tasty and I'd never had before doing this. Month/teeth were cut up apples with sliced almonds as the teeth. 

I think it's such a fun little project to do and it is lots of fun or the children plus your left with a nice fruit snack for after ;).

Laura x
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12 October 2014

Autumn Walks {Lifestyle}

 Last week we went conker collecting, the boys came home with a bag full which was super exciting for them. We were hoping to find some pine cones to decorate so I think next week we will go somewhere different. I love these pictures I got while we walked around. I really need to start getting them printed off more. It's been so long since I had any printed. If you know of a cheap website that does them please let me know, I say cheap as I literally have 100's to do{agh}!

Cambell brought the class teddy home this weekend which is a little dog teddy and he had to write in a book what they have done together over the weekend. Unfortunately I have been really poorly so we haven't been anywhere.....not quite sure what I'm going to write in the book for him ;/.

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9 October 2014

{Winter style} Lifestyle

I absalutley love this little outfit I mentioned them in a recent post I did with Emme wearing the boots. I'm really loving Zara and I had been looking everywhere for a really nice mustard top and this was only around £5, It's really soft and has lace down the sleeves. The coat is also Zara, I had a few days when I went crazy in there :). 

It's the boys Halloween party at school tomorrow....a bit early I know but they are so excited.Especially Cambell as it is his first school disco! He's always took Jake to them with me but because he was in the nursery he couldn't go. I need to find them something to wear and get some face paint ideas!


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