28 April 2013

Beau Belle Baby Giveaway!!

I'm really excited to hold this giveaway for one of you to win a Little Rufus set from Beau Belle Baby like Emme's. There is either a pink girl set OR a blue boy set so everyone can enter to get a set for there little one...or brother/sister, niece/nephew etc etc :) 

All you have to do to enter is answer 1 question in the rafflecopter box below telling me what the caption says on the Rufus Rabbit sleep suits (Hint Hint ). 
And of course be a follower of my blog.
There is a few other extra options you can do to get extra entry's but there are your choice they don't have to be done. 

Winner will be picked in 2 weeks on the 13th of May 2013.

Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BeauBelleBaby Boutique | Little Rufus set...

Little Rufus |  £30 

How cute is this Rufus rabbit set from Beau Belle Baby Boutique?!
I found the site  last week and fell in love the with the Rufus Rabbit collection, they also has the cutest little Rufus shoes I'm so tempted to get for Emme. Beau Belle Baby is a new site that is full of different bands at a  wide range of prices to suit everyone.I thought this little set would be perfect for her as shes going to be starting on food soon and now she has a pretty bowl where she can find Rufus at the bottom ;). Did you every play that game when you was little or with your little ones?...If they eat all their dinner they find there friend hiding at the bottom.The boys loved trying to find who was hiding.In the set you get a bowl, plate, cup, knife, folk and spoon. The quality is really good, they feel really well made and like they will last a long time.

I'm going to be holding a giveaway to win a set for your little one which will be up really soon. The giveaway will be to one either a girls pink set or the blue boy set so everyone can join in!

Beau Belle Baby currently have a 10% off offer on by using the code NEWBEAUBELLEBABY 

24 April 2013

Chi Chi Dress Competition....

Chi chi are currently running a blogger competition to win £200 to spend on their amazing dresses. As soon as i had a look through the site i knew i had to enter, they are all so pretty and it would be amazing to have £200 to spend on the site. To enter the competition Chi Chi want to see a post on your favourite picks and i had so many, i settled on my six top dresses.
The closing date is Friday 26th April and the winner is picked on Monday.
You can read the full terms on the etailpr blog here if you'd like to enter your self.

23 April 2013

Emme's 14th week...

How is she 15 week's old already!?
My mind seems to have gone totally blank on what happened this last week. Emme is holding her head up for longer periods of time now today while in the carrier taking the boys to school she sat up hold her head up all the way there and back looking around which isn't something shes been able to do before. Normally she will fall asleep before we get to school and rest her head on me. She is in size 2 nappy's. She seem'd to be taking more milk last week, upto 7 oz!! i ordered some more bottles as the small size only go upto 5oz (currently on offer in asda 6 bottles for £10 from £25,tommee tippee pink ones ;) )however this week shes back to just wanting 5oz each feed and been happy. I keep thinking shes about to roll over, whenever shes layed flat she will roll to her side.How old was your little one when they first rolled over?
We went to test drive a new car last week too while the boys were at school so Emme got to come with us to try it out. Hopefully we will get to pick it up today . Auntie Jessie has been over to play with Emme a few times this week too.She just passed her driving test so go congratulate her ;)

18 April 2013

Throwback Thursday...

Bit of a different post for me but its always fun to do different things :). This was taken at my cousin's 5th birthday party so i was 3 here, nearly 4. Im on the first row, second in with my thumb in my mouth lol.I dont really remember much of the party but its always fun to see pictures.

Barry M | Gelly Hi-Shine | Papaya

Papaya|CG-Techno|CG-SnowGlobe|CG-Medallion|Nails inc-Dimond|BarryM-Effect

I love this colour so much, I've been wearing it on my toes since i got it.Makes me feel summery ☀. I've been wearing Essie's Sugar daddy since my Glossybox arrived but i'm changeing to this right now. I love how it goes with lots of different topcoats to change it up and fit with different outfits. Luckily i got to capture this in the sun (woohooo) so it shows the true colour. I know I've seen some blog posts with the green berry shade and its doesn't look the same, the greenberry comes up alot more mint on camera but its actually more of a true green. 
The formula of this are great, it does need two coats to give a good finish as the first coat is quite thin and streaky on all of the gels. The finish is really nice and shiny and looks like you have a top coat on already. It is also fast drying. This faster than the regular Barry m polishes and much faster then the textured which take quite  a while longer i found, although im totally in love the mint textured polish.

16 April 2013

April GlossyBox | Limited Edition...

It's Glossybox time again....
This month Glossybox have teamed with Pearl Lowe a fashion and textiles designer. The box itself its a beautiful peach with floral print, which was a lovely surprise as i was expecting to see a plain pink box. I love what i got inside this months box, i haven't seen what the other option's were yet I'm very happy with my box. The Essie nail polish especially. The Yves Rocher nourishing cream is amazing for the price so i will definitely be repurchasing that when my sample runs out. Mango Smoothie Nip + Fab body butter smells so good too.Hair products are always great, I've said before hair things and moisturisers are my favourite things to get in beauty boxes...... followed by nail polishes ;). 

Inside my April Box...

Essie Nail Polish | Sugar Daddy
Full size | £7.99

Balance Me | Radiance Face Mask
Full Size | £18

Nip + Fab | Dry Skin Fix Body Butter
Full Price | £9.95

Richard Ward | Optimiser Style Reviver
Full Price | £19.00

Yves Rocher | 24H Nouishing Cream 
Full Size | £13.50

Overall, Fab box this month, very happy with my new Essie polish, everything in this box will get used up.
What do you think of this months box?

15 April 2013

Emme's 13th week...

Emme turned 14 week yesterday so as im showing pictures from last week we will call this post her 13th week ;). she is holding her toys alot better now, her favourites are her links and an elephant which was actually Jake's when he was tiny she loves it! She got some new friends too this week. We finally got time to call through to Toys r us to get 'Sophie the giraffe' I've been wanting to get her it for while so glad i finally got to pick it up.While i was looking for it i found a really cute little mouse, Emme now seems to like biting her nose. 
It was Emmes check up appointment on Thursday too where we got to get her weighted..... shes now 13lb8oz!! She still sleeps through the night.She falls to sleep around 7-8 and that her asleep until around 8 the next morning. I will give her a bottle before i go to bed around 11 but she stays asleep while she drinks. I think im going to up her bottles to 6 oz this week as she seems ready for a little more. I have started putting 6-7 in her morning bottle, that's when shes most ready for a bigger bottle after sleeping all night. I also started putting her in size 2 nappy's this week.
We booked her first holiday too.Yayyyy!!! We are going back to the Isle of Wight in September, our favourite place eve! Jason has family down there and used to go down all the time when he was little to see his grandad so we love to go back down when we can. This will be our 4th time going down together. We went just the two of us the first time, then the second time my sister and her friend came. The last time we went was when we took the boys down for their first holiday ( you can see videos here ). This time we are going with Jason's cousin, his partner and their little girl Lexi. Jake and Cam were only small the last time we went so they will understand alot more this time, they are already super excited and want to get on the ferry NOW haha. 
She giggled for the first time on Friday!! omg, the cutest little giggle ever! 

14 April 2013

Mini Mac haul...

Its that time again when you have to spend all your money on make up essentials . Ive been trying out some different bands after using F&B for so long, maybe i will do a post on what i thought of them?. The ones i tried were Estee Lauder double wear, Chanel Perfection Lumiere and Rimmel Wake Me Up. But now we are hopefully going into summer I've decided to come back to MAC face and body. Its my all time absolute favourite foundation, i love the finish and it looks great photos. It doesn't feel like you have a face thick of make up, which is the worst feeling in warm weather! Its build able too so you can just add an extra layer for a night out or if you feel you need a bit extra. Everyone seems to have the camera out more in summer and because it doesnt have spf there is no white flash back in photos so its the perfect night out foundation.
You can now get the smaller 50ml version which would probably be perfect if you are just  using it on your face and arnt a make up artist as i never seem to finish a bottle before i need to get a new one because there is so much in it takes along time to get through but the small bottle is £20.50 so for me i feel £5 more for an extra 70 ml is well worth it. 
I also decided to get the All blending sponge, i haven't used a sponge in years and if you spend £30 you get free delivery(who else does that haha) so i always look for a little extra to get so i don't have to pay delivery. I've used this a few times since it arrived, i think it will work better with a thicker/ fuller coverage foundation rather than the f&b.

7 April 2013

Barry M | Textured | Ridley Road

Mint is one of my favourite colours to wear in summer. I first fell in love the Barry M mint a few years ago when i first started blogging and have been hucked since. China glaze For Audry and Re-freshed mint have also been favourites. When i saw this new textured barry m paint i loved the colour but i didnt think id like then texture but i ended up buying it anyway because i love the shade. After trying it out i actual really like the texture of it. It reminds me of the white golf ball chewing gum balls i used to get when i was little. The only problem ive had with it so far is i feel like it takes longer to dry than the normal Barry M paints. It's not often i get a spare minute to re do my nails, i dont seem to have a long time to sit and let them dry.I always end up smudging one.So i prefer nail polishes that will dry really fast (like the gelly hi-shine,you can see my post on the blue and purple).But it is a lovely summer shade and i will definitely wearing it alot. I got mine from Superdrug on a 2 for £6 offer but i think they are £3.99 normally.


6 April 2013

Sister's New Blog | Get To Know Her....

My sister went through some trouble a little while ago with her blog which you can read about here. Since then she's decided to created a new one from scratch called 
Peachynotes. Jessica's blog is based on both lifestyle & beauty. She also writes about hair growth as she's currently trying to add couple inches on for summer time. If anyone went to the Leeds bloggers meet up you might know her from there. She's trained in Beauty Therapy and Worked at Superdrug as their Beauty Specialised. I thought I'd ask her some questions so you can get to know her a little better.

What's the main focus on your blog?
I enjoy writing little updates about my life so I can look back on them and remember the little things that are so easily forgotten. Also I love rambling on about beauty, make up and haircare products. If I mention something on my blog I'll really love using it and want other people to know.
What's your favourite make up and skincare brands?
At the moment I've really been liking Mac and Nars but I've also found some amazing gems from Rimmel and Collection. For skincare I'm loyal to using my Liz Earle cleansing products and Origins Face masks and eye cream.
What's your beauty related goals? 
I've been try to grow my hair longer for years now and finally getting it to a stage I'm happy with, only a couple more inches and I'm at my goal length (under my boobs!) Also for summer I really want to get into wearing tinted moisturisers. One other thing is getting into shape, I've been attempting the 30 day squat challenge and its harder then it sounds! I think this year I'll get back into doing yoga and running again
What's your go normal hair and make up style? 
I normally wear my hair just simple and wavy throughout the daytime or its up in a messy bun, I don't like styling my hair too much part from nights out. My everyday make up is pretty simple too, I'd normally go for a natural flawless base, soft brown eye shadows and nude lips. Recently I've been getting into wearing winged liner, practise definitely makes perfect, I'm still learning!
Differences between Me and Laura
There's four years between us but you'd never know when we're together, plus she looks about 16 some people have thought I'm the older sister before! Since she moved out we became closer (& stopped arguing, like sister do). Its strange because we're so alike yet so different... Laura enjoye's wearing bright neon colours were as I feel more comfy wearing whites/black/grey and add colour through accessories.

2 April 2013

Emme's first Jewellery | Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly Bracelet | £49.95

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I was going to pop this post up on Sunday but then realised Emme turned 3 month so i wanted to get her update up. Obviously Emme was a little too young tobe able to eat any Easter eggs this year so i had to think of something else to get her. I wanted to get something she could remember was her first Easter present and ive been wanting to get her a little bracelet that she could keep. I remember having one when i was little. The one i had was one of them that you can adjust the sizing which is what i was originally going to get but they were sold out. Then i found this perfect little girly one from 'keep it personal' that she could have her name on and has two tiny diamonds in! ( I didn't actually realised it had diamonds in until it arrived and i got it out of the box).
I love the message on the from of the box.I think there was room for around 50 letters, i would of liked to have had 'happy 1st Easter' if there was room but i think it looks so cute sat on her shelf. The bracelet itself is  so cute I love the little butterfly :) the band of the bracelet is thick so there's no way it will bend or get broken. I remember the one i had as a baby was quite thin.
Its a little bit big at the minute but i think its so cute and the perfect first Easter present, definitely something that can go in her keep sake box when she gets bigger. I'm also going to call to toys r us and get her 'Sophie the giraffe' i was planning to get her it last month but something always came up but she seems to be biting ehr hands alot this last week so i want to get her it as soon as i can.

1 April 2013

Emme's 3 month / 12 week update!..

These monthly post come around way too fast for my liking! Emme turned 12 weeks on Sunday 31st, I'm confused on how i should count each month now as it's 12 week which you would class as 3 month but her actual date she will be '3 month' is the 6th as she is born on the 6th January so I'm not sure, how would you count it?

She has changed lots this month alot more awake and has the cutest personality.
* She gets excited when i look over her moses basket on a morning. ( I remember when the boys would do this).
* Still in Size 1 nappy's but I'm going to start on size two when I've finished up the pack i just opened.
*She moves her self around on her play mat.I will put her down and she some how kicks her way around and faces the other way.
*She's biting her hands alot this last week.
*Still sleep through the night!Once i put her down i don't hear a noise from her until around 8.30am!
* She goes to sleep around 7-8 after her bottle then i will give her another around 11 before i go to bed, most of the time shes asleep while drinking and doesn't take it all then once shes in bed shes totally fast asleep.Best little sleeper ever!!
*she has her 2nd needles on Wednesday 3rd aghh so sad :(
*Not sure on her weigh, she next gets weighed next Thursday (11th April)
*Still having 5oz bottles, occasionally will have 6oz.
*In 0-3 size clothes.
*Ive had to take the insert out of her car seat :(. 
*She grab's/pulls her toys on the play mat and sets them off singing.
*Love's playing with her links.
*She 100% know's who me ans Jason are. When Jason get home from work and talks to her she gets so happy.
*She loves when the boys sing to her too, always makes her smile.
*Last month she would fall to sleep straight away in the carrier on the way to school, now she will stay away until we get to the top of the hill then fall asleep so she gets to look around more.
*Her bottle times are, 8-9, 12-1, 4, 7-8, 11.

I cant think of any other things, if you have a little one and are wondering about when Emme started doing anything just leave a comment or email me :)

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