30 August 2012


I have seen these ClaireaBella bags everywhere for so long now and always thought they were so cute. If you go onto the ToxicFox website you can create your own ClaireaBella bag from the colour hair and eyes to the style of hair and clothes so you'll have your own Claireabella and she'll looks just like you but just more of a cartoon and over the top version!

I had a play around designing my own the other night, its really fun getting to choose all the different options and getting her how you like. Firstly i went for long blonde hair as im mainly blonde at the minute with blue eyes.Then for the outfits, i found a pregnant one which immediately caught my eye for obvious reasons! ;) . For the second and third option i went for a casual outfit as that's more my style but just with different hair styles.Then for the finally option i went for the classic glammed up dress which i love.

ive seen them on the arm on of The Only way is Essex cast like and Sam and Maria also seen the Gordie shore girls carrying them too, i love them shows. You can see them using them as beach bags too which i thought was a really good idea.
i love the idea of getting a pregnant one as its so fitting right now but the casual outfit one i would be able to use for longer and would make a fab bag for carrying the baby's things around in when shes born like her nappies bibs and wipes. i think it would come in handy has a more stylish baby bag. ....Aghh how amazing would it be to have one with me and a mini me to keep all her things in :)

all imagery remains the property of ClaireaBella Designs Limited

After having the idea of getting a bag as a more stylish way to carry around my little girls things i decided to have a play around and design my own 'ClaireaBella'

Entry to Claireabella compertion from LeedsBloggerMeetUp

29 August 2012

Clynol Care & Colour Shampoo | Conditioner ...

Enrich Shampoo - £8.90 300ml
Restore Conditioner - £9.90 250 ml

I have recently started using the Clynol Care & Colour Shampoo and Conditioner since running out of my OCS products.

Everything about the Clynol range reminds me of been in a salon, the look, smell and results. So far i am absolutely loving this range and im now desperate to try there Reflex silver shampoo which neutralises yellow tones.After using these two products my hair feels so soft and smooth like ive literally just walked out of the salon!

Colour & care is packed full of colour friendly ingredients which help hair maintain long lasting colour.
The Enrich shampoo is a daily use shampoo,containing a stunning liquid jewel extract, helping to retain vibrant colour for up to 30 washes!! It also contains UV filters which protects the hair.
The Restore conditioner also includes the liquid jewel extract along with a blend of Apricot Kernel Oil and Keratin that strengthens and nourishes the hair while the UV filters guard against colour fade.

28 August 2012

23 Week Pregnancy Update | Bump Pics ...

I cant belive how fast these post come round, it feels like this pregnancy is going so fast!....Its soon going to be christmas!

How Far?
23 Weeks 1 day

Due date?
24th December! Christmas eve!!


Strech marks?
I think they could pssible be getting a little worse this week although i cant really tell. Im still using bio oil, Mum to be organics and palmers.
Ive been getting tired really easily this week, i tidy up and im completely worn out!
Sleep on a night hasnt been too bad, once im propped up with all my pilliows and Dream genii im good.

Lots and stronger. I was layed on my side the other morning and she was kicking so i put my hand between my bump and the bed and felt a little foot or fist kick me.. so cute the like bone felt tiny. I remember doing that and feeling the boys move.

Best moment this week?
Jason been at home! The clothes i ordered last week also arrived :). I brought everything weve bought  so far over to put in her room so i know whats left to buy too. ( It was at my mums before until we had the bedroom emptied ).

Ermm not sure ive been craving anything... ive been wanting a ice cream from the ice cream van but thats because i had one a few days ago and it was so nice ;)

Heart burn! i have it right now aggghh
A few times this week my belly had felt so bloated i feel like i cant breath! I think it could be when i eat a bigger meal. From the bottom of my belly up to the top of my chest i feel like im been squashed its so awful and takes ages to go away!
Ive had more back ache this week too.

Looking forward to?
A family day out before Jake goes back to school and Jason goes back to work!

25 August 2012

Benefit speed faking event...

On Thursday night i went through to the Leeds Benefit store in Debenhams with Jessica and Danielle who we met there for the speed faking event. Its not often fun things like this happen up here so we thought we would take the chance to go. It was a great night, we got to test out some products and see treatments been done.

There were three stations - brows , complexion and skin care.

I loved the brow section , im not completely happy with my brows although they are better than they used to be, so im always interested in hearing more about them and how to make them look better. Kirsty who was taking us through this section was lovely and showed us how she does the treatments from marking out the right shape to waxing and tinting. im definitely going back to have my brows waxed and tinted with Jessica soon! Danielle had hers waxed while we were there and they looked great!

I also fell in love with the Hello flawless foundation and powder which i am in total need of now! We were matched up and had it applied while we were in the complexion section and i really liked the finish of it.

The last picture is from after the event when id had my brows shaped and im wearing the Hello flawless foundation/ powder in champagne.

Huge thank you to the girls at the Leeds store for putting on a great night!

23 August 2012

Favourite Summer Nails....

Models Own Pink Punch
This has been my absolute favourite nail polish this year, i love how bright and summery it is.... even if the weather isn't great it still brightens my mood :) . I cant seem to take to off i just keep re applying this one every time i do my nails. Im even on to my back up pot!

Im really hoping Models Own do there 50% off same again this year so i can get another one. I don't know why but when i know a company does offers like 50% off i cant bring myself to pay full price so im very glad i got two of these in the last sale to last me.Same with elf... they always have offers on!

Ive been wanting to try the Models Own Beach party from there Hed Kandi range too so that's top of my list for my next order ;) .

Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover
First of all the name is a bit of a lie... it takes about 4-5 seconds.Although this is a great product! it does take polish of super fast as without making a mess and saves on having to get cotton pads out too.Ive had this for a few month now and it still works really good but i have too stand it upside down for a while before i use it so the remover is covering the top of the sponge inside. I would purchase again because its alot quicker to use when im just wanting to do my hands quickly. You do still have to buy the usual polish and cotton pads to do your toes thought because this just wouldn't work for that.

22 August 2012

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Bump Pics ...

How Far?
 22 Weeks 2 day

Stretch Marks?
Stil using bio oil and mum to be organics. Praying that the ones i have from before dont stretch more.

 Crappy , i havent been able to sleep till late which means i have been super tired the last few days. I get so paranoid when i sleep incase ive slept funny and rolled onto my belly or something.

Best Moment this week?
Ordering lots of pink baby clothes :) so exciteing! and of course getting to meet up with everyone at the meet up on saturday!

 I can feel her wriggling all over now like shes totally twisting round and moving from one side to another... very strange but i love it :).


Due date?
24th December- Christms eve!!!
 Chocolate and fizzy pop! I never drink fizzy pop i hate the way it makes me feel but i seem to want a little drink of it all the time. Normally Lucazade!

Looking forward to?
The clothes i ordered arriving .. they should of been here today but so far they havent turned up :( and going to the seaside for the day :)

 I think mainly this week its been backache, its not too bad but if i stand or sit for too long its starts to ache although im sure it will get worse as the weeks go on. I cant remember ever getting a bad back with the boys. More heart burn too and tiredness!


Still in love with my Dreamgenii pillow! couldnt be without it on a night now, if your expecting id deffiniley reccommend getting one. Also if you can think of any girls names id love to hear them! I have a name i really ike at the minute but im not 100% set so still on the look out!

Also if you are expecting your first baby between now and November and would be intrested in taking part in a TV series on sky called 'Becoming mum and dad' please either leave me a comment or email me ( lora_505@hotmail.com) .

21 August 2012

#Leedsbloggermeetup2012 ...

It was finally time for the blogger meet up on Saturday 18th  (always a fab day) and this year my sister Jessica came with me for the first time :)
I love getting to meet up with everyone as it doesn't happen often and its always great to meet new people.
At the meet up this year was at the Mook bar in Leeds, again arranged by Ray and Tor who organised the meet up last year .

This year there were some company's that came along to tell us about there products. One of the talks was done by Valarie from mywild.co.uk a company i hadn't heard of but it was so interesting to hear about everything that goes in to making natural products.

The second talk was done by the lovely Amy from Xen-Tan who has the most amazing natural looking tan.Definitely made me want to buy everything they have! Really looking forward to trying the little testers we recived in the goodie bag :) .

The goodie bags were amazing!
 I totally forgot to get a picture but il add one later.
BIG thank you to Ray and Tor for arranging another great day!
Looking forward to the next one ;)

Jessica and Ray

  Me & Jessica | Me & Ray

Me & Tor | Me & Laura


My Wild

Shirt from the meet up | Having a play with the products in the goodie bag ;)

19 August 2012


Others that should be on this but the pictures seem to have disappeared are bio oil and Models Own pink punch!!
I don't do favourites too often as i find ones i have a set of favourites i stick to using them all the time and theres just one or two things that will change. So if i was to do them every month they would be the same products all the time. These are products i use everyday and my go to things at the minute.

*Mac Soft and Gentle | This has been a favourite for so long, i wear this everyday!

*Mac MSF | Another long time favourite. I put this on after my foundation to help it set and give a more flawless finish.

*Elf under eye concealer & highlighter | Since getting this in there last 50% off sale ive been using the concealer side everyday. I love the finish and that its not thick, it leaves more of  dewy finish.

*Inika Organic eye liner | My mac fluid line has started to dry up so i started using this on instead and im really loving it. Its really soft and blends really well.

*Elf All over cover stick in toasted | This looks so pretty on , i love it!

*YonKa moisturiser | This stuff is amazing, i think it came in a Jolie box. Ill definitely be getting more of this as ive nearly run out.

*Colour Restore,Iced Platinum | Ive done a post on this here, Its taken all the brassy tones out of my hair.

*Organic care systems | Ive done a post on this recently too, here Its a great shampoo/ conditioner it makes my hair feel so clean and manageable!

*Bio oil | This stuff has been amazing since finding out im expecting. I use it on my belly every night, I just wish a bottle lasted longer!

*Models Own, Pink punch | My favourite nail polish ever!! ive had this on all summer. Every time i take it off to wear something else i always want it back on.Although now im just going to make the most of been able to wear a bright colour while the suns still out.

17 August 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler ...

Totem Styler | £74.99

Enrapture have become really well known for there amazing stylers and i have been wanting to try them out for a while as they've had such amazing reviews. Enrapture have three different stylers, The Extremity Heated rollers (which ive really been wanting to try out) , Amplify Jumbo waver (perfect summer waves) and there Encode Totem Styler.

The Totem styler is a conical wand with some unique features. The wand has three different sections that can be heated to different temperatures ranging between 140° - 210°  each createing different style curls. Number one reaches the lowest heat of 140°  which gives lovely loose curls, perfect for the top of the hair. Setting 2 reaches 170°  giving a slightly tighter curl and number 3 reaching 210°  gives a tight ringlet style curl.

I tend to stick to a lower heat at the top of my hair going down to a higher heat at the bottom, my favourite been 1-2-3 and 2-2-3.  Ive always had trouble with my hair holding curls which hasn't been a problem with this styler i was actually really shocked that my hair was still perfectly curled the day after using it. Normally if i used me GHD straighteners to curl my hair its dropped out within the hour... or if ive used other wands.

The barrel size is 25mm which is the perfect size i have used bigger and smaller barrels in the past but this gives a lovely size curl.The totem also has a handy stand which is perfect to use while you are sectioning off your hair and its still switched on. The swivel cord is a really good length too its alot longer than on other hair tools ive used.

The totem heats up really fast which i think has something to do with the plates been Titanium rather than ceramic so you don't have to wait long once they are switched on. Just be carefull not to burn your fingers ;).

The styler can be used on all hair types as well as extension's as long as they are 100% human hair and not synthetic.

Have you tried the totem styler?Whats your favourite number combo?

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