28 August 2013

Sleeping on a cloud!

Topper | £80
How comfy does this look!!! 
I had wanted a mattress topper for so long, really glad we finally have one it is soo comfy. I cant get over how puffy it is. This one is the Ultimate microfiber with silk from the Duvet and pillow warehouse in king size. We have had it a few weeks now and i love it! Its still puffy which i was worried about, i thought it might flatten out after it had been slept on a few days but so far its still perfect. I just give it a shake about when i change the bedding . Its makes the bed extra warm too so will be perfect going into winter :). 
If you've read this and have no idea what a mattress topper is , well... its a super comfy duvet like sheet that got on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet and make it feel like your sleeping on a cloud!!
Id definitely recommend having a look at the D&P warehouse if your looking for bedding as the prices are really good  for the quality! I want everything from there now especially some new pillows!

Laura xxx

24 August 2013

I'm addicted!...

I have been super addicted to instagram recently! I love making pretty pictures and looking at everyone else's. 
Do you have instagram? 
Follow me @lauraemma77 

23 August 2013

Have you entered?

Our giveaway over on The Bow Boutique Facebook page ends today...winner will be announced tonight so you still have time to enter :). We will be putting up a new giveaway later too as we have reached 800 likes (amazing!). If you don't already follow are page we update alot on there and add our new items first as well as have discount codes up.

Laura xx

22 August 2013

Learning to ride....any tips?

Jake has been wanting to learn how to ride his bike without his stabilisers this last week so we've been taking him on to the grass area around the corner from out house as its closed off and quiet. He's doing well, he just finds it hard to go fast enough to balance himself, as soon as i let go he turns around to look at me lol. It would be great if he would do it confidently by himself before school starts.
 How old was your little one when they learnt to ride? 
Do you have any tips on helping them learn?  
Jake is 4 ... 5 next month. 

laura x

21 August 2013

Kiddy Click and Move 3 - Pushchair Review...

Kiddy Click & Move 3 | £275 
Height adjustable handle ranging from 84cm to 118cm
✓ Comfortably padded 5 point harness system 
✓ Adjustable 3 positions forward and parent facing
✓ Large Sunshade with integrated window, extended forward
✓ Built in umbrella in the safety bar which is also removable
✓ Spacious shopping basket with zip compartment. Max 5kg
✓ Removable front and rear wheels no tools needed
✓ Easy to use brake. Only one foot needed

A few months ago i was very kindly sent the kiddy click and move 3 pushchair to review. I was really excited about getting to try out a new pushchair, when it comes to pushchairs most mums can be like men with cars....it has to be perfect! I have certain things i look out for when I'm wanting a new pushchair. After having tired out different ones in the past when the boys were younger when it came to picking a pushchair for Emme i has a list of what i wanted from a pushchair. This one ticks all the boxes! One of the main things for me if not the main is parent facing and forward facing. With Jake the pushchair i used had a carrycot and when he had out grown that which was quite quickly it went to forward facing which i hated! i felt he was too young and i just wanted to be able to see him so i knew he was OK. The Kiddy click and move 3 has both parent and forward facing which gets a huge tick. It nice to have the option of which way you can face your child, as they get older they like to be able to look around too.

Another thing for me is the design. Its not too heavy either i can easily lift it into the boot of the car without a problem. I do find it annoying having to take the chair of the chassis every time its taken down (i always use it rear facing) but i think most pushchairs are like that now... mainly for saving space. I know with most if you having it forward facing its ok to leave it on so I'm guessing this is the same. The pushchair easily fits into out car boot but i can see it been a problem if you have a small car as it isn't the smallest so i would definitely take measurement fits if you are going to need to take it places. The wheels do come off thought to save on extra space which is really good. The wheels are also lockable at the front to make it easier to go through rough terrain.

The brake on the click and move is really good. I love that is one easy pedal. It works straight away and hold really well on hills.We have a big hill on the way to the boys school so I've been able to test it out alot when I've need to stop on they way.

Another thing that gets a huge tick for me is how big the basket is underneath. I love it! We also have the quinny buzz(love this pushchair) and my only problem with it is how crappy the basket is. When the boys do pictures at school they want to put them in the basket on the way home and they fly out as its so small. With the Click and move 3 the basket is huge and has a zip so nothing can fly out with the wind or fall out going up and down curbs. Its definitely the best basket Ive had on a pushchair.

The Shade/Hood is really big too which is great for keeping the sun out of Emme's eyes or the rain/wind from getting to her as its extra long. It also has a built in rain cover in the safety bar is is such a good idea. No more having to remember to take it with you and it doesn't take up extra space in the basket. Just unzip the safety bar and pull down the hood and your baby is covered!
The chair is really spacious too. It will definitely last a long time. Emme looks so comfortable in there. I think my 4 year old cold easily fit in the seat so if your looking for a pushchair for an older toddler this is a great one to go for. I love that it lays right back too even if you have it parent facing.

The only thing that I feel is not great about this pushchair is the handle is super long, i feel like I'm really far away from Emme. The actual handle is adjustable which makes it perfect if you are really tall as you can moved it so its really high and then it tucks right under for if your short. It would be great if there was a feature to adjust the long handle bar its attached on to a little so you could be closer.

Overall i think this is a really great pushchair and definitely worth the money. It has alot of really good features. Its really easy to push around, its spacious, folds up easy, front and rear facing, hidden rain cover, huge basket. I'm really impressed and i have enjoyed testing out the kiddy click and move 3.

You can buy the kiddy click and move online for £275.

Laura xx

20 August 2013

New Beauty products | Baby lips...

The baby lips seem to be popping up everywhere at the minute with everyone saying how amazing they are, so when me and Jessica called into town a few days ago i wanted to pick some up and see what they were like. I really needed some more eyeliner and the Rimmel scandaleyes is my absolute favourite! The baby lips were 3 for 2 and i wasn't keen on the other scents they had left so i decided to try their concealer stick. I haven't used a stick in years as i really love the collection concealer so I'm interested in seeing what its like, I'm hoping it wont be to drying. The Baby lips so far seem nice and moisturising. They smell really nice although they do remind me of being younger. The peach really reminds me of the banana medicine i used to get from the doctors when i was about 5 and the cherry reminds me of the kiddy cherry no tangle shampoo. Im really enjoying using them thought and would buy more.

laura x

19 August 2013

Daily posts?

I have decided that im going to start and do daily post for the next month...hopefully longer. I used to find it really easy to find time to sit down on a night and post everyday. Its one of my favourite things to do and once i put once post up i want to sit and put posts up all day constantly. Since we started setting up The Bow Boutique i have been so busy, as soon as im done on a night my eyes are closing but i love blogging! We go away to the isle of wight again next month so im going to blog everyday up until we go, the internet isnt good where we stay so i probably wont be able to get on as often as i like while im there but im going to video it all again like i did last time. Its so crazy watching those videos back and seeing how small Jake and Cambell were. They have grown and changed so much, the boys love watching it back. I wish i could do daily vlog and have there whole lifes recorded. 

Laura xx

12 August 2013

August GlossyBox....Whata inside?...

This months box theme is High Flyers.All the things you need to be a glamorous flyer.I'm happy with this months box mainly because of the Curlers. Ive been needing some new ones for a while now but never got round to getting any so im really happy to have these. Ive said before im not a fan of getting perfume samples as you can get them free anyway but i really like Juicy perfumes so i have already used this and im planning on buy the big bottle. Im looking forward to trying the tresemme treatment too, i love using hair treatments as i change the colour of my hair quite often. The Jelly ping pong 2in1 liner/shadow is ok im glad i got it in black. It us quite a hard pencil its not as soft as my rimmel one. I haven't tried the make up remover yet but ive wanted to try one for a while.

Make up remover pen 

Jelly pong pong 
2in1 liner/shadow

Hair treatment 

Juicy Couture
Viva La Juicy

Emite Makeup 
Eye curler

What did you different in your box this month? What do you think of this months box?

Laura xx


9 August 2013

My Photo Book...

PhotoBook | £34
A few months ago i received a money of voucher for CEWE Photobook so i have put together my own photobook. I have wanted a photo book or ages i think they look great and are perfect for keeping your pictures together knowing one isn't going to fall out and get lost like with normal photo albums. I have that many pictures on my computer and i always forget to get them printed off because i never remember to take my memory card shopping with me. Doing a photo book online means i can use upload them and don't have to bother messing around. 
I uploaded all the pictures from Emme's first few months and then alot of pictures i had of the boys that i didn't want to lose. When your setting up your book you can choose what writing you want on the from along with the layout of the cover picture/s. Same with the inside depending on the lay out you pic you can have bigger pictures or more smaller pictures.I went for the 8 picture layout as i had alot of pictures i wanted to get in the book.Then on the back i chose a full size picture of Emme. 
The website was really easy to use...even for me!and the pictures have printed really well.I have the large A4 size which i think has 26 printing pages. The have just brought out a huge 154 page book! This would maybe just about fit all my pictures, definitely on my Christmas list! 

Laura xx

7 August 2013

Emme's 7 month Update...

You really don't realise how fast time goes until you have a baby and see how fast they grow up. Emme turned 7 month old yesterday, its getting to the stage now were i cant remember her not being here but its still seems like its gone so fast! She has changed so much in the last month i think once they hit 6 month they learn alot more really quickly. 
*Emme is eating meals now , last month i was giving her pure fruit, rush biscuits and baby porridge but now she will eat more. I think i mentioned last month that i was really keen on BLW but i was too scared to do it because i was worried it would be easy for her to choke. I have been finding the balance between BLW and mashing her food. She will hold her banana herself which she loves. Then when she has her dinners i will give her mash and carrots or broccoli & cauliflower  etc mashed. She LOVES strawberry's! she has tired alot of different things now and so far seems to like everything we have tired. I like to make all her meals myself although when we were out of the house she has had a few of the Cow & Gate fruit pouches as they are 100%fruit they were great as she just sucked them out of the pouch.
*She is in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 nappy's so that's still the same as last month.
*She isn't sitting on her own yet but i think she will be within the next few weeks.
*She can move herself around, if i lay her in her cot while i get dressed she will be upside down at the other end by the time im finished lol.
*She still sleeps through the night and will have a nap around 10ish after breakfast then she has been having a big nap in the afternoon for around 2 hours.
*Still only has 2 teeth, they seem to becoming through really fast but she hasn't cut any others yet.

How are your little ones doing?Are they sitting up yet?if they are how old were they?

I currently have a giveaway running for you to win a Bibisili bib. They are great bibs if you are weaning, as im letting Emme hold her own food alot of it would end up on the floor if it wasnt for her Bibisili bib! ENTER HERE!

Laura xxx

3 August 2013

So cute!.. Frillies & Bow's

Itsy bits | £6

How cute is this outfit! I'm in love! I think matching frillies and headbands could become a new addiction. The look so cute! I Won these yesterday(thank you so much Claire!!) and they arrived this morning  Super fast delivery. I can see today being spent taking a million pictures of Emme haha. 
You can find the others colours of the Itsy Bits frillies Here they offer free delivery which is great as sending out so many packages can get expensive.
I also have a discount code for 20% off!
Just enter the code EMME at check out.


1 August 2013

Our week..

I realised i haven't really been posting many pictures of Emme on here recently and she is changing so fast. I cant believe she 7 month in a few days!! So here is a few updated pictures of my little beauty :).
We have been so busy working on The Bow Boutique these last few weeks it is going so well.We are so excited and loving ever minute of it. I have alot of posts i want to get up so they will be on there way.
The boys have been having so much fun being able to play with their cousins and Emme love being around Brooke.

Laura xxx

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