24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!! Santas been!..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I hope you all have a great day with your family's. I am so excited to see the little ones face's in the morning.Christmas eve/ early Christmas morning is my favourite time ever!!I love putting the presents out and seeing them open them :). I've been looking at everyones pictures on instagram and there is going to be lots of very happy children in the morning :)

Have a great day xxxxx

19 December 2013

Glossybox, December 2013. Christmas box...

I love Christmas Glossybox's, its definitely one i look forward to. The packaging on this months box was so cute and Christmassy. The box it self didn't seem very Christmassy to me though...i expected a bit of glitter.Still i'm, happy with the box. Everything in the box will get used. I have seen other boxes that got mascara which i would of preferred to the brow gel but i have heard good things about this is im happy i get to try it out as i don't think its something i would of purchased myself and the nail polish a different colour... i would of liked the white or red but im a big fan of Seche.  I've never tried the Intuition naturals before so that was good to try, the soap that comes on the razor was good although i did notice it went down very fast many by nearly half in one use so not sure how long it will last. and i really like the Sanctuary Spa Refine and ultra polish. you can definitely feel it working on your skin its a lot rougher than what i normally use but it left my skin feeling amazing and really clear and smooth. I would definitely repurchase this.

 Intuition naturals razor
Sanctuary Spa Refine and ultra polish
Seche nail polish
Maybelline Brow Gel
Beautiful Moverments nude lipgloss

Laura xx

18 December 2013

Free message from santa....

Last year i used the Portable North Pole website to made video for the boys.I uploaded a video to my youtube of the boys watching it last year, i love when i get things on video that we can look back on. So jealous of daily vloggers i would absolutely love to do that, how good would it to be able to look back at when you were growing up or your parents! I couldn't wait to do there videos again this year i had been checking the website since the begging of November.
I wanted to do this post incase anyone hasn't heard about the videos you can get for your little ones....and they are free!! You put in your child's name, age, if they are good or bad etc and a picture then you will be sent the video for them to watch. It done amazingly and very professionally its quite surprising you can get it for free.There are some options to get more scenes, phone calls and letters etc which do charge.
The boys got so excited this year when they realised what it was and were answering when Santa said different things about them....they thought it was amazing that he knew everything about them ;).
We have some phone calls ready for the boys but i think im going to save them for Christmas eve to make them super excited :) xxx

If you do want to get any of the payed options you can use the code  BLG20BKP for 20% off.

Laura xxx

14 December 2013

Gothic Glam

I have had these pieces from Collection, Gothic Glam collection since just before Halloween. I love the colour of the lipstick, it isn't a colour id normally dare wear but id always wanted to try. I love the darker wintery lips look but i had always been to scared to try and wear it so i was really excited to try this as it gave me that little push to actually try it out on myself instead of just seeing everyone else's winter looks on yt and blog. The lipstick it self is nice and creamy which is a plus for me and it lasts a long time when applied. The only down side is it does start to sit in the creases.
The lipsticks are £2.99.
The nail polish colour are really pretty for this time of year. I love the wider brushes that come with these. The formula is great as you only need one coat to get the true colour although they do seem to take longer to dry....luckily i got a new bottle of the drying spray in  my last month glossybox. I love shade one 'Dramatic' at the minute, i have a think for burgundy colours in the winter!
The polishes are £3.19 from superdrug stores.


13 December 2013

Tiddley Pom

Emme was recently very kindly sent some Tiddley Pom* products to try out. I love baby products and finding the best things to use on Emme, i look for things that will be kind to her skin, things that all really stong smelling make me worried they will bring her out in a rash. I love that the Tiddley Pom range organic. Their range is designed for helping develop baby's senses with aromatherapy, music and massage. Emme loves a good massage while shes having her cream on. We received step one. three and four. Step two is the massage oil that is great for after a bath. 
I've been using the range on Emme for a while now and its been great so far the only thing i don't like is the smell of the body wash but that purely a personal thing, i hate lavender but i know alot of people love it and it is great for helping you sleep and relax. 
Bath Wash - £9.99
Soothing Lotion - £8.99
Nappy Balm - £7.99

Laura xx

6 December 2013

Emme's 11 Month Update...

I can not believe Emme is one next month, this year has gone so fast!! My baby is growing up so quick. 
She has just started standing up and balancing on her own, she will walk when she is holding on to something like her cot, she will walk around there easily and if shes holding on the the sofa or toys to help her balance but she just getting use to balancing her self now.
She loves looking at herself in the mirror she will wave and get all excited. Shes always shouting daddy and will crawl as fast as she can up to him when he gets home from work.As its nearly Christmas we've had alot of Christmas films on and she absolutely loves Mistletones, She will sit and stare all the way through dancing when the songs come on. Its so cute! She will get excited when she see's the boys now and will crawl over and play with them which is really cute.
She still sleeps through the night from round 7-8 until 7 when we get up to take the boys to school. Then naps once or twice depending what we are doing. On a normal school day she will nap on an afternoon when we have taken cambell to nursery until about half 2 when we get ready to go pick them up. 
She has 7oz bottles of milk still about 3-4 times a day. One when she wakes up, one before her nap and one at bedtime.
She wear's size 4 nappys and is in 9-12 month clothes.
Her muslin cloths tht i have used since she was born when she was having her bottles have now become her comfort blankets she loves them and will carry them every where! If her hands are full of them and she finds another she will carry it in her mouth. If she gets tired she will find one to nap with.
We put our Christmas tree up on the 30th November,ready for advent calender and our elf on the shelf to come out on December 1st and surprisingly Emme hasn't tried to take anything of it! She doesn't bother with it at all which is amazing lol 

Don't forget to enter my Hipp Organic giveaway to win yourself a £25 hamper of goodies!!
Laura xx

3 December 2013

Hipp Organic Pouches

Emme was recently very spoilt by the lovely people at Hipp Organic who sent the the full new range of their pouches... she was a very happy little lady! As you can see from the pictures she really enjoyed them. I've always made her meals myself so having the pouches were something new for her and she worked them out straight away. I have given her the Hipp organic fruit pots before so now she likes to feed herself these are perfect.
The pouches are perfect to pop in your bag incase your little one wants a snack while your out of the house. I have been keeping one of the fruit ones in my bag whenever in going out of the house. I love that the are all organic and she can They have a full range of different flavours from the sweet fruit to savory dinner flavours. The pouches are 4month + and 7month+.
The pouches range from 69p-£1.29. ( Prices from asda 03/12/2013). Hipp have also released this colourful infographfic on their recent research. Did you use baby rice when weaning  your little one? we did with Jake and he hated it so we tasted it and it tasted awful like cardboard so we never bothered with Cambell and Emme.

Laura xxx

25 November 2013

Glossybox - November 2013

Wishlist Theme
I love when its time for the new Glossybox to be delivered! It seems to come round so quick each month. 
Inside this months box i really happy to see the School exfoliator. It actually works so well, i was really impressed and I'll definitely be repurchasing. The eye shadow i got was black, unfortunately it was smashed and all over everything when i first opened the box. The Elegant touch is definitely a must have for me. Every time i go to do my nails i always end up smudging them as i never have time to sit and let them dry for long enough so this is great! The hand cream smells amazing, pretty much just like a Terry's chocolate orange! I love that you get three of the Vichy samples go you get a good chance to try them before you buy as one seems a little small to get a good idea if you like the product or not and if it works for you. 

 Vinchy serum
Full size - £29.50 30ml
Emite Make Up Eyeshadow
Yves Rosher Hand Cream
Elegant Touch- Rapid dry
School Exfoliator

Since the last Glossybox, the booklet has had a bit of a make over and I'm really loving the new mini magazine. I cant even remember the last time i bought a magazine....all Internet these days. So its nice to sit down with a cuppa while the boys are at school and Emme's napping and have a read. 

Laura xx

21 November 2013

Little grippers review & GIVEAWAY!

Today i have some Little grippers goodies to giveaway. As its Christmas and everyone loves a good gift set Little grippers have offered to give a gift set away! They come in four different sets, Pink Stripe , Navy Stripe, Purple Spot and Red Star and the sizes range from Newborn to 24 months. 

Little grippers have been designed and developed with 'Stay on technology' which is 100% natural, totally hypoallergenic and applied to products to help them stay in place. Around the top of the sock there is a silicone type gel that holds them in place around the ankle, like what is around the inside of some gloves.I was recently sent a pair of the red strip socks in size 6-12 months for Emme to try. They fit her well and  gripped so they didn't fall off. I think i would get the size up (12-24) if i ordered her some more. They are a little more expensive at £3.50 for plain and £5 for patterned but if your little one loses alot of socks from them falling off or pulling them off themselves, in the long run having a few pair of little grippers could save you money.  

Please note the giveaway is open to UK Residents, Channel islands, Isle of man and republic of Ireland. *By entering this giveaway, you give permission for Little Grippers to contact you from time to time. You can opt out by sending me an email to lora_505@hotmail.com before the giveaway ends on Friday 29th November 2013.

We were sent one pair of little grippers*

15 November 2013

Christmas, Disney, Instagram!!

Ahh i feel like ive been so busy this week! I've been so busy with the website and kiddys. I've been trying to focus on getting Christmas presents sorted too..slowly getting there! I'm now addicted to the Disney store I've order from the website twice (and will be again tonight as they didn't have something instore) and I've been to the store twice this week! It just so fun and magical in there at Christmas, especially now i have boys and a girl i could just go crazy! I'm really getting into everything Christmas now and cant wait until December so i can get all the decorations out! 
I have a few blog post ready to go up this week as we've been trying out some new goodies

If you are on instagram add me!! I'm addicted and on there posting pictures all the time :) My name is @lauraemma77 

laura xxx

1 November 2013

Halloween 2013...

I only managed to get a few pictures of  our night as my battery ran out... typical! But i wanted to get a post up, i like to keep fun pictures like this on my blog so i can look back each year :). We had such a good night, i love that the whole family is together. Although i see my sisters a lot and talk all day everyday its not often all 4 of us are together with all our children at once. 

How did you spend you Halloween?
If you have any Halloween post leave me your link and il pop over and check them out :) 


31 October 2013

Emme's First Pumpkin...

We did our pumpkin carving yesterday ready for tonight, the boys have decided they are taking their pumpkins to nana's as we go trick or treating around there every year with all their cousins. Its so much fun for all 7 of them to get together and have some spooky fun. 
Emme absolutely loved the pumpkins, she went crazy when i let her have a look. She got all excited and banged on it. She is definitely ready for next year so she can get stuck in and help.Jake and Cambell loved designing how they wanted them to look. Both going for different things.Jake has never really liked getting messy so he wasn't as into getting all the seeds out as Cambell. They have been playing with them all day!
We are going to get dressed up and go to my sisters (lots of new goodies have arrived for the website eekkk) then when it starts to get dark we will all go to my mums. I  LOVE Halloween!!! 

Happy Halloween!!

30 October 2013

Mummy & Me ....

Don't you just love accidental photos. Cambell had my phone and snapped this of me and Emme, his finger covers the side of the photo but i love it. I've woke up in one of them moods where you just want to sit and blog all day! My sister stayed over last night *shes still snoring* which the boys love. We are going to be doing Jake and Cambells Pumpkins today.It's such a fun activity to do even though it can get quite messy! This is my post from their first pumpkins in 2011! It has become a little tradition that we all sit around the table and do out pumpkins together every year, i never really did them when i was little. Our other Halloween tradition is that we all meet up at my mums. Me, all my sister's and their little ones then we go around trick or treating together. The street we grew up on isn't very big, its just like on big circle and most people have lived there years so they saw us grow up.
What do you do on Halloween?
It seems to have come around really fast this year, i haven't even had chance to watch Hocus Pocus yet!


27 October 2013

Happy Halloween from The Bow Boutique | Offers & Giveaways

We have lots of fab offer's on over on our website at the minute with headbands from £1!! Our Next made to match clips are on offer too...3 for £2.75!We Show all our new products on our Facebook page first and we also share all our discount code on there first too. If you have a little girl or you like headbands yourself come over and have a chat with us :) 
If you already have one of our clips/headbands id love to see some pictures :).
We also have a giveaway on at the minute to win one of our new gem headbands. 

Laura xx

26 October 2013

Haunted Halloween House | Scary Spider!

The Boys broke up for half term yesterday. Jake's first term at big school done already! I bought them a Haunted ginger bread house for them to do so they had alot of fun putting all the sweets on and making it look spooky. Then as soon as they were done they broke it up to share and ate it haha. We always get the Christmassy one for them to do i think its a nice little tradition for them that they will remember when they are older. I remembered to get their pumpkins early this year instead of searching everywhere closer to the night. There did seem to be lots about still this year thought..have you got yours yet? I started baking the seeds from them for a little snack for them after. So we still have that to do this week, i didn't want to do it too early incase it went smelly!
ohh my gosh... funny story for you today!
I saw a huge spider on the floor next to our hoover so i shouted Jason and told him to get it! He ended up putting a cup over it so it could run away because it was dark. One of the kids must of shouted us before he had the chance to pick it up so we forgot about it.This morning when i went to get the hoover i saw it still there ( the plastic cup was coloured so i couldn't see it) i was soooo scared to lift it up incase it came at me. In the end i braved up and slowly lifted the cup expecting a giant spider to run at me. IT WAS PLASTIC... !! omg i nearly died laughing when i realised it wasn't moving. I text Jason and he believe it because he though it was real too haha. It was from when i did the spooky fruit with the boys, I can't believe we didn't notice!! They have been all over the house too from being played with and they are so obviously fake... think it was because it was dark ;)

Do you follow The Bow Boutique on facebook?
I've just read this article by lovemyvouchers* on the 10 most annoying people on facebook. I think most people who have a baby can relate to number 3 lol. The main thing i post on fb is pictures is pictures of the kiddies, although not 10 a day..maybe ever few weeks lol I'm more of an instagram user! 

25 October 2013

Emme's first time swimming...

*For some reason the pictures of my amazing swim suit wont load so i will have to re take them :( 
This is the Goddess Boyleg Swimsuit i wore :) i love it.
While we were on holiday last month we wanted to take Emme and the Boys swimming for the first time. I knew Emme would love it and it was the perfect opportunity. Before we went away in September i hadn't been swimming for years. I never felt comfortable enough. I was always looking for that perfect swimsuit but never seemed to be able to find what i wanted. Just before our holiday i came across Beach cafe a website full of gorgeous swimwear and found the perfect Seafolly 1950's style swimsuit. Black, flattering neckline, ruched at the front (helps with the slimming effect;) ) and the legs are shorts! I love it! I'm sure if i hadn't of found that exact one id of given in again and not gone! 
Emme absolutely love being in the water in her little seat, she was splashing and kicking her little feet. The boys thought it was amazing too, we hadn't taken them before because i knew they wouldn't have got it the water, they would of hated it but they are at the age now where they understood more and knew what was happening and that it was a fun thing. They went down the slide a million times which surprised me too. We are going to be going alot more now we know how much all three love it. One thing ive always wanted to teach them is how to swim, i feel like its one of them things you need to be able to do and learn while your young. 
How old were you when you learnt to swim?


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