30 January 2014

Crazy Life..

Ahhhhh, everything seems to be so non stop recently and to be honest... Big brother being so good didn't help! Through the day im up and down to school three times so that takes up alot of time along with getting the house sorted and working on The Bow Boutique  ugh anyway. Lots of lovely things to review, i have all my box subscriptions to post about, my favourite this month has been the Latest in Beauty, i couldn't believe how many samples they put in!
I have the worst tonsillitis at the minute and i have an appointment at the dentist on Monday for a filling :( not looking forward to that!! 
Emme has just woken up so im going to go play for hal an hour before we go for the boys and hopefully i will be back tomorrow :D 


14 January 2014

*My Store*New Next Clips | The Bow Boutique

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know we have the new next ribbon in :) Eekkk I'm so excited. I'm addicted to next clothes so these clips math perfect. If you have a little girl or are having a little girl our website could be perfect for you :) We did The Baby and Toddler show in Manchester in September. If you would like to see more you can visit our website Here or come like our facebook page.


7 January 2014

My baby's ONE!!!!!

Yesterday was Emme's first birthday! I really can't believe she is one, it has just gone so fast! We had a great day she opened all her presents when she woke up  then played with her brothers. My sister and her little boy came round in the morning and brought her a present and we did some bow boutique things. I loved her cake with the little tiara on top:)   
We got her some more of the Disney princess dolls to add to her little collection, i'm collecting the soft ones and the animator ones so that she has them all when shes older :) we also got her some clothes...i'm addicted to next. Then she got toys/clothes etc from family.
We took her for her 12 month check today and she now weighs 19lb.15oz and is growing perfectly :) 

ahhh my baby is ONE!!!!


4 January 2014

Emme's 12 month update!! OMG!

Emme will be 12 month on Monday!! How crazy is that?! I really can't believe its been a year already. It feels like she has only been born 2 minutes but then it feels like she has always been with us, if you have children im sure you know what i mean. She has such a fun personality, she just make you happy all the time. She has been such a good baby, she eats great, never fussy about what she has. She has always slept through the night since she was a few week old, for the first week or two she woke at 5 or 6 for a bottle so i suppose shes slept through since the beginning.
She is currently wearing 9-12 clothes,  she is the first one to actually be in the size clothes for her age the boys were always in a bigger size.
She is in size 4 nappy's.
She eats most things , she not fussy at all.
She loves her blankets and carry's them everywhere.
She loves holding them up over her face to plat peek a boo.
She will sat up in the middle of the room by her self.
She took on little step twice a few nights ago when i was sat infront of her but that's it.
She easily walks around the room holding on to the sofa so i don't think it will be long now till she starts. I'm pretty sure she will be walking before the boys did s the we about 15 month.
She loves music so so much, if there is a song on she stops at watches it till it ends.
She loves Disney films over Christmas we have been watching Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, mistle tones, sound of music and a few others. 

Laura xxx

3 January 2014

Birthdays, face painting & fun

Today is Jason's Birthday :). The boys love birthdays so were really excited to put his banners up, balloons out and bake cupcakes. We made them blue with blue icing this year. I've got pink got Emme's birthday on Mondays aswell. Jason's on days today so we are going to have a little party when he gets home....party been him me and the kiddies eating cake then me and Jason watching a film lol. 
I've been trying to get everything ready for Emme's birthday on Monday, i can't believe shes nearly 1!  
She has a Princess cake with a tiara on the top and ive got her some more Disney dolls to add to her little collection, i love the animator ones and the soft dolls.
The boys got face paints for Christmas so they've been having there faces painted everyday.

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