30 June 2013

It's time !

Little cutie :)

So its finally happening! To be honest i never thought it would actually go but today is the last day of google reader! Which means unless you follow your favourite blogs via bloglovin' they wont pop up for you to read :(. If you read my blog and would like to see my post in the future pleaseeee follow my blog on blog lovin HERE

Hope your having a great weekend :). We had some friends and family round last night for a BBQ, the boys loved it having other little ones around to play with. Today we went out for sunday dinner with some family that stayed over then ive spent the rest of the day trying to get things ready for our shop opening TOMORROW eekkkk! So excited but so busy :).

Little sneaky peek at one of out newborn sets :), love this one.We also have Satin flowers and Bows.
I will be posting the website link on the facebook page tomorrow once the site is live.


27 June 2013

Magicbed | Travel cot..

Magicbed | £109
For most parents having a travel cot is an essential item whether it for a holiday or to use as a playpen as your child starts to be more mobile. We are going away for the week in September and i wanted to find a comfy travel cot for Emme to sleep in..and play in while we were there as well as at home. When the boys were younger we had a few travel cots (not at the same time) that i would use if they stayed at my mums for the night or i would let them play while i got some chores done. They biggest problem's i had with them is that the were really heavy, really hard on the bottom so i had to just a huge pillow as a mattress and they were awful to get up. Having to make sure you didn't put the middle too far down before the sides were locked in place. So this time round i was on the look out for an easier, lighter, comfier alternative.

After doing some research i found magicbed and fell in love with it. I was so excited when a few weeks later i received an email from they to review one of their travel cots! Their cot was designed my parents, and you can definitely tell as it had all the things you would wish for in a travel cot if you have used you of the regular travel cots before.

As soon as it arrive i opened it straight away as i was so excited about it. I wanted to test out if it was really as easy as i was expecting...it is! Its.... magical ;). It's so much lighter than others i have had in the past at 3.4kg. It comes in a carry bag which has a strap for you to carry over you arm which will be great when traveling. In the carry bag there is the cot it self folded up a super soft thick mattress and a fleece blanket that Velcro's to the bottom of the cot.

It literally takes seconds to put up! You just take off the strap and it pops up itself then you just need to pop the mattress in the slot under the bottom and lay the fleece blanket in the bottom and your ready to go! There is a pocket on either side of the cot one which can fit your mobile is you can you pop a lullaby on or i know alot of parents use the white nose app on there iphones.

I would definitely recommend the magicbed if you are on the hunt for something like this it is 100% the best one i had found and i love it so much.I have been i will continue until Emme is too big for it, use it daily as a play area and for nap times and it will be coming away with us in September. Its going to take up so much less space in the car!....More room for extra clothes ;).

The Magicbed is available from £59 for the smaller size and £109 for the bigger size and totally it! You can also get it in a range of different colours to suit you style i went for the spotted pink.

24 June 2013

New Batiste Dry Conditioner mist...

Batiste | £3.99

I have been loving the new conditioning mist from batiste. I am a huge batiste fan i cant even think how many times i have repurchased their dry shampoo, I've probably tried every scent they have come out with. As soon as i saw they had a new product i knew i needed to try it out especially with it been a conditioning mist, anything that will make my hair softer, shiner and easier to manage... i need. I've been using it before styling my hair and also straight after washing i will spray it on once I've blow dried my hair and it make my hair so much more manageable i didn't even need to use straighteners i just sprayed this on and i was ready to go.
It's definitely a new favourite and once i will keep repurchasing!

Have you tried it yet?
The cans are on offer in boots at the minute for b on get one half price :)

19 June 2013

Crazy busy week...

This week has been non stop! I'm setting up a shop on facebook with my sister selling headbands so we have has so much to sort out, aswel as make the headbands. We will be starting to sell on the 1st of july so we are busy getting this organised and ready to go. It is so exciting and something we have wanted to do for a long time. If you would like to pop over and have a look at the page you can find it here. We had a little 'photo shoot' yesterday with Emme and Brooke (my sisters little girl) How cute do they look :) 

If you know anyone that is having a little girl...or has one, send them our way ;)

16 June 2013

Happy Fathers Day! ...

Happy Father's day! 
 I thought i would do a post showing a few of the things Jason got for fathers day (along with picture's the boy did and foot/ hand print pictures we do every year :)  if you read my page often you probably know i love personalised things. The little cake is from Baker days, its the post box cake, they have them for every occasion or you can print you own picture like i did.  As its the post box size it can be posted so its perfect to send a family member or friend and you don't have to worry about them been in when its delivered. 
Then the photo we made, we took this yesterday morning then had it printed and framed, i absolutely love it. Its something made just for Jason and he can keep it forever, the boys are very proud of it too :). 

15 June 2013


A few week ago i was sent some products to try from the lovely people over at So...? They put out a tweet on twitter looking for bloggers and as I'm a fan of there things anyway i thought it sounded great to try out some of their new scents. They are perfect for wearing everyday and you can just pop the spray in your bag incase you want a touch up.They are super affordable too! I used to get the So...? kiss me spray all the tiime when i was at school and I've been using the SO...? Daring over the last year which I've now used up.
The sprays I've been trying out are the So...? For Me which has notes of  honey, almond and fresia. I'm not great at describing scents so I'm best telling you whats in them. If you like sugary sweet scents So...? In Love will be perfect as it has note of rose, raspberry and vanilla.They last well through the day, i usually re sprayed once as it starts to fade a little. These are £1.99 but im sure i saw them on offer in Superdrug for a pound a few days ago.
The So...? Dry shampoo is a product i hadn't used before, they began selling in 2012 so i am a bit late on this on but i was really interested in trying it out. I think the bottle should maybe be a different colour as black is a bit manly looking if i was picking one up from the shop i would automatically go for a brighter coloured one i think but it does smell nice. It has notes of  Citrus, mango, orange, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla. I use dry shampoo's quite often being a busy mum it is definitely a must have its perfect for giving your hair a bit extra volume before running out the door. It did dry up all the oils on my hair and it didn't leave my hair feeling gross and full of product so i would use this again .

Which is your favourite So...? Scent?

12 June 2013

New things...

A few pictures of this last week with my little cuties. I've been super busy setting things up for mine and my sisters new adventure but i didn't want to take any time away from my blog so in between  making headbands tonight i will be writing up some new posts.....i have so many fun things i want to share. We will hopefully have our shop up and running soon, im so excited about it!

Hope your all having a good day! 

11 June 2013

Home sweet home & Afternoon tea ....

Femme de Pivot

I recently upgraded from an iphone 4 to an iphone 5 which means all my phone cases no longer fit. I came across Femme de Pivot a month or two ago and fell in love this there cases (along with there other cute products). I got the Afternoon Tea case from the Home sweet Home collection which is a really nice peach colour this one is rubbery and soft it sits really well on the phone and will protect the screen if it is layed on  the screen side and Precious Rose from the Love folk collection which is a harder glossy material they also came with a screen protector in each pace which was a nice extra.
They do cases for all different phones and ipads.
Femme de Pivot also have a iphone app with wallpapers to match there phone cases and calenders which is free. ( search Femme de Pivot wallpapers in your app store).
Home sweet home- $20. Love folk- $25.

8 June 2013

Emme | 5 month Update

Emme turned 5 month old on June 6th which is total craziness. My tiny baby girl is growing up way too fast. I don't think you realise how fast time actually goes until you have a baby. There's been a few changes this month. Emme has started to eat, which she is really enjoying.She has only had rusk and banana and apple blended with oats so far. I think I'm going to try her with sweet potato this week. I want to find some nice recipes to make up for her. I am planning on making all her meals myself which is what i did with the boys so I'm on the look out for some tubs for the freezer.I used to have quite a few but i ended up throwing them all out after Cambell finished using them. If you know any good ones please let me know :) . Also whats your baby's favourite food? 
Emme rolled over this month too for the first time when she was 19 weeks (19/5/13) shes done it a few times since but shes isn't rolling across the room yet.
She moved up to size 3 nappy's too. There seems to be a huge difference in the nappy sizes from 2-3? 2 are now too small but 3 still seem really big. 
She still sleeps through the night, she will fall to sleep after her bottle around 8 and then sleep until around 8 the next morning.If I've had her down stairs with me until i go to bed she will sometimes open her eyes and slightly wake up as i walk up stairs but as soon as i tuck her back in she will fall straight to sleep. 
We stayed over at some family's house for the night too this month too which i was worried about her routine been messed with but she was perfect and slept though, she was actually the last person in the house to wake up lol.

How old was your baby when they sat up by themselves?

7 June 2013

June GlossyBox 2013 | Summer Looks...

GlossyBox | £10

Time for this months Glossybox and its there Summer looks box this month, this year has gone so fast i cant believe its June! My little princess is 5 months old today!! 
My favourite product in this months box is the Frizz-ease serum, this has been a favourite of mine since i first started using products on my hair and would sneak into my big sisters room when she wasn't in and use her hair and makeup things! I actually haven't used it in quite a while so I'm really happy to have it back again. Its amazing and really helps my hair look better. The Monu moisturiser is OK I've tried it once and my skin felt nice but it drys really fast which is great if that's what you like but personally i like my moisturiser help blend in my foundation.So if you like your moisturisers to dry quickly before you put your make up on its definitely one to check out.The MEMEME eyeshadow is really pigmented which is great and they are a good size so you do get a lot of product. Mocha is just a little dark for a summer colour though i think, its something id add if i was going out on a night but not through the day. The water proof lip liner would be great for a holidays if your going swimming so i can see why its in this box as its a perfect summer product.Finally the Figs &Rouge, how nice is the packaging!! i love it! I got the colour blush pink which is full of a silver shimmer which isn't a colour id wear on my lips but this product is 100% natural so can be used as a cuticle oil or on dry skin which i think i will try it out for.Ive have used Fig & Rouge products before and they are great i have two of there tin lip balms. Overall as a summer box i think the products are good picks and perfect for summer. I've just googled other boxes from this month and i would of love to try the mint MEMEME nail polish and the Growth mascara! What did you get in your box?

Inside my box
Helen E - Waterproof lip liner

Figs & Rouge- Lip Gloss

MEMEME- Eyeshadow Mocha

Monu- Moisturiser

John Frieda

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6 June 2013

Emme's First Food | Baby's First..

On Friday i decided it was time to let Emme try some food. Now shes 5 month she seemed ready. I know the 'guideline' at the minute is 6 months and i was planning on waiting until then but i feel that as a mum being around your baby everyday you know when your baby is ready and every baby is different. When i had Jake the health visitors guideline then was 4 months and when i my niece was born it was 3 months. I wanted to start her off on something small just so shes getting a little bit extra to fill her. She was taking 7oz each feed and starting to want them a little earlier. On the first day I gave her half a rusk mixed with some of her milk from her bottle on her afternoon feed, i didn't want to do it too close to bedtime incase she didn't take to it. I let her hold it and bite on it for a few minutes then i would brake it in half and add the milk and leave it to get soft while she drank her bottle. She didn't have it all maybe a quarter if that, even thought she was loving it i didn't want her to have too much. The next day i did the same again giving her half but at breakfast time and then at tea time, shes really enjoying it.When did your baby have there first food?

This time around I've heard so much more about baby led weaning and wanted to give it a go but I'm too scared of chocking! Have you done BLW? or did you puree? I did all puree with the boys until they were a little older.

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4 June 2013

Summer Nails...

Models Own | £5
I am loving this nice weather!! Whenever i get the chance i have bright colours on my nails. Seen as I've just re done my nails *with the same colour* i thought i would do a post on my favourite 'summer' nail polishes. I'm a huge fan of Models Own polishes...have you seen my storage post? I always seem to reach for my Models Own polishes when I'm redoing my nails, they go on really nice and last well. These are the two I've been loving recently. Bubblegum a bright/neon red-pink. I love Pink Punch too which is similar but more of a Bright pink.I did a post with it in here but its not the best picture, neon's can be hard to capture and Peach Sherbet which is so pretty its perfect for a summer colour if your not wanting anything to bright.
I really want to try the Fruit pastel collection & The nail art pens! Have you tried them? Actually looking through the site there's quite a few new ones i want to try! 
Whats your favourite Models Own polish?

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