30 March 2013

Pretty little Lairs | Spoiler/ My theory?

Not my usual post but i just came across this and though some people might be interested ... if your a PLL addict like me haha. Well I've just been watching an interview with Sasha who plays Alison (omg i cant believe she was only 14 in the first season!!) and she said that in the episode with Alison in her bedroom that there is a huge hidden clue! Obviously I google that scene and there is a picture on her wall of two 'Alison' and Jason in the middle... which totally fits everyone saying its her twin or it was her twin that died. Also in a recent episode when Spencer saw her Alison say 'Honey, you didn't even know me when you knew me' ... another hidden hint?? There are so many others .... go listen to the theme song or the intro song!!

So my guess is that When Alison went away to stay with her nana that summer it wasn't her who came back it was her twin, who ended up getting killed.So -A has been Ally all along and now it's the really Alison that's back ?? 

What do you think? Who do you think -A is?
Do you think the whole twin thing is not true and then 'hints are just to make us think that but its really something else?

I saw that Alison had a twin in the books but I haven't read them so I've no idea how it happened in the book but im sure they said it would be different to the books? If you did read the books and have watched the Tv show has it been the same so far?

29 March 2013

He Won!! Yay!....

This week has been a fun busy week, after the boys made Easter hats last week Jake's hat Won!! So happy his hat was picked, he spent so much time on it. The teacher said the person who choose the winner picked his hat because they could tell he had spent alot of time on it and that he had done it his self and not had it made for him.Which is kinda what i said in my last post about alot of parents who do projects themselves instead of letting the kids do it....which is kinda the whole reason of it, right? whooo. We did a couple of other Easter crafts this week.One being an Easter basket ready for our Easter egg hunt and they got presents in the post from family on the Isle of Wight so they made Easter cards to send down which I totally forgot to get pictures of  :(. Cambell got a set for Christmas that you can build into different things so they have had that out me and Jake made a car then the next night Jason and Cambell made a fun person. How cute is my little princess ekkkk.  She has the biggest smiles on a morning as soon as you say 'Good morning' to he she gets so excited. 

24 March 2013

Emme's 10th week

I was planning on posting a 'This week' post today but then realised I had a million pictures on Emme and that it would be fun to do a post each week of picture of her from that week so when she's bigger I can look back at how she grew each week over her first year. 

She seems to have grown alot this week, I've just out all her first size vests and sleepsuits away. Her first size  clothes still fit her so and the 0-3 trousers are huge round her waist although leggings seem to fit fine. She sleep through the night too, i cant remember if she did in the last update i did but shes been sleeping through for a while now. She has her last bottle around 11 and then sleeps until around 8am. She 'talks' all the time, so cute making her little cooing noises ♥.  
Jason will come home from doing nights as go straight to her in her moses basket because she always has the biggest smile on her face when she first wakes up, she gets so happy. I think she maybe about to do her first little giggle soon.She makes a slight noise when shes getting excited so i don't think it will be long but i cant remember how old the boys were when the laughed il have to find there books out, how old was your little one?
The boys are still very protective over her especially when someone goes near her even when Jason's mum came a few days ago they made sure she knew Emme was there's and she couldn't take her home. She always smile when they sit and talk to her and sing to her.The tidy up song they sing at school is a favourite this week.

I couldn't not include a few pictures of the boys ♥. They have a Easter hat competition at school this week so they have been busy decorating there hats. When ever they have to make something for school i like to let them do it themselves obviously i sit with them and help if they ask but ive seen alot of the kids will go back to school with something that has so obviously been made by their parents just so they can win the prize.The whole point is so the kids can have fun doing it, they are always so much prouder if it when they have sat and   done it themselves. Also Jake taking his baby for a walk lol how cute ♥.

21 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine | Prickly Pear

Another one of the Barry m Gelly nail paints from the new summer collection. This is a really pretty purple, i absolutely love the finish on these.You can see from the picture how shiny they look and that's without even using a topcoat! The application of this one was the same at the others ive tryed, the first coat was really thin and pale but after id applied the second coat they looked perfect. 

Which is your favourite shade from the collection?

19 March 2013

Birch Box | March

Birch box | £10+p&p

This is the first Birch box I've had so I was excited to see what was inside. It was packaged really nice with a ribbon tied round the outside of the box. When I opened it up the first thing I notice was the tin of chocolates! They are my favourite chocolates ever ( along with Ferraro roche) they remind me of my nana. I was with her the first time we both tried them. So i got really excited when I saw them :).I'm really looking forward to trying the eyeliner, I've had a little play and so far it seems really good. I love the colour too. The RMK cleansing balm I cant wait to try out I've never used a cleansing balm before so I'm really interested to see what its going to be like. The body lotion has won me over as it has Argan oil in so im expecting great things. The size of the Yu-Be moisturizer quite small, its only enough for one or two uses so you wont really be able to tell what its like, I like to be able to test a moisturiser a few times to see if it works for my skin.I can be quite picky when it comes to creams but on first impressions I think I'm going to really like it. The Molton Brown fragrance sample, I've said before im not a fan of these perfume samples in beauty boxes as they are something you can get from counters for free. I cant say just yet if i like the smell as I'm full of cold (boooo) :(. You also get a 'beauty extra' which is Sanctuary 30 day Thermal Transformation face mask I'm going to give this ago tonight so il probably do a post on what I think later in the week.The 'lifestyle extra' which I mentioned before were the Lindt, Lindor chocolates which were amazing!

Laura Geller | Inkwell Water proof Gel Liner
Full size | £24.50

Molton Brown | Valbonne Fragrance
Full size | £65

RMK | Cleansing Balm
Full size | £29 

La Sultane De Saba | Body Lotion With Argan Oil 
Full size | £26.50

Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Balm
Full size | £19.50

Sanctuary | 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask
Full size | £27.50

Lindt | Lindor Heart Tin With Chocolate Truffles
Full size | £2.99

Over all I'm really happy with this month box. Its definitely worth the £10+p&p. I'm looking forward to trying everything out. My Two top pick from this box would have to be the gel liner and the RMK cleansing balm(The Chocolates have already gone :p). I really wish the Yu-Be cream was a bigger sample as i have a feeling I'm going to love it.

16 March 2013

Leeds Meet Up 2013

Picture by @PhotoHannahRose

                                                                                                                        Picture by @PhotoHannahRose
                        Lots of chatting, cocktails & amazing cake pops and cupcakes

Last Saturday me and my sister Jessica went to the meet up in Leeds (organised by Ray & Tor). I've been going for the last 3 year's (here are the posts from 2011 & 2012 if you fancy a peek at some old pictures.I was actually pregnant at the last one.) Its a great day where we can have a catch up with the other bloggers we talk to regularly but don't get to see often and also speak to different company's and find out about new products. I feel lucky that I have my sister to go to things like this with as it can be quite scary going to big meet ups like this on your own. It was nice to see the girls I've met at the previous meet up again, it makes it feel alot more comfortable when i feel like I know people there, although there were alot of new faces.The girls we sat with most of the day (picture above) were Hollie, Phoebe & Erin . We also met Khila from Msbugetbeauty, quite strange meeting someone for the first time when you've been watching there videos for years. 
There were presentations from Healthpoint who stock products in Home Bargains & Body Care. We received some of their products to try out (all of which are currently £1 each!) my favourite is by far the cocoa body butter from Derma V10 which smells amazing, actually it smells jst like the palmers lotion i used while pregnant.  Jen from Cloud 9 and finally a talk with Best British Bloggers which was really interesting i could of sat there listening to them all day.

Its was a great day & I can't wait for the next meet up!

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14 March 2013

One Line A Day | 5 Year Memory Book...

5 Year Memory Book | £8.27
I love being able to look back on what i did on a certain day, one of the reasons i started my blog was so i could look back on things. I used to write a dairy when i was little but then as i got older, into to embarrassing teenage years i stopped because i was so scared someone would find it and read it (Jessica I'm looking at you!!). Not that there would be anything bad in it but i would of been really embarrassed if someone read it. Now I'm older i love keep as many keepsake things as i can, not only for me but for my children to look back on when there older. One of my favourite things is to look through my mums old things she has from my Nana and grandad and hearing stories about when she was little. When i was pregnant with Emme i wrote a dairy throughout the whole pregnancy so when shes older she can look back on it. It may be nice for her go get out and have a read of when she pregnant and she can see how i was feeling with her at certain points. Like when i first felt her kick and when Jason felt her etc. I still write in it now, not everyday but i do little 'updates'. 
Anyway, now that I'm super busy all day as soon as i saw this book i had to have it. One line a day for five years! Its perfect just to write the highlight of the day. It takes maybe a minute to fill in each day and then they are memories that wont be forgotten. There are a few more like it with the 'line a day'. There's also a mummy one but i loved the colour of this one and thought i would probably just fill it with the same thing i would put in this one and there's also one for kids i really want which has a question you ask your child everyday and then you can look back and see how there answers change over the years which i think would be really good. This one is definitely the next one i will order. There is one with questions for yourself too which looks good. I just love these kinds of things so i would get them all if i could. 
I ordered this one from Amazon for £8.27 which i thought was a great price for something that lasts 5 year. The p&p was free too. I love the colour the turquoise and gold look so pretty together. The book itself is quite small and you get you get to write what year it is yourself so it doesn't have to be used by a certain date. You could miss a year and carry on.  

13 March 2013

Perfect Personalised Phone Case | Caseable..

Caseable |  £24.90

How cute is this case?!

If you haven't noticed I love personalised things, especially when its to do with my babies so im always happy to find brand that do different things you can design yourself. I had this case on my phone when I went to the Leeds meet up and it got quite a few comments. I have been asked where its from alot too, now you can all go get your own personalised case woohoo. The case is from Caseable (if you hadn't already guessed) which is a website that do customisable Phone cases   & laptop covers, they also had covers for kindles, ipads etc. I was going fill mine with my instagram pictures but I couldn't pick which I wanted and I'id just taken this picture which I absolutely love so I went with this one... I'll save the instagram one for next time :). I'm so happy with the case itself it feels really good quality and strong. The site is really easy to use too you can design your case how ever you like, I wanted to add a bit extra so I included their names. (so strange putting 'their' I'm so used to writing 'the boys').

*Caseable have really kindly just emailed me with a £10 off code incase you would like to make your own case!! Just use the code 'laurabeauty' to get your discount :)


11 March 2013

Mac Saint Germain

Mac Saint Germain has to be one of my favourite lipstick. It was one of the first mac lipsticks i purchased I always saw it popping up on blogs in peoples favourites and fell in love with it.It is a soft pastel with blue tones. The finish is an amplified creme which i think is my favourite finish as you get lots of colour, the creme finish and it has a glossy/shine to it so you don't have to worry about lip gloss.

Its definitely one of my more summery colours though so i haven't got to wear it over the last few months. Whats you favourite summer lipstick?

10 March 2013

Chocolate Nutella cookies..

These cookies are amazinggggg!! I normally make cookies alot around Christmas time ( these are the cookies we make for santa) but over the last week or so the boys have been wanting to make them alot so my trusty cookie recipe ive been using for the last few years has come out again and they are just so good i wanted to post about it incase i ever forget the recipe i can just look back on here :) i need to look up some fun things to make with the boys that are Easter themed, any ideas? we normally do the chocolate cornflake/rice crispy buns with a mini egg on top. 

What i use to make the cookies-
Soft Brown Sugar - 100g
Caster Sugar        -  125g
Butter-                 -  125g
1 egg
Self Raising Flour - 225g
Chocolate buttons 

I basically just mix everything together add the chocolate buttons then pop the mix on to a tray then make a hole in the middle of each one add some nutella and then cover it over with a little of the mix ;) so good! Then pop them in the oven for around 8 minutes and they are perfect!

6 March 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine | Blueberry

I am loving these more summery colours from the Barry M Gelly range, so far i thing blueberry is my favourite. They go on really nice although the first coat is a bit thin and streaky the second coat totally evens it out and the finish is great. Its like you get to miss a step as they have a shiney 'gel' finish to them they don't need a top coat. They stay on really good too with out chipping they are definitely lasting longer than my other polishes. Mine always seem to need redoing really soon after i put a colour on, i think its mainly because my hand are wet alot...( ugh dont you just love having to wash up a million time a day) so these have been great at staying on so far.

5 March 2013

Everyday Makeup...

I haven't done an updated makeup routine in so long and as im quite enjoying my basic everyday products im using at the minute i thought i do a post. Ive been using the brow kit for well over a year now, its by far the best brow kits ive tryed. The shade is quite ashy with i love. I find most kits seem to have a reddish tone to them and it looks so unnatural this shade is the perfect match for me. The soft and gentle ive been using for a long time too, i love it so much. Harmony is the perfect colour for contouring, i cant believe i waited so long to get it. The maybelline mascara is a new favourite i think i may do a review on it as im really enjoying it. Also enjoying the Chanel perfection Lumiere the shade i have is a bit light so i mix it with a little Chanel soleil de tan to darken it up a little, the cover is great and it doest feel heavy on the skin although coming into summer soon i think i will start using the mac face and body again.

Chanel | Perfection Lumiere
Chanel | Soleil de tan
Mac | Soft & Gentle 
Mac | Harmony
Rimmel | Scandaleyes
Maybelline | Rocket Volume
Anastasia | Brow kit 

4 March 2013

Emme's 2 Month Update ...

How is my baby two month old already?!?!
 I can see Emme changing everyday now getting more of a little personality. She is getting so big, i want her to stay tiny! 

This month -
*She smiles alot now when i talk to her she loves it and has a huge smile on her face.
*She likes to cuddle to fall asleep. She will fall asleep on her own but usually if she wants to nap in the afternoon if i sit with her and cuddle she will fall asleep straight away and seen so happy and calm.
* She weighs 11lb 2 oz now. 
*She still fits in her 0-1 month sleep suits/clothes.
*She is also wearing her 0-3 although most of the clothes are still a bit big.
*Shes holding her head up for a little longer, shes definitely getting stronger.
*The last week nights shes started sleeping through the night! 12-8/9!! before it was 12-5/6 which i was happy with but going until 8 has been amazing!
*The sound of the hairdryer soothes her to sleep. Whenever im drying my hair she lays and watches really calmly then will fall to sleep.
*She is still taking 4oz bottles every for house through the day and going longer at night. occasionally she will have 5oz.
*She will wake up on a morning and just lay talking/cooing to herself and smiling.
*Still in size 1 nappy's.

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