30 November 2012

Friends Giveaway WINNER...

Congratulations!! :)
Please send me over your address asap as i need to send it in today.

Thank you to everyone who entered!!

29 November 2012

GlossyBox Exclusive Edition...

This is the second Exclusive edition box from Glossybox which is full of luxury spa products from one of the best spa brand in the world!- ESPA. ESPA are known for there natural skincare products and have won over 125 awards in the last 3 years! - WOW... After reading this i have very high expectations.. im expecting miracle products it sounds amazing.After seeing what is inside the box you definitely get your moneys worth straight away... five samples and a £30 gift card! so if your already a Glossybox subscriber you have back more than you payed with just the gift card as the Exclusive addition boxes are £20&p+p  and for non-subscribers they are £30&p+p. You also get an extra 4 samples from the ESPA site when you make an order! Amazing!

The samples in the box are - 

ESPA Energising Shower Gel 
A mixture of zesty aromas and peppermint to awaken the mind and revitalise the body, whilst acting as a refreshing cleaner. This is exactly how it sounds, i tried it out yesterday and its definitely one to use on a morning to help you wake up, i could really tell it had peppermint.
Full size - 200ml | £18

ESPA Energising body lotion 
Shea butter and sweet almond oil lock in moisture, soften and nourish the skin, whilst peppermint enhances clarity and aids concentration leaving you feeling thoroughly energised.
Full size - 200ml | £25

ESPA Skin radiance mask
A brightening treatment for when your skin needs an extra boost.Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice brighten the skin and even skin tone Meadow sweet stimulates skin renewal to reveal fresher, more radiant skin. I love this! My skin hasn't been great this week, i had a sight rash on my face so was super excited to try this hoping it would sort it out and it really helped. It feels nice on the skin and you cant really tell you have anything on, it doesn't dry and make your face feel stiff like some masks and left my skin feeling really refreshed.
Full size 25ml | £34

ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser 
Proven to improve skin radiance, tone and evenness. This product will leave your skin feeling revitalised and hydrated as well as visibly brighter. This may have to be my favourite product out of this box. I love moisturises and this was great for my skin.I think this maybe what i spend my voucher on as the sample is quite small.
Full size - 25ml | £34

ESPA 24-hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser
Perfect pick me up or your eyes. Evening primrose and Mimosa hydrate and protect the are, whilst Ginkgo Biloba smoothes fine lines and alleviates puffiness and signs of dark circles. This sounds great! One thing im bad at is remembering to use eye creams and its always something i want to make a daily part of my routine... im getting better at it! This has been great so far.
Full Size - 25ml | £35

£30 Gift Card!
So happy to get this in the box to get a full size of one of the products or try something else from the ESPA site. At the minute im torn between trying a full size of the moisturiser or trying one of there candles!

Have you Ordered the ESPA box, or plan to? I think this box would make the perfect Christmas present for someone who likes to look after there skin, especially with the gift card in there.

27 November 2012

Paul Mitchell | Gift Sets ...

I wanted to do some gift guide posts this year as i think they can be really helpful and a great way to get ideas of what different things are out there that would make a great present. I know ive been loving reading these types of posts recently. I was sure how i would set them out so for now im going to do the same brands together with the him/her idea then the stocking fillers all together.
Paul Mitchell has just brought out a whole range of different gift sets with something for everyone. There's sets for men, women, kids and some little stocking fillers.There is three women's sets ranging in price from £35 - £70 (including the Style set). Three different men's sets to choose from with prices ranging from £22.50 - £45 ( including the Fold 'em set). One of the sets includes a hair trimmer which is always a great present for dads/brothers/boyfriends!The younger kids set includes a 300ml Baby don't cry shampoo, 250ml taming spray and a cute rubber duck! For the older girls there are little bag sets one one with a brush,back combing brush and headband and one with eyelash curlers, back combing brush, nail polish and tweezers, these would be perfect for a niece or friend.Theres are £10-£13.
The one i have from the mens range is the Fold 'em Gift set for felxible styles. This set is great is your looking for a set for someone who doesnt like there hair to be stiff. My partner likes products that you can 're work' so his hair looks styled but is never stiff so it doesnt move. This set smells really nice and has a nice little extra treat in there, i dont know why but ive noticed men seem to like getting a little pack of cards for christmas , probably so they can sit together and play games all christmas while we use ll our goodies ;). Actually playing cards perfect stocking filler if your stuck for your brother/ dad! The shampoo/conditioner in this set is a really good size, bigger than your regular size bottle, that was the first thing i noticed. The styling cream, which is like a wax is really easy to work with and styles the hair really good. The paste that is in a tube is the same sort of conststancey as the 'V05 re-work' i think thats what its called.

Double hitter Shampoo/conditioner 250ml
Clean cut 10ml 
Construction paste 25ml 
Plus MITCH playing cards 
RRP £22.50
The STYLE  gift set for women has to be my favourtie out of the three. This would be the perfect present got your mum or sister. I have huge huge huge fan of shine sprays i think they really finish off your hair when your done styling and make it look so much healthier and this one is amazing! Same for The styleing treatment oil, i cant live without hair oils that is the one product i have to out in my hair after washing every time as they just make such a huge difference to how my hair looks. You also get a texturizing sea spray, the beach waves look is still huge at the minute and im sure will be next year too. I think these three products would make a great gift . 

Beach curl defining texturizing spray 150ml
Shine spray 125ml
Styling treatment oil 25ml
RRP £35.00

If you want to see where your nearest stockest is or see the rest of the gift sets you cant visit the Paul Mitchell website here.

26 November 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update| bump...

How far?
36 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps still fine, i haven't really had a problem with it at all. Definitely recommend the dream genii pillow which i could sleep without! 

Movements seem to be constant again this week, always lots of big movements. I posted a little video earlier in the week if you haven't seen it :)


Acheing , bit of heart burn.

Looking forward too?
Jason been off work!! Its so much easier when i have Jason at home to help take Jake to school and i dont have to worry about walking up the hill or just so i can drive him up and not walk lol. Im really looking forward to putting the christmas things up on friday night too eekkk, i always do it on the night of the 30th when the boys are in bed so they can come down and open there advent calender and its all christmassy :).

This week...
This week has been fine, ive had a few days where ive been achey but thats normally after ive spent the day cleaning, espeshily hoovering lol i cant move after ive done the whole house. I havent felt as though she could be here any second like i have over the last two weeks. I think because its getting so close now it feels like its not going to happen, im starting to feel like she will be late like her brothers were! I saw the midwife last week and everything was fine, shes head down but not engaged yet which the midwife was shocked about as id been getting so many pains, she told me if the braxton hicks started again and get worse i should go straight to the ward but i havent had anymore since.Maybe she went down then changed her mind haha.

23 November 2012

Murad | Christmas Gift Sets ...

A few weeks ago i was invited to the Murad  launch for there Christmas gift sets, which Dr Murad attended to share some top skincare tips. Unfortunately, living so far away i couldn't make it which i was gutted about as i love Murad products and it would have been great to see the man himself speaking about them.

There are five different Limited Edition gift sets that are available for Christmas. Each set is designed for different people/ skin and at different price ranges so you can find the perfect one for the person your wanting to get a gift for. They are also amazing value most half the price you would pay buying them separate ! The sets range from £36 to £73.50. The set that is most suited to my skin type is the Hydrating Sensation  as i have quite dry skin. The set contains three great size products. This set is working wonders on my skin, definitely an amazing present for a loved one.

The Limited Edition sets include -

Complete Renewal
For a youthful yuletide complexion.
Gift set contains:
• Complete Reform 30ml
• Intensive Resurfacing Peel 5ml
• Essential-C Daily Moisture 10ml
• Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture for eyes 3.5ml
Ideal Christmas present for: your favourite Aunty
 RRP | £52.00 WORTH | £107.45

Hydration Sensation
For luxurious, deep hydration.
Gift set contains:
• Hydrating Toner 15ml
• Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture 50ml
• Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture for eyes 3.5ml
Ideal Christmas present for: spoiling Mum! Plus, anyone of any age
deserving a special skincare treat.
RRP | £73.50 Worth | £123.30

Radiance Rescue
For bright and radiant skin
Gift set contains:
• Active Radiance® Serum 30ml
• Complete Reform 3.7ml
• Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture 7.5ml
• Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 | PA ++ 4ml
Ideal Christmas present for: your big sis!
RRP | £58.50 WORTH | £137.31

For perfecting your party look
Gift set contains:
• Skin Perfecting Primer - Matte Finish
• Eye Lift Perfector 1.8ml
Ideal Christmas present for: your best bud.
RRP | £36.00 WORTH | £56.00

Perfect Balance
To keep combination skin beautifully balanced
Gift set conatins:
• T-Zone Pore Refining Gel 60ml
• Blemish Treatment Concealer 2.5g
• Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 10ml
• Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture for eyes 3.5ml
Ideal Christmas present for: your little sis!
RRP | £42.50 WORTH | £89.70

21 November 2012

35 week baby movement...

Ive never posted videos onto my blog before so im not sure if this will work but i just caught the little lady moving and this is a good place to put it so i can keep it and look back on it when shes here :) . 

20 November 2012


I want to start and keep up with resent pictures so i don't lose them so here's a few from the last week or so :)  . I got some Christmas pjs last week eekkk, well i got them to go in my hospital bag but thinking about it if she doesn't come till Christmas eve or if shes late then im not going to get much wear out of them so i might have to dig them out ;) . So glad i caught 1,01,01,01,01,01 on the baby count down ha! cant believe its getting so close now its crazy! I picked up these cute pink storage boxes from next ... my obsession is starting to slow down, maybe because ive bought now of the things! These were only £12 or two in the sale from £25! so cute! We picked up her bouncer last week too :) i love it! Ohhh and Santa followed me on twitter ;) wooop!! haha The other pictures are from just before we went shopping the boys wanted to take a picture :) Ive also been loving my enrapture totem recently it curls my hair so well.

19 November 2012

35 Week pregnancy update | bump pics ...

How far?
35 Weeks!

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!


Sleeps still fine, i haven't really had a problem with it at all, thanks to my dream genii pillow which i could sleep without! 

Movements been the same, i got a video of her moving SO MUCH the other day but my phone didn't save it :(!


I haven't had a very good week this week, at the beginning of the week i have pain under my bump sometimes it felt like i had ripped all the muscles under my bump others it felt like i had alot of pressure. Then later on it started to feel like i was getting braxton hicks although they did hurt! i got worried for a while but thankfully they went away! Then a few days later i had awful pressure in my belly which felt like id had my 4year old sat on my stomach for a week... my insides felt crushed and it was making me feel really sick and awful but i went to lay down and layed on my side to take the pressure of which worked so well! Oh the place where i had the wooping cough vaccine last Friday started coming up with a big red mark around it and slightly started to swell  on Thursday night but luckily that had gone down my the next morning! Hopefully this week will be better ey!

Looking forward too?
I have the midwife on Tuesday so im lucking forward to going there and making sure every things on, although she doesn't really do much just take my blood pressure and her student listens to the heart beat and measures how many weeks baby is measuring. Id really love to get another scan to find out how much baby is weighing as im worried shes going to be huge like the boys were but there so expensive especially as were so close to Christmas as have everyones presents to get :( 

This week...
Im going to finish my hospital bag i did most of it last night, theres just a few other little bits that could go in now then other everyday things will have to go in on the day like phone charger etc. 

18 November 2012

Clynol Keratin Sleek Week ...


These products were kindly sent to me as part of the Keratin Sleek Week competition on twitter. I was really excited to find out i would get to test them out for my blog as part off the final 20 as the products sounded perfect for my hair type. My hair is can be quite dry and crazy if i don't use the right products and keep it well moisturised... all my own fault from using bleach on it. Keratin sleek promises to help wild and unruly hair by turning into sleek, glossy and flawless hair. It also promises to keep your hair smooth and straight for upto 48 hours! 

 When using the Clynol range i used the silk shampoo as normal which coats each hair with a Keratin-Polymer Complex and prepares your hair for the next 3 steps. The smooth treatment helps coarse and frizzy hair so i left this on for a while to give my hair a good condition and it worked amazingly. You can either leave it on for a minute or two like you would a conditioner or longer to have a deeper conditioning treatment.Then after towel drying my hair i applied the tame balm which helps with smoothing the hair while blow drying. I definitely noticed a difference when using this to if i hadn't used anything on my hair while blow drying. My hair was alot smoother and normally would definitely need the straighteners to be used to stop my hair looking frizzy but i didn't need straighteners at all which is a huge thing for me.especially after adding the satin oil potion onto the ends of my hair i was left with super shiny, smooth hair and no need for a straightener :) .

I am so in love with these four products my hair feels so much softer, healthier and easier to manage. My hair can be a nightmare after washing/blowdrying.... worse than in this before picture but the Clynol range makes its alot easier and cuts the time it takes to do my hair!

Shampoo 300ml

Active benefits
Protective & caring Keratin-Polymer Complex
For every hair type
Prepares hair for following smoothening steps

Treatment 200ml
Active benefits
Protective & caring Keratin-Polymer Complex
For every hair type
Intense care also for very frizzy hair

Tame blowdry balm 150ml
Active benefits
Protective & caring Keratin-Polymer Complex
For every hair type
Lightweight formula for easy blow-drying


Satin Oil Potion 100ml
    Active benefits
Protective & caring Keratin-Polymer Complex
For every hair type
Smart travel size


17 November 2012

November Glossybox | Stocking filler..

My November Glossybox came yesterday, i always get excited about seeing whats inside beauty boxes as we get near to Christmas as you know it will be related in some way.. this month Glossyboxes theme is 'Stocking Fillers'.Perfect for November! I was so happy when i saw what was inside this months box, its definitely a winner! Everything would be the perfect little stocking filler / Present . 

DR.Jart+ | Water Fused Beauty Balm
Ive been wanting to try out a BB cream for so long so i was really happy so see this sat at the top of my blog! This BB cream gives a natural bright and glossy application for natural.fresh looking skin.
£18/ 50 ml

Nails Inc | Top coat
There are three different colours in different boxes this month, i am so happy i got the top coat as i was very much in need of a new one the one i normally use has started to dry out. This finish to this is great,so shiny, makes polish look so much nicer!
£11-12 / 10ml

Dermalogica | Daily Microfoliant 
Id never come across this before so im really looking forward to testing it out, its said to be a models favourite so im expecting great things from this from the powder exfoliater. The rice-based powder gently exfoliates skin, leaving it smoother and brighter.
£38.50 / 75g 

Alison Claire Natural Beauty | Mango Body Butter 
This smells so nice,maybe it nicest body butter scent ive tried! leaves my skin feeling really soft. The butter is a blend of organic mango and cocoa butters.
£15/ 200ml

Wei Beauty | White lotus hydrating face treatment pads.
These pads Instantly hydrate and revitalise lifeless skin, leaving you looking dewy and fresh. Definitely trying this out tonight.
£55 / 1 pack ( 6 pads ) 

Glossybox are also working on some exclusive addition boxes which wont be part of the subscription service they are additional one-off boxes.This month Glossybox are working with the best spa brand in the world, the box will go on sale on the 20th Novembers a one off order (none subscription) and is exclusive to Glossybox subscribers!

 Will you be ordering this exclusive addition box?

15 November 2012

-TEN- skincare

I first came across TEN on twitter and instantly wanted to try their products. The range is high in natural ingredients and all the baby range is free from all the 'nasties' which is just want you want when your looking for products for your new baby. The packaging is also very cute!The new range includes products for expectant mums, new mums , babies , anti ageing , dry skin, oily skin.When i first saw the range i looked through the expectant mums products first, as that's where im at right now and instantly wanted to try out there stretch mark cream as my belly is totally wrecked, so that is definitely on my wishlist and hopefully il be able to order that soon and try it out!

Gentle baby lotion
Then after seeing the baby section i instantly wanted to order everything as its free from all bad stuff. The product from TEN i have is the Gentle baby lotion which is for delicate skin enriched in jojoba oil , shea butter and bran oil which maintain the skins softness. It also has avacado oil which protects the skin against dryness and irritation. As i don't have my little girl here just yet my 3 year old who loves having lotions on so was very excited to try it as soon as he saw it ( he also loves to put oils and lotions on bump ' looking after baby sister' ) has been using it and it smells so nice, fresh and clean. His skin feels super soft, its such a nice luxurious product, i can't wait to use it on my little girl too. It definitely worth checking out if your looking for good natural products for your baby ,although they are a bit more on the pricey side.

The Baby lotion is free from |
Parafin mineral oil
Formulated to reduce the risk of allergies.

You can see the full range here | -TEN-
Gentle baby lotion 200ml | Excl. Tax: £16.50 Incl. Tax: £19.80

14 November 2012

34 week Pregnancy Update | Bump ...

How far?
34 weeks +2!!  

Due date?
24th December, Christmas Eve!!


Sleeps been fine, Jason's been off the last few week so ive been able to stay in bed a bit longer some days which was great! he was back to work this morning which means back to our usual routine.

I can tell shes getting big! somethings feels like she isnt going to stop pushing until shes actually pushed herself out of the side of my belly!


Starting to get tired again and getting up from sitting/laying is hard! but other than that i cant really think of anything. My back isnt 100% but its no where near as bad as it was.

Looking forward too?
Her been here! I keep changing my mind if i can here to come early or not, not early as in now but a week or two so that where all together for Christmas and i wont have to worry that im going to go into labour on Christmas or if i want her to be late and have chance to get a few extra full nights sleep haha. I really want to get the rest of the things we need as soon as i can. I wish i knew how many nappy's ill need etc things would be easier if you knew how much they were going to weigh before they came lol. 

This week...
We got her bouncer this week we went with one from Mothercare that had sound and vibrates it also reclines so you can lay baby back if she falls to sleep. I knew this time i wanted one that had a deep seat because they are so much comfier for baby. One we had at my mums for the boys had a really good deep seat and was perfect so i knew that was the main this i wanted to look for this time. 

Post is a bit late this week, i did most of the post Monday morning but couldn't get a picture as my charger broke then got poorly Monday night :( Then yesterday was awful i had awful pain/ache/pressure under the bump then later on started getting what i think must of been braxton hicks although they did hurt which i didn't think braxton hick did :/ luckily it seems to have calmed this morning a little which im so glad about as Cambell is at his pre nursery group and they get to go into the nursery today which hes been looking forward to as Jakes in there.

8 November 2012

Kiss everLashMD Eyelash Enhancing Serum...

Kiss everLASH |  £17.99

Ive been wanting to try on of these serums for so long i always wondered how well they worked and as my lashes seemed in a bit of a mess i started using this t the perfect time for them. When i started using the serum  my lashes on my right eye had half  broken off so i was desperate for this to work and get my lashes longer and thicker again. Kiss everLashMD Eyelash Enhancing Serum. Specially formulated to provide essential nutrients for your lashes you can achieve longer, healthier looking lashes in just 4 -6 weeks.For some reason the before picture is of my left eye and although i took some of my right i can find them :(. I used the serum every night after taking my makeup off ... ( maybe missed the odd night ) for around 30days so far and i can definitely see a difference my lashes are thicker and longer.My lashes are my main focus when it comes to doing my make up i like to make my lashes look as long as possible so i like to look after them as much as i can and after using the serum they definitely feel healthier. I actually had a dream last week that my lashes were super long and got broken off again... i was gutted!! 

The serum contains -

  • Peptide and nucleotide blend – Keratin boosting peptide promotes the growth of healthier lashes.

  • Vitamin B3 , Vitamin P, Pro-vitamin B5 – Conditions and moisturises lashes and stimulates lash growth.

  • Gingko Leaf Extract - Contains high level of bio-flavonoids which stimulates lash growth.

  • Hydrolyzed Silk – Forms moisture-retentive films that protects and moisturises lash cuticles.

  • Abyssine – Marine extract that reduces irritation and helps protects new lash growth from sun damage

The EverLASH serum is available from Superdrug for £17.99 although i cant find a link on there site, you should be able to find it instore. It is also available on the Boots site but is £34.99 from there which is quite a big difference!

7 November 2012


I haven't done a 'This week' post for a while and i love having them to look back on so i thought i do one with pictures from the last few weeks :). I have so many post i want to do this week so hopefully i can get them written up tonight! Im now going to spend the net few hours at school with Cam for his weekly group that's been set up to get them ready for starting after Christmas .... its with everyone who will be starting with him so hel already have friends on his first day, as well as his brother in his class lol. I think they have someone coming in to do things with them today. Ohhh im going to do my hair tonight, cant decide if i should do it how i used to with highlights or re ombre it again?

Also its Kerry's due date today!!!
 AHHHH :) So excited for you!! Hope baby comes very soon!!
Good luck!!!!

6 November 2012

Woolly Mammoth | Crafty Time ...

Woolly Mammoth

My boys love doing crafty things, drawing, sticking, making things etc they love it! So when i came across Woolly Mammoth a while ago i knew they would love it.  If you have young children this is the perfect way of spending some quality time together , because the whole point in Wolly Mammoth is about been able to get that quality time with your little ones the packs are made so the children can do somethings and you will have to help do somethings. 

How it works...
Twice a month* you will receive a package through your letterbox each containing the materials required to make one craft.
You can either opt for a monthly subscription where you will receive two kits per month, which you can cancel at anytime. Which is £9.90 each month.( there is a 10% off offer on at the minute by using woolly10 ) OR you can opt for the  on of purchase which is just for one month where you will receive 2 kits. Which is £9.90.

The kits come with the items you will need to make the craft although it is a good idea to check out there site for the list of things that are useful to have already at home ( most of which you probably already have  ) such as glue or scissors, paint, pens etc. 

I love that the kits come addressed to the children it makes it even more exciting for them when they see there name on the package. Also makes them want to start right away! In our first pack we received everything to make a woolly mammoth badge.Aswell as all the things you need to make the craft you also get a step by step instruction sheet on how to make to make it along with pictures. There is also a list on the back of what the kit contains and the little extras you will need from your own supplies ( scissors, glue etc) . The boys had so much fun making it and there was more than enough in the its for them to make one each and still have things left at the end.

This is the perfect thing to do for some fun quality time with your little ones. 
I also thing this would be great if your stuck for christmas presents if your a parent, grandparent , auntie or friend especially as you can choose is you want to let the subscription run for a while or just as a one off .

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