31 January 2013

January GlossyBox | What i got inside...

The first Glossybox of 2013!!
My January Glossybox arrived last week and ive just been so busy since Emme arrived i haven't had anytime to post or try all the products yet as all my time had been taken up cuddling my perfect little princess . This months box is all about detox, just want we need after Christmas 'ey! When i first opened my box the first thing i noticed was the JASON lip balm, ive seen them pop up on a few blogs recently and was instantly drawn to them because of the name ... (My partner is called Jason) so ive been wanting to try them and was really happy to see something from JASON in the box... I was not disappointed! This is the best smelling lip balm ever, it smells just like the mint match sticks YUM! Its super moisturising which is just what i need after having Emme my lips were so dry from Labour this came at the perfect time. Im looking forward to trying the Vichy 3 in 1 cleaner\exfoliant\mask too, it smells nice and fresh. This box seems to be full of face masks...Another mask is the flash relax by Renu again ive heard good things about them.The other mask is a thermal clay mask by Sanctuary Spa i don't usually use sachet samples but this sounds really good. Then there is a toner by Premae Skincare. My skin is going to be very happy this month!

Premae Skincre | Toner
Full price | £27.50 | 50ml

Monu | Flash relax mask
Full price | £32 | 100ml

JASON | Lips Bee Healthier 
Full Price | £1.99

Vincy | 3 in 1 Cleanser 
Full price £11 | 125ml

Sanctuary Spa | Thermal mask
Full price | Step 1 | £27.50 | 50ml |Step 2 | 75 ml

What did you get in your box? 
Which is your favourite product?

25 January 2013

Jake & Cambell | Hello Canvas...

Hello Canvas
Just before Christmas we got this amazing canvas from Hello Canvas , we've wanted a big canvas of the boys for so long! Ive been wanting to post about it since it arrived but everything been so busy recently that im only just having time to get it up but i needed to share it because i love it so much. Everyone that has been in the house and seen it has noticed it and said how good it looks and that they want one. Its so much nicer having a personalised canvas up than a random one from a shop with any old picture on. Im really hoping to get another one so we have one with Emme on too :) .The size we have is 20 x 28 inch which is a good big size and its only £35!Super Cheap! Although you can get them in alot of different sizes up to 35 x 56 inch! The delivery was really fast too a few days and it was here with free delivery! 
The picture we had put on the canvas was taken with an iphone too as that's all i seem to use now i couldn't find a recent one of the boys that was taken with a better camera and it turned out great. The better camera you have obviously the better the picture quality will be but im so happy with this one. You also choose if you want it in colour or black and white etc.

22 January 2013

Nails inc.| Jewellery Collection

Jewellery Collection £21.75

These are the first nails inc polishes I've tried (apart from the topcoat that came in a Glossybox which is my favourite topcoat as its so shiney) and I've been really enjoyed wearing them. Ive seen Nails inc polishes being raved about on blogs alot but never got round to trying them until now.The colour's are incredible and really pigmented. I love the holographic effect of them, both the Diamond and Amethyst have the holographic look and when the light shines on them its shows how beautiful they look. I've been wearing Diamond and Amber over the last few weeks since Emme has been born.At the moment I've been into wearing more natural girly colour's and with having a newborn i don't have time to do my nails as much as before so glitter polishes have been perfect because they stay on for so long without chipping, with really easy up keep. I'm currently wearing the Amber shade and it comes across so simple, clean and elegant and such an easy nail polish to wear everyday. I really don't know why i didn't try them sooner. They dry really quickly too which is perfect as when i am doing my nails now i don't have much time to do them in.

Diamond | Diamond arcade
Really pretty Clear polish with hand cut silver holographic pieces.

Amber | Justice walk
Amber glitter with bigger sliver circle glitter pieces.

Amethyst | Royal opera arcade
Purple glitter mixes with sliver holographic pieces.

14 January 2013

My first week...

I cant believe its been a week already! This last week has been absolutely amazing, it is so nice to finally have our princess her, she is making everyone so happy. The boys love her to bits, always coming over to see her and telling her they love her and she has Jason wrapped round her little finger already, i love seeing them together so much, he has been the perfect daddy. 

Its amazing how fast they grow and change even in a week. Emme has been awake alot more today, seems like she has been up most of the day where as a few days ago she woke for a while on a morning then slept until around 8, woke for a while then slept again. She is doing so good on a night she will wake for her bottle then go straight back to sleep, at the minute we have a little system going, Jason will go down and make the bottles (i always hated that bit especially in the night when its cold) and then i will feed Emme. She is having around 3oz every 3-4 hours  most of the time its every four hours. I feel so lucky that she has been doing so well.She is just a really happy, calm little girl :).

She was born at 1.22am on Sunday the 6th January and we came home around 8 that night. The birth went really well, the midwifes were so lovely which made the whole experience so much better. Cambells birth was good but the midwife wernt great which make so much difference! On Monday the midwife came round  to see us and check my belly etc. Tuesdays i think i spend the day in bed resting with Emme, Jason has been amazing keeping the house clean, making the bottles up, taking Jake to school... Wednesday the midwife came again to weigh Emme, she was 8lb 15oz (9lb 1oz at birth) she will be coming back on Wednesday to weigh her again. My sister Jessica came at stayed over on Thursday and Friday the boys wanted to go see there grandad for a few hours after school so me and Jason took Emme out. Everything just seems so calm, relaxed and happy with Emme here. I wish Jason didn't have to go back to work everything just seems so perfect now!  

I feel like i recovered so much faster from the birth this time round, i think its mainly down to not tearing or being cut during the birth which i am so so happy about as that's definitely the worst bit as it hurts for so long after!The cramps that come after have stopped now im just getting a bit of aching in my back from the epidral and the joints in the tops of my legs from the spd i had before she was born which hurts if ive been walking too much or atleast thats why it hurt yesterday.

Tomorrow we have the heath visitor coming and its cambells first day at school!!!I cant believe its time for him to go already :( 

12 January 2013


All Occasion Sweet Shop


Today i wanted to share with you my sweet hamper from All Occasion Sweet Shop.I love sweets, especially a huge box of yummy sweets that remind me of been a kid! This is the 1980's Hamper which is full of all the fun sweets of the 80's! Ive never bought a ready made sweet hamper before but i have made my own for presents in the past. I think they are great for a Christmas, Birthday or Valentines present. Who doesn't love a box full of there favourite sweets? The hampers from All occasion sweet shop range from £12.94 upto huge hampers at £59.98 which also has water bombs and a whoopee cushion included!Fun!I wanted to get pictures of everything that came in my hamper so if you wanted to order one you can get a good idea of what will actually be inside. Although i did receive my box just before Christmas and noticed the contents of my box are different to the list that is on the website but i think that is because it was so close to Christmas when my was sent so some items would have been substituted and you usually get more (if you take a look at the link you can see the full list), i wanted to mention this because i thought the contents were good in the box i received but if there's is normally more in the box that's even better! The Hampers are really good quality too, usually with gift like this the hamper would end up been thrown away after but these come in a woven reusable box, i love boxes like this i actually have quite a few around the house already so im really happy to have an extra one. I think it looks much better if you are planning on giving this as a gift too. 
They also do wedding favours too which i think are really fun and cute. Also one of the most yummy things on there site lucky charms!!! i need to order myself a box!

8 January 2013

Favourites from 2012..

This is going to be a hard post to do as i can see myself forgetting alot of things i have loved this year and i didn't do favourite's every month to look back ekkk. I will try get pictures of most of the products but some maybe missing if i have run out and don't have then at the minute. Ive tried adding links to posts ive done on the products , some i have done posts on but im so bad at remembering to add labels to post it makes them harder to find :( . Maybe that should be ones of my new years resolutions lol ...always label posts!

I always have a bottle of batiste handy , its perfect for adding a bit of volume aswel as getting an extra day without having to wash your hair if your in a rush.

Clynol Shampoo/conditioners
I first discovered Clynol early in the year and it works so well for my hair. It leaves my hair feeling great, clean, thicker and easier to manage.Posts

Lee Stafford hair products- hotshots|shine spray|dehumidifier spray | brown shampoo.
I have been a big fan of the Lee Stafford products for a while they always make my hair feel great and you can often pick them up on 3 for 2 in Boots. The hotshots is amazing for getting rid of any brassiness in bleached hair. When my hair was dark the brown shampoo is all i would use on my hair i think the brown shampoo could make it as my all time favourite shampoo ever i could always feel such a difference in how my hair felt. The shine and dehumidifier are my other favourite products from the range the dehumidifier is amazing if your hair likes to get all puffy and frizzy as soon as you step outside, my seems to like to do that if i have to wash it on a morning and its damp out or really hot. The shine spray just finishes every style of perfectly leaving my hair look shine and healthy :).

Macadamia oil/hair masques
The whole Macadamina range is amazing! I would 100% recommend trying there products. Ive done a post on them in the past so i will link it if you would like to read :).Posts

PitROK Crystal deodorant
This is a newer product that i started using towards the end of 2012 but i love it so much! The smell is amazing, its a really really nice perfumey scent and is great for sensitive skin. Its a roller ball too which i don't normally go for but this had definitely converted me! They also do it in a wipe form. I will do a full post on this soon with more info as i really love it...its also coming along in my hospital bag as a roller ball will be so much better to use around a new baby instead of a spray! 

MakeBelieve Tan shade 4
This has been my favourite new tan of 2012. It smells really nice, fakes evenly, doesn't streak and can be applied 10 minutes before leaving the house so you don't have to look like a muddy mess for hours while it develops.Post

Strictly come dancing perfume
I really liked this perfume and used it for most of 2012 , if your looking for a cheaper perfume this is really worth trying out.Smells fab and lasts all day.

SO...?Daring perfume
I remember using the SO? body sprays when i was younger although i never thought to try there perfumes but we received one in the leedsmeetupbag and its really nice and really good price.Id definitely repurchase.Post

Juicy Couture Fleur Perfume
This has been my favourite 'higher end' although it still isn't that pricey at all. I absolutely love the packaging, its so pretty and girly. Post

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation | Shell Beige
I was really unsure about trying this foundation as i usually go for dewier foundations like face and body but i was wanting something that was a but more coverage and lasted all day. This is absolutely amazing for staying in place all day and covers everything up perfectly. I have started wearing it mixed with my Rimmel Wake me up to make it a bit more dewy as i think it is better for oilyer skin but mixed with Wake me up it is perfect! This is a foundation you don't need to wear concealer with as it covers everything by itself.

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation | True Ivory
This is the first drug store foundation ive tryed in a long time as i heard so many good things about it and it is a great foundation, its dewy and last well although i still need concealer when using this one. I love this mixed with my Estee Lauder - perfect combo!

Collection 2000 Concealer 
This is the best concealer i have ever used. I love the formula and it covers great, works perfectly with my Rimmel foundation. 

YonKa Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream For Normal To Dry
This is amazing!! I use this everyday and its is so good for my skin. I find i have to use a moisturiser straight after washing my face or it feels awful and dry but this really helps my skin feel hydrated again. I first got this in the Jolie box earlier in the year and im about to run out of my second tube :( Gutted as its £35 for a new one although it is worth it, its not the best time of year to need a new one straight after Christmas lol.

Rimmel Scandaleeyes | Black
I love soft liners, this is super dark and goes on great. Great price too i think i payed less than £3!

Mac Harmony
I wanted this for so long to use as a contour but for some reason kept putting it off and im so annoyed at my self because it is the perfect contour colour!! Not orangey at all. I love this!!Posts

Naked Palette
I don't think ive touched any of my other eye shadows this year apart from this palette. The formulation of the shadows is amazing, i prefer them to my mac shadows as there so easy to apply and super soft. The palette has all the shades i need from if im wanting something super simple to a dark look if was going out.Post

HD Brow Beater 
I use this everyday to keep my brows in place and it keeps the product in them that i use to fill them out so look done all day. 

Anastasia Lash Genius
Perfect product if your favourite mascara isn't waterproof!! If you put this on over your mascara it doesn't budge! Although it isn't hard to get off at the end of the day. I make sure i put this on every morning to keep my mascara looking good and i know if i go into labour im not going to ave big panda eyes from my mascara coming off lol.Post

Anastasia Brow kit
This is the perfect colour brow powder for me, its a really good little kit and has everything you need to do you brows fully. I mixed both of the brow shades to get my perfect colour. I love that they are ashy shades so have no red in at all. Its the most natural looking brow shadow ive come across.Post

Mac Soft and Gentle
Best highlighter ever. Ive used this everyday for the last few years and still have some left.

The Body Shop| Vitamin E Moisture Cream
This is another moisturiser  i found this year that is amazing for my skin. my mum has used it for years and loved it but i never thought to try it until it came in a beauty box and i fell in love with it.

Models own| Pink Punch 
This was my most worn summer nail polish. So bright and summery. Im looking forward to wearing it again this year!

Barry M | Raspberry
This was my most worn Winter polish, ive never really gone for darker colours before but this one converted me. Perfect for Christmas time!Post

Mac Cleanse oil
This gets all make up off amazingly!! Especially mascara, it takes water proof mascara off so easily!Post

2 January 2013

Hospital Bag...

Ive been going to do this post for a while but keep putting it of because my bag wasn't fully packed, there is always going to be things that get chucked in at last minute... or as its me forgotten! But as its pretty much done now i thought id get it up.(it should be done anyway im a week over my due date, booo). Ive had a few people ask what essentials are needed and as ive done it before i know what things i used and what i didn't so i tried to just pack the very basic things that i know il actually use. Im also having a hard time getting everything for me and baby into one bag, i really don't want to have to take more than one, i feel a bit silly turning up with a million bags because more than likely im only going to be there one night.I did use the same bag im taking this time with both the boys so i don't know why im finding it hard to fit things this time. Maybe the blankets thicker or something :/ . 

For baby.
3 vests
3 sleepsuits 
a hat
few nappy's
pack of wipes

I think that's it, ive packed 3 vests/sleepsuits so i have one for her to wear straight away one if she needs changing and one for coming home. It really depends on how long your staying in hospital for as to how many you need really.I might now even need three and if i need more Jason can always bring some for me. My friend who recently had her little girl was only in hospital 6 hours so she probably only used one.Her daughter was bout just before 12 and she was on her way home at 6.Then obviously nappy's and wipes for when she needs changing ( the hospital usually put the first one on then when your back on the ward you use your own. Then coat and blanket for coming home. 

For me
Pjs for after.
Clothes for coming home.
Tiny make up/toiletry bag.
arnica tablets.
Small notebook/pen.
Maternity Pads
A few Breast pads
Black pants.

Ive packed a nighty 'just incase' as your told to take one to wear while in labour but both times ive been in before i just ended up wearing a hospital gown so to me this is a waste. I think its more likely to be worn if you don't have an epidural or anything where they need to get to your back.( Hospital gowns have the slit up the back). Then some clean Pjs for after when your back on the ward if your staying over night. Clothes for coming home, or i suppose you could just wear your pjs if you've taken jogging bottoms and a comfy top. Tiny bag with make up / toiletry's and it is tiny, its actually the bag from the Batiste gift set with the three minis inside. I didn't want to take anything big ive just popped in some mascara and concealer incase anyone turns up after or for coming home.Then sample sachets of shampoo/conditioner.My phone and charger, definitely needed!I have the boys at night so after a while Jason had to go home and i was on the ward alone with a lovely sleeping baby... perfect time to get some rest right?! Nope i was wide awake all night i would of gone crazy without my phone while baby was sleeping.The Arnica tablets ive never used before so im not quite sure how much they will help but they are suppose to help healing after so i plan on taking them as soon as i can because trust me... after is the worst part!Well it definitely is if you have a cut/tear anyway which im am so desperate not to have this time! Then finally a small note book and pen so i can write down time/amounts of the baby's feeds. I did this with Jake and Cambell and its so useful at the start so you know exactly how much milk they are getting each day and you can see when they start going longer between feeds and taking more each time. I still have the boys books in there keepsake boxes :). Almost forgot... Some thick pads for after... the thicker the better trust me! Ive only packed a few breast pads as i never really needed them last time.and finally a pack of black pants i just the shorts style as i find them comfier for after id definitely go with black or the disposable ones. I just bought normally ones to throw away after because i wasn't sure how comfy the disposable ones would be and there only cheap anyway. I think that is everything if i realise ive missed something off i will update (my bags in the other room packed so im just trying to remember everything that's in there), or if you notice there is something i need leave a comment :).

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