31 March 2012

Joliebox, whats inside?...

This months Jolie box was all full size products and its a really good box everything in it is really nice.. but i wish all the beauty boxes didn't copy each other. Every other month theres something in that been in a previous beauty box. Why do they want to go for the same things that were in other boxes? Yes i know people that just sub to one box haven't had it but why wouldn't they go for different stuff to the other boxes anyway. I say this because two of the products were in Glossybox's January box... The products are good so im not really complaining that ive got the same products again just i don't see why they want to have things that other boxes had two months ago...
Anyway... i think this months box was really good i got the Eyeko liner in a green, the nail polish is really lovely and i really enjoyed using the Davine's product that i got in the glossy box so im looking forward to using that again and i know il use the body wash too.  The mirror will come in handy too :)
The original Davine's moisturiser i got in the box had a hole in and had leaked but i send them an email and it was answered within an hour or two and a replacement was sent out so i definitely think there costumer service is great!!

What do you think of the boxes having the same products?
What did you think of this months box?


30 March 2012

Real technique brushes. core collection, Blush brush, Powder brush....

Ive wanted these brushes since they first came out but since they just came on 3 for 2 in Boots i finally got them :)! I was a bit put of with the core set at first as i was only really bothered about one brush ( contour ) as i didn't think id really use the others and the buffing one looks really similar to my sigma f80 which i have two off, but out of all the real techniques collection the contour is the one i wanted the most so i ended up getting it and im really glad i did, the brushes are so soft! The other one i was really wanting was the blush brush which is just a bigger version of the contour. I cant wait to use them!!

Im thinking of getting a few more from the collection now, i really want the kabuki and possible the eye set!Theres a few more ive seen on the real techniques website that i would love but i dont think we can get them over here :(


Core Set

My two favourites!!

Do you have any of the others? What do you think of them?
Is the eye set worth getting??


28 March 2012

ONÇA- Beauty and Energy...

I am currently on a total health kick. I want to lose weight and get healthy and i like to feel better about myself. Summers just around the corner and i always get so much more conscious about myself at this time of year. So far ive been doing quite well, i haven't weighed myself yet since i started so im not sure how well im doing yet.(*weight update at end of post)

Last week i was contacted and asked if i wanted to try a beauty and energy supplement by ONÇA and i was so happy it came just at the perfect time for me so i really wanted to try it out as it actually sound like something that will work.

About the product-

 ONÇA is a highly exclusive supplement and is limited to only 3,000 people worldwide
 to ensure a production ethic that retains the highest standard of nutrients
 from the Amazon. 
 ONÇA will make you feel more energised, beautiful, happier and healthier!

The supplement is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids anti-oxidants and tropical botanicals from the Amazon which increase levels of collagen which improves the skins appearance and health and also reduces the appearance of cellulite it promotes better sleep , improves anxiety and my favourite increases weight loss.

 ONÇA supplement consists of two drinks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.The morning supplement energises, cleanse, detoxifies and creates a sense of harmony and well being. It contains ingredients including Guarana which helps fight away the feeling of fatigue,Biotin which supports skin renewal, hair, nails and nerves. It also has Camu-Camu a fruit which has 80 times more Vitamin C than an orange!!
The evening drink supports body recovery and had wild passion fruit which reinforces health, beauty and the body cells.Amazon fruit is known for being carming and relaxing so reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia so you get a good nights sleep. 
A few of the Benefits-  
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • Maximum anti ageing properties
  • Health and shine of hair 
  • Good for eye health, joint flexibility and allergic reactions
  • Strong bones and teeth. 
 My Thoughts!!
In the pack you get a full month supply of the morning/evening powders. I only have three days worth so im going to document how i get on with them on here over the next three days so you can see my full experience with them.At the minute i havent tryed any of them but from everything you can see above they look great and i cant wait to try them out.....
 The powders...

Evening powder mixed with milk....
Day One-
On day one the big thing for me was trying both the drinks and seeing what the were like when mixed in with my drink. You can add the powder to any drink you like but it was recommended to me to try milk so that is what i went for, once i had mixed it all in there was still some bits what wouldn't dissolve which i was expecting as these are natural substances from the fruits and raw ingredients but there now big chucks or anything its just a bit of undissolved powder.
I found the morning sachet more herbal and the evening more fruity you can definitely smell thew passion fruit. 
I found the easy to drink, once you start drinking all i could taste was the milk.
 Day Two-
On the second day in the afternoon i had so much energy, i wasn't expecting for them to get me as much energy this fast as this was only the second day and i cant be 100% it was definitely the sachets but i had so so much energy. It was like i just had to get up and do something and do some exercise, i felt really good and healthy and energetic.
 Day Three-
Day 3 was pretty much the same ,i had lots of energy and i felt good and healthy.

From my three days of having the sachets i think it is a good product and i would use them again. I did have more energy and felt good over the three days which i do think these definitely helped with as they are full with vitamins although i do feel like i cant give a full review as i only tryed them for three days. If you buy a pack you get a full months supply which i think would be needed to say if they do make a difference in how you feel.
Saying that i think me trying them will help you know what to expect from the taste of the drinks and the formula.As i said they don't 100% dissolve because of the natural ingredients but you don't really notice and they tasted better than i was expecting, while drinking it just tasted of the milk ( i drank them down in one) and there wasn't a long lasting after taste which i thought there would be . I would say the evening sachet was my favourite as it was more fruity and felt more light than the morning which was more of a herbal taste.The sachets did make me feel fuller for longer and when i weighed myself the week i was taking them i lost 3lb.

ONÇA is available via www.oncacompany.com and costs £156, if taken as recommended twice a day; it will be a month’s supply.


22 March 2012

OOTD Springs here......

I cant even remember the last time i posted an OOTD but today it was really nice out so i got to wear my new scarf and i thought i show a picture of it on as the last post you couldn't really see.

I like to be comfy when i have to run about getting everything done... and running round after a 2 and 3 year old so if i can wear leggings i do.

White vest top- H&M
White long sleeve floaty top(hard to explain but if i hold my arms out its like a big rectangle of fabric with sleeves lol (post)
Denim shorts- i think new look a few years ago.
Leggings - H&M
Brown Belt - H&M or Primark
Bag- H&M -(post)
Scarf- Primark
White pumps.


20 March 2012

Blue and Orange....

Loving this blue and orange scarf!
 I dont really have and 'spring/summery scarfs' i have no idea why because i love wearing then from the second it starts getting cold until its boiling hot i have my scarf on. 
They had the scarf in loads of colours but i went for this one because i have nothing like it and its bright and summery :).

16 March 2012

DIY wall nail polish rack!! ....


Ive wanted a wall rack for so long and i was finally going to get one for my birthday last year but it next ended up getting ordered for some reason :/ plus i didn't think the one i found would hold all my polishes as the one i had seen would only hold 90.SO it decided to get to work and make one myself :)... which ended up been taken over by Jason....

I got 6 pieces of wood from B&Q (for arround £2.50each) and left to the length they were and cut the rest in half to use as the shelf's.
My plan was to glue them together but ones Jason decided he was taking over he used his nail gun to make sure that it wouldn't fall appart. I did end up putting a back on the rack so to hang it up we used two sliver things < (haha typical girl term for diy things :/) i have no idea what there called but they go over the top corners and a nailed to the rack and then into the tall (see picture).
I think im probably going to spray paint it white at some point too.

I'm not totally sure how many polishes the rack holds but i think i have 120+ on there at the min- unfortunately there wasn't room for them all so i am keeping my drug store ones (apart from Barry m) separate and just using the rack for my favourite ones :). 

I love it, im so glad i can now see all my polishes out nicely and ive definitely found myself changing my nail polish more often and using colours i haven't for a long time since having it up :).


14 March 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism- The goody bag.

 I love having a sneaky peel into goody bags so i thought id share what was in my goody bag from the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection launch.
I love how Illamasqua always have great storeys behind everything in there collections, if you would like to read more about this collection i did a post about the event and the background of the collection here.
The goodies i received were-
Nail Polish in -
Eye shadows in-Pivot and Vernau.
Sealing gel.

 I am in love with both nail polishes from this collection and so happy i got to try one out, i will definitely be purchasing Nomad to go with it. As i said in my last post most of the girls as the launch had there nails done in the two colours and it looked so pretty i can definitely see there been my most worn over the summer.

The two eyes shadows in the shades Pivot (yellow Green) would go great with Burst for a smoky eye.Vernau (yellow ochre) is a great brown shade which also works great as a contour colour.

The sealing gel turns any powder product into a water resistant paste.
So you could turn the eye shadows into a eyeliner or just use your imagination and get creative with your makeup :).

I would like to say a big thank you to Illamasqua for inviting me to see the collection and for the amazing goody bag. 


13 March 2012

New Muji make up storage ..

Ive loved this kind of storage for ages, i think i first saw it when it was shown on keeping up with the kardashians.I hadn't been planning on getting any until we went to the Illamasqua event last week and Ray went in to Muji to get some. i ended up having to get some for myself! I had been keeping my makeup  ( apart from what i use everyday) in boxes so it was hid away in the wardrobe so this was perfect as i know its something il love for a long time. 

I wanted it mainly to keep my Mac lippys in and the bits of make up i use if im going out and don't really want hidden away in a box.

When buying i did think it would fit more in than it does so if your looking to get some of the Muji draws to store your makeup if you have alot you will need quite a few draws. I found that its not high enough to double up alot of thinks like the mac msfs because of the slight dome top on them. I love how i can see the names of my lipsticks so its easy to find what im looking for. 

It took me a while to decide what bits of makeup i wanted to keep in the draws as there wasn't enough room for everything but i ended up just putting in my everyday things and other bits im more likely to reach for. 

The brush holder i found for keeping my mascaras and concealers as well as my brushes, i originally went for this one so that i had room for my small kabuki brushes in the front!

Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers With Flip-Top Lid Wide (here)-£11.50
 Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers Wide (here) £10.50
Acrylic Partition x4 + 2 (here) £7.95


12 March 2012

Republic wishlist...

Ive been loving some bits from Republic and thought i do a post on my 'wishlist'. I'm totally loving the neon and so excited its 'in' for summer. 
I definitely go for comfort when shopping for new clothes especially in summer. I like loose off the shoulder tops and shorts.
The orange and white cardigan i saw when i was walking into the store yesterdays and it immediately caught my eye because of the colours.Its perfect for spring as its still a warm knit but the colours a nice and summery.

All these itmes are currently on the Republic website.Incase you fancey a nosie.


10 March 2012

Glossybox- The Harrods edition.

The big hyped about glossy/Harrods box finally arrived today... i say finally but the glossy box always to seem to come around quickly recently. Id seem a few posts on what was in the boxes and there is a few big names in theret. The main thing for most people ive seen was the Burberry lipstick! Ive just had a little go with it and it is definitely a lovely lipstick .... you can tell its more high end.I wish i had got a different colour that i could wear more the No4 i got is a bit dark for me. 
Its definitely a good box this month, everything inside i will use and they are all products that i know i will like but wouldn't of normally of bought. 

Also im not sure if all the boxes are the same this month??

Inside -
Narciso Rodriguez- for her
Molton Brown- Heavenly ginger lily moisture bath and shower 
YSL- Forever youth liberator serum
Burberry- mini lip cover rosewood no4
Clarins- extra firming body cream.

Maybe Harrods should join in with the beauty boxes and start the own box ;) ?

8 March 2012

Illamasqua human Fundamentalism collection Launch-Leeds...

This collection goes back to what Illamasqua's is.
It aims to empower who you really are, no matter what anyone thinks or says. I really love the philosophy behind it, the more we were told about how it was created the more empowering it is, Hayley was talking about how one meaning behind the collection is to reinventing the over used classics, such as the classic black flicked liner and red lips by creating a 'modern vintage'  feel. Flipping the colours around to the oppersites and using white eyeliner (Scribe) and blue lipstick (Apocalips). These products are the 'negative' versions of the classic look and when you first look at the picture (below) you don't realise at first that its the opposite of what we see everyday and it just looks beautiful. Why cant we wear a blue lipstick if we want to ? who gave us permission that a red lip was OK?  
About Human Fundamentalism
Human Fundamentalism is an explosion or your alter ego.Its becoming who you are and NOT WHO YOU RE TOLD TO BE.Because beauty isn't conformity, but the fundamental human desire to express your inner self on the outside.
To rise about mainstream limitations and exist in a world where individuality is revived with celebration no derision, and breaking the mould is a SIGN OF STRENGTH NOT INSTABILITY. 
We stand for freedom of expression, embracing our glorious imperfections and showing the world were not ordinary but extraordinary, even if society refuses to accept it.
Were beyond conformity.Beyond control.beyond hiding who we really are. We are not a religion but the singular opposite.WE ARE ILLAMASQUA.

Fundamental Palette.
Neutral palette.

Neutral Palette.

Fundamental palette.

Products in the collection-
Fundamental palette.
Neutral palette.
Six eyeshadows. Pivot (yellow green) ,burst (blue green) ,Vernau (yellow ochre), sex (sure white), Cancan (bright lilac purple and obsidian ) rich black).
Sealing Gel.
Precision ink.
Nail varnish. Nomad (bright Jade) and Stance ( fushia violet).
Skin Base- shade Au
Lipsticks.Apocalips (teal blue) and deep scarlet ( red) .
I love this collection, im dieing to get the palettes, id normally go for the neutral as its somthing id wear everyday but theres just somthing i like about the fundamental palette, the cream pigment is georgous and the liquid metal really made me love this palette.My other main favourites from this collection is the white percision ink and the nail varnish's i will deffinitely be getting my hands on the bright jade shade, both are really lovely shades, most of the girls at the event got there nails one with both colours and patten over the top done with the percision ink and it looked amazing.

The collection is Launched online  on the 14th march.
Pre ordering is avalible now!
 What will you be getting?


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