28 June 2012

This week....

Feels like i havent done one of these posts in so long but ive been so busy recently and the times ive had free to post ive been feeling poorly and had no energy :(.

Heres a few pictures of what weve been up to!

The boys were so excited for Father day we waited until Jason went to work as he was on nights then set up the banners etc. Everytime its someones birthday or a special day we have banners and balloons so as soon as they see them coming out they get super excited :)

They also got new 'big boy' beds so its bye bye to the last of there 'baby' things :( the cot beds have both been taken down ready to go in the loft!

Its been so rainy too so weve been snail hunting everyday on the way too and back from school, theres so many!

The sun came out yesterday- finally and jason now on his days off so he took the boys for some new toys, theyve been loving playing on golf games so they picked a new gold set and a blow up goal! lots of fun... 

Laura ....

27 June 2012

Glossybox- June

This months box is all about summer beauty, everything youl need to be beach ready ;).

I didnt know what was going to be in thi months box as i hadnt seen any reviews before mine arrived so i was really excited to open it and see what was in there. After ive opened it i did have a search of what other products were in the other boxes and im very happy with the products i recived this month i think i deffinitly got the box most suited to me.

Whats inside my box?

Paul Mitchell-The conditioner
This is the product is the one i was most excited about! I love getting hair products in these boxes i think thats deffinitly my favourite thing to get!This is a leave in conditioner that helps balance moisture, prevent dryness and improve texture.Ive used it a few times now and i love it!it makes my hair really sorf and manageable, my hair can go a bit frizzy and not so mice straigt after washing but this combined with my maroccan oil = perfect soft hair.
Also how pretty is the colour of this!!

HD Brows- Tweezers
Ive tryed a few things from HD Brows now through getting them in beauty boxes and i love the brand so i was very happy to see something different from them to try out. Ive had a little go with the tweezers and they seem great!

BM Beauty- Summer warmth Bronzer
I love this! Im not really one for loose mineral powders so i would deffinilty prefer this if it was a pressed powder but the colour is so pretty i will deffinitly be using it up. Its super glowy so ie been using it as a blush/highlight and its definitly one of my new faves.

Vichy dermablend- Corrective Foundation Cream Stick.
This is a great little starter kit to try out the different shades, theres six different coulours to test and there quite a good size you ca get a few uses out of them.Ive been wanting to try this brand since hearing Lisa Eldridge talk about them in her videos.

Glossybox Pro Blush brush
This is a nice little extra, i will probably keep this in my bag for touching up when im out and about.The brush is made from natural goat hair. Its not the best brush ive tryed so i dont think id pay the £15 to buy the brush on its own, but you can never have enough make up brushes so imm happy it come in the box ;)

Overall im deffinitly happy with this months Glossybox, deffinilty some great products in there from great brands ive been wanting to try.

What did you think?


17 June 2012

Happy fathers day!

Jake and cambell got all set up last night ready for daddy getting in from his night shift this morning :)

11 June 2012

Cutey Shamballa GIVEAWAY!!!

I recently did a post here on my shamballa bracelet from Cutey. 
After the post went up Cutey very kindly offered to do a giveaway for you guys :)  .

All you have to do to enter is make sure your a follower of this blog by GFC and leave me a little comment including your email so i can contact you if you win. 

If you would like an extra chance of winning you can tweet about the giveaway including @lora_505 so i can see it and a link to this post :)

The winner gets to pick any colour they like from the Shamballa collection!!!
This giveaway is also open worldwide so everyone gets a chance of winning there own cutey bracelet!!!

The giveaway will run until 11th July to give everyone a chance and will be picked at random.

If you would like to check out the Cutey website to pick your favourite colour you can visit them here.
They also have a facebook and twitter you can follow.

Goodluck! ...

9 June 2012

Getting to Know.... JessicaLeigh / My Sister!!!

Name: Jessica
Age: 19
Beauty Blogger

What's your blog about - 
Its mainly about beauty products which I've been really enjoying using and sometime about my personal life. 

What's your favourite beauty and skin care product - 
For skin care I'm a massive fan of Liz Earle. I think it's a very affordable brand for how good it is, how long the products last you and of course the results you get my using there skin care range.
for make up at the moment I'm obsessed with the bourjois healthy mix serum, I can honestly say its the best foundation I've tried so far! 
Who's your celebrity icons -
I've got 4 main ones at the moment.
Vanessa hudgens has been a big one since I was younger I'm in love with her hair and how naturally pretty she is, the clothes she wears are so nice and stylish and yet so comfy looking! 
Beyonce - have you seen her skin! its amazing she's got such a glow about her, I'm well jealous! 
mila kunis - since friends with benefits I'm been obsessed with how down to earth she is and again naturally pretty. she dresses really casual which I love!
MIllie machitosh - the products she uses on her lips Made in Chelsea are to die for! her skin is glowing and I love how she has really natural make up and focuses more on letting her clothes do the talking.
can you can tell I'm really In to natural beauty! 

What do you like about blogging - 
I really love that its my own little space, nobody can tell me what to put and I can't ever be told I've done something wrong, it's a place I can put my opinions and meet new people and I can use my time to relaxing and write what I'm going and what I'm loving at that time.
What's your 3 beauty & hair tips?
Always use hair oils I'm in love with them at the moment, they have really helps get my hair in to better condition. at the moment I'm using shu uemura.
less is more! with my make up I like to keep it natural and Change up the colour of my lipsticks to make some thing different and which colour depends on my mood. 
focus on skin care, what's the point in paying loads of money on good foundation if your skins not ready for them? I use good Skincare and I can use a cheaper foundation because I look after my skin, that's the best tip I can give you! ;) 

What would you tell your younger self?
Stop looking for love, as soon as you stop it will find you, I think that's how you mean the perfect person.
don't let you sister bleach your long shiny dark brown hair blonde! it will ruin it and you will cry for months about needing it all chopped off because its dead and rips off like chewing gum! 

What's your favourite hair and make up style at the moment?
Really natural make up with  bourjois healthy mix serum, collection 2000 concealer, Mac shy girl lipstick and really soft urban decay brown eyes normally shade naked and I mix up the other colour I use depending on my mood, with my hair in a top knot and my side fringe down. 

1. What is your favourite fashion magazine?
Company & More
2. Who is your favourite singer/band?
Ed Sheraan & Rhianna
3. Who is your favourite youtube guru?
Lisa Eldridge
4. What is your favourite makeup product?
5. Where would you like to live?
Somewhere nice and warm like LA
6. What is your favourite film?
Friends With Benefits
7. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 
Quite a few!
8. What is your favourite colour?
Red, Black & Purple
9. Whats your favourite Skincare brand?
Liz Earle & Origins

Hope you've enjoyed reading

Twitter- @jessicaleigh929


8 June 2012

Cutey Bracelets...

I am totally in love with my Cutey Shamballa Bracelet, i haven't taken it off since i got it! The gold is the perfect everyday colour for me as most of my clothes are quite neutral shades although i do love the one they do which has lots of different colours on one. The Bracelet feels so well made and its got some good weight to it. The Shamballa bracelets have been one of the big new crazes recently and id been really wanting one.I think they would look great with a few different ones stacked together!

The Bracelets are £18.99 for the Cutey website.
They ship worldwide and also take paypal :)

Laura ...
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