31 July 2012

We Found out the Gender!!! ITS A ....

We had our second scan today which is the one where they do all the big checks to make everything is OK and baby is perfect :)! The scan picture loks a bit different this time as the baby was layed with its legs right up over its head... you can kind of tell that the back is curved round and the belly looks bigger because of the position lol the arms were streched out straight behind the head too.. really cant of been a comfy way to lay haha.
It was amazing been able to see what goes on inside my belly, while we were watching the baby started moving its mouth like it was drinking it was so cute too see. Then as usual there was lots of moving around! This one is such a little wriggler!
The big thing thats above the head and belly is the cord!
 So we found out we are....

 EEEKKKKK were are all so excited!! I cant belive im having a girl!!! the boys are really excited to have a little sister and jasons looking forward to having a 'daddys little girl'.
Lots of shopping for pretty pink things now :)

Laura... :)

30 July 2012

What i wore.. Pregnancey OOTD ....

I cant belive im 19 week already!Jessica stopped at my house last night so while i was taking outfit pictures for her before we went shopping she took one of what i had on. The white top is the one that was in my last haul.I got it from the New Look maternity section. You can see my new hair better on this picture too :).

Top | New Look
Vest | h&m
Leggings | H&M
Pumps | Primark
Scarf | H&M
Bag |  Ebay
Bracelet | Cutie

Laura ...

This week....


29 July 2012

Haul...First maternity tops...

I went shopping this week and got a few new bits as im starting to get a bump i wanted some comfy clothes and ive been wanting to get a few maternity tops as they fit much better and don't rise up over the bump when its getting bigger. Luckily there was a sale on in the maternity section in New look so i got a few things from there.Then a few bits from primark and a really comfy jumper from republic :)
Next on my to get list.... Converse, ive been wanting some for so long but couldn't decide a colour but i really want the red ones and white ones as they will go with anything so im planning on getting them next month :)

Im probably going to do a few ootd post to show the tops as i couldnt get a go picture to show them so hey should be up soon...

Blue top| New Look | Maternity | £5.
White top | New Look | Maternity | £6.
Pink/Yellow top| New Look | Maternity | £6.
Orange top | Primark | £2!!
Grey Jumper | Republic | £20.
Shoes | Primark | £3 each.


28 July 2012


We took the boys to the seaside this week while its been nice weather, thought we best go and have a good day out before the rain comes back....
They both love going to the beach its probably there favourite place ever. We spent sometime building sand castles then had a walk around the rides and arcades. While we were on the beach they noticed the pirate boat and thought it was amazing so we took them on that while they loved ....i was scared.
And then we finished the day by getting some donuts and candyfloss .... obviously ;).


24 July 2012

18 week Pregnancey update | bump pics ...

How far along? 18 weeks 1 day. :)

Stretch Marks? Same as last week - no new ones from this pregnancy. /ive been using a few different creams and oils.
- Bio oil
- Palmers | Coco butter formula for stretch marks.
- Mum to be organics | rich tummy cream

Sleep? Not great, ive been sleeping through the night but i just don't feel rested on a morning like ive been alseep 10 minutes and im not waking up really tired either so i just feel crappy like i want a really good sleep. Hopefully that will change this week.

Best moment this week? hearing the heart beat for the first time.the baby kept moving so she would find it with the Doppler then a second later the baby would move again so she would have to try find it again. Doesn't surprise me thought because this baby moves so much now.

Movement? Lots! If i lay on my back propped up with pillows i can feel the baby move forward and my belly will stick out where he/she is layed then il feel lots of movement and this happens when ever i sit like this no matter what time of day it is.I feel movements other times to but if i sit  like this im 95% sure il feel movement everytime.

Food Cravings? Not really anything this week im still eating the same this as i have been, my appetite still isn't great so im sticking to what i can manage.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, happy, happy :)

Looking forward to ? The scan! One week today!!! eeekkkk. Were going to the seaside tomorrow so im looking forward to that to as the boys are so excited they love the beach!

Anything make you sick?Toast! ugh its the melted butter that i just cant stomach which is weird because toast with lots of butter is what i used to live on.

Ive had alot of heart burn this week, i can remember getting it with the boys but not this early, but that's about it really this week.

*Pictures quite close up this week so it makes it look bigger :/


20 July 2012

Its always a good time.....

A&E with cam on thrus :( | 17 weeks | Fave Face Cream | OOTD | Origins spot remover | Sun flowers growing | Jake excited about baby brother/siser | addtiction! Ham salad | Park time |

Laura ...

17 July 2012

17 Week Pregnancey update | Bump pics | ...

How far along? 17 Weeks Today :)

Stretch Marks? Same as last week - no new one from this pregnancy. I had non all the way through with Jake until a few days before i had him then they popped up.Then as Cambell was straight after he just made them worse.
Sleep? Good, if i wake up in the night my nose gets so blocked but it doesn't last too long then goes away.
Best moment this week? Booking my next scan! They couldn't fit me in the week i turn 20 weeks and the lady said they don't like you to go to far over your dates so she booked me in for the week before!!! So my scan is on the 31st July the day i turn 19 weeks!! Two weeks today!!! So excited for it!
We've also been looking at a few names! Let me know if you would like a post about them, maybe you could help me with some ideas :).
Movement? Yes getting more often and slightly stronger :) still not big kicks yet but baby's definitely getting stronger. I think i felt a little kick on the outside this morning but when Jason tryed to feel he couldn't feel it so maybe it was just my head or that its was only faint so i could only feel it because i could feel when he/she kicked on the inside too.
  *Update* I definitely felt a kick on the out side after writing this post, Although Jason was to scared to feel it because it scares him haha.
Food Cravings? Same as last week , Lucozade and ham salad sandwiches.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, happy, happy :)
Looking forward to ? The scan! Seeing some friends this week. Also been invited to one of my friends baby showers next month so that will be fun. Ive never had my own baby shower so maybe il get one this time??

Laura ...

13 July 2012

16 Week Pregnancy update! | Bump Pics |

I thought i would pop this up today as im already nearly 17 weeks and didn't want to miss another week so after this one i will probably start doing these on a Monday when i change weeks.

How far along? 16 weeks 4 days!

Stretch Marks? I don't have any new ones although i do have them from when i had the boys so im covering myself in creams and oils on a morning and night so hopefully they wont get worse this time.

Sleep? Good this week , if i wake up around 4 - 5 it take me ages to get back to sleep though.

Best moment this week? The scan!!! seeing our baby moving and knowing that everything is OK was amazing ....16 week is a long time to wait not knowing anything! We hadn't even heard the heart beat before Wednesday- well we didn't hear it then but we saw it :). When i had the boys they would listen in with the Doppler at 10-12 weeks at the mid-wife appointment but apparently they don't do it now until 16weeks! My 16 week appointment with the midwife isn't until im 18weeks though so i wont actually hear it for a while!

Movement?? Yes! Ive felt flutters for a few weeks but there definitely getting stronger and more often. At the beginning of this week i started feeling movement on a morning for the first time, before then it was just on a night. Now its all through the day but although they are getting stronger its not big kicks just a few little taps here and there :) .

Food cravings -the last few week-  Lucozade :/ although i try not to drink much of it, but i could drink it constantly if i let myself! Ham salad sandwiches!

Anything make you sick? Toast! Since i fell pregnant with Jake toast has been the food i would always eat and now i cant at all! It weird because with the boys toast was the one thing i could always eat to stop feeling sick now it makes me worse!

Gender- I still think they will say boy at the next scan!

Labour signs? - no!

- Sickness but that isn't as often now!
- no appetite haven't had one all the way through theres a few things that i cant manage to eat but most things im just not interested in.
- Tiredness although that is getting alot better too, i thought i was getting my energy back last week as i felt good all day but im starting to feel tired again by the afternoons now- tired like i need to nap not just normal tired but obvs i don't get to nap through the day so im always ready for bed as soon as the boys go to sleep!
- I had head aches so bad for the last month but thankfully i haven't had one so far this week so im hoping they've gone!
-Ive started getting heart burn every so often but nothing bad.
- One that ive never had before is  rhinitis - basically a blocked nose which i didn't think was a pregnancy symptom but apparently it is and it actually had a name :/. Its worse as soon as i wake up on a morning if a get up to go to the toilet then get back in bed.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!! this week has been a great week!

Looking forward to? my next scan to find out if its a boy or girl! and feeling bigger movements :).

Im not sure if there is anything else i could add to this post?
Laura ...


The winner of the shamballa bracelet is....


Ive emailed you :) xxx

I picked the winner using random.org like always. I have another giveaway going up very soon!! Thank you everyone who entered :) xxxx

12 July 2012


Ive been going to do this post for a while but i wanted to wait until id had a scan so i knew everything was OK and what my exact due date was!!....

 I'm so excited to say that me and Jason are going to have a new addition to our family. It was a huge surprise but are so excited and really looking forward to it.
We finally got our dating scan yesterday and I'm 16 weeks 3 days ahhh! andddd if you work it out that makes my official due date 24th December!!!! Christmas eve baby!!! I was shocked when she pointed out on the sheet that that was my due date and I'm kind of hoping the baby decides to stay inside a bit longer as id rather not spend Christmas in pain in hospital lol but I'm not too worried about it as they never seem to turn up on the due date.
The scan was amazing even if it did only last a few minutes, as soon as the lady turned the screen on the baby started bouncing around and moving its arms and legs :). As i was so far i asked if she could tell us the sex of the baby.... i was expecting her to just say no we cant say anything yet as the NHS can be funny sometimes with things like that.She did say they wasn't suppose to say yet and she cant tell us until the next scan in a few weeks BUT she did say she couldn't see any boy bits!Then covered herself by saying it will be more accurate at the next scan and we will find out then.She then carried on to show us all the different parts and while she was doing that i could have sworn i saw 'boy bits' so to be honest im pretty convinced its going to be a boy at our next scan lol i thought it would be a boy as soon as i found out i was pregnant so i will definitely be shocked if she says girl at the 20 week scan.

      Laura ....

10 July 2012

Feeling pink...

 Peach Puff | Peach sherbet | Buff pink

Since we've been having this awful winter weather Ive removed my bright pink summery nails and brought out my more natural pinks. It just didn't feel right wearing a super summery colours while its flooding out side.This last few weeks Ive been loving these three from models own-Peach Puff | Peach sherbet | Buff pink. When I'm not really feeling colours or cant decide what i want to do with my nails these are the ones i go for.My nails still look nice and like Ive made an effort to do something with them but its not a colour that's going to annoy me seeing it all the time when I'm just not feeling it.

Saying that this is quite a good/exciting week for me so although the weather still really sucks my mood is better so after my blog post a few days ago I'm bringing out my glittery 'Happy Birthday' polish. I have so much happening this week. Today I'm going shopping with my sister as we have something really fun planned which we will share on our blogs very soon and tomorrow Jason starts his new job and we have a very exciting appointment!!(which i will be posting about soon).

Also i wondered if any of you that are subbed to Joliebox have recived your boxes yet? Mine still hasnt arrived :( I know they had a massive mix up with all the addresses and thats why there so late but alot seemed to arrive at the end of last week so i hope mine turns up soon.

Laura xxx

9 July 2012

New hair Products...

Amazing hair Products....

Its not often i find and amazing shampoo that makes a huge difference to my hair after one wash! The only other shampoo ive tryed that's worked amazingly well for my hair is the Lee Stafford for brunettes.
The first time i used this i noticed a big difference in my hair although i didn't want to rush to post about it as i thought i could just be having a good hair day.... However definitely noticed that my hair was much more manageable and not like it normally is when ive just washed it it, i find my hair is easier to work with the day after ive washed it but that day it was great straight away. I used it another 3-4 times after that and found the same results! Then after using it again this morning i couldn't wait any longer to write up the post- this products is just so good!
The Shampoo adds strength and volume to the hair while protecting from UV damage and the Conditioner restore limp, fine, coloured or bleached hair leaving it smooth and strengthened.

The Power Build from Organic care systems is completely free from salt, which is a bulking agent used in lots of shampoos and conditioners that strips colour!The power build uses wheat protein instead which protects and prolongs colours...I think this is the ingredient that makes my hair awful and dry!The products are also free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laurel sulphate and ammonium laureth sulphate- OCS uses soil association and ecocert organic certified ingredients and carries the choose cruelty free bunny logo!!

This is definitely worth a try if your looking for a great shampoo/conditioner the Shampoo is £10.95 for 250ml and the conditioner is £10.95 for 200ml from the Organic care systems site.

Laura ...

7 July 2012

Your blog on my Blog?...

Ive wanted to start doing something like this again for a while but not been sure how to go about it. I used to do blog interviews where you could answer a few questions about your blog and do a post but i wanted to do something a bit different this time. Something that was easier to set up but still shows off all your your fab blogs!! Theres so many blogs out there alot don't get seen so i thought doing something like this would be fun and a great way for us all to find new blogs.

I haven't decided yet if i should pick one blog every week or do three blogs in the one post?  What do you think ? I will add a picture and a link to your blog including a little description of your blog, like the one ive done on this post.For this post ive used Jessica's blog to show how im going to set it out :) - im sure she wont mind!

If you would like to be featured in these posts just drop me an email with a picture and your blog link...and twitter if you have an account :) - lora_505@hotmail.com .


Batiste lace...

Ive just been looking through my posts and found this one thats been sat in my drafts for a while... i thought it had been posted ages ago!
Batiste are popping new scents out all over the place this summer and this time its Batiste laces' turn.
I love the vintage lace pattern on the bottle, the scent of this one reminds me of Palmer Violet sweets...its so nice! Definitely one of my faves.

Ive been using Batiste alot lately, i normally use it every few days to give my hair an extra day but since we've been getting better weather ive been using it everyday to give me a bit of extra volume when i have my hair down as i love the look it gives.

The 200ml batiste lace is £2.99 and you can pick it up from Boots and Superdrug.

Have you given this one a try yet?

Laura ...

6 July 2012

I just want to blog!....

You know when you go through phases of wanting to sit and write posts constantly and have so many ideas they all get messed up and you don't know where to start?!.... I'm feeling like that right now! Ive been a bit quiet on here for the last few months as ive just been so tired constantly and not had the energy to sort things out for the post ive been wanting to do.... i have a good excuse though ...promise ;)

Although over the last two days i seem to have my energy back and now all i want to do is post but the weather is so bad i haven't been able to get all pictures i wanted to get.Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better, i have a great giveaway coming up in the next few days to win $65 worth of belly bars- theres 5 in total so if you'd like a chance to win some new goodies for your self keep an eye out :) ... My giveaway for the shamballa bracelet is also still running but only has a few days left.

The picture at the top of the post was going to be of me and my sister Jessica years ago that i  found on her laptop although she wont let me post it :(. So you get a picture of one of my fave nail polishes - Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday.I havent worn it for a while so think il go do my nails with it :)- got to love a bit of glitter even if it is a pain to remove!

Jason also got a promotion today! YAY he got a phone call this morning offering him the job which was really exciting. He has to wait a few extra week to have his 18 off this time so instead of only having to sets of shifts left he has 5 boooo, but its all worth it :)

I'm really looking forward to the blogger meet up in Leeds that Ray and Tor are organising again that last one in November was lots of fun and i love getting to see everyone, its going to be the first time Jessica meets up with everyone so its going to be fun having her come with me. Will you be going? Ray and Tor have info in there new posts about it and if you pop over and leave your email they will keep you up to date on everything thats happening :).


Massage everytime you wash your hair?...

Sounds good doesn't it ;)...

As soon as i saw this i needed to give it a try and there only £4! There's nothing better than a good head massage so i was really looking forward to giving this a try and had high hopes it would be amazing. Ive used it a few times now had have worked out the best way its works for me as i have quite long hair. On the instructions its said its great to massage in shampoo and i tryed this to start with but i found that because my hair is long the ends would knot even if i tryed to comb it though to the ends, it didn't glide though how i would like and i didn't want to risk pulling out strands of hair. So i tried a few different things and worked out it works perfect when i have conditioner on the ends of my hair to help it glide though and have my head under the running water while i use it = AMAZING massage Whoohoo!  

I think if you have shorter hair it would work good while massaging in shampoo and it would be great to have a really good massage on men's short hair, although im not sure how great it would be if you only have a bath as i think your hair definitely needs to be under the running water so it can run through smoothly.

The brush has plastic pins which stimulates blood flow the the hair follicles in the scalp.This helps Strengthen the hairs roots and encourages healthy growth!

The Bebop massage brush is avalible from Superdrug, Boots and John Lewis.

Its definitely worth the £4, I could stay there all day using it!

Have you tryed the Bebop shower brush yet?


5 July 2012

L'Occitane - Eau Universelle....

This has been the scent i have been wearing everyday for the last few months, i have fallen in love with it....
Ive been wearing this scent everyday for the last few months and keeping it in my bag when i go out in case i need a top up although it is very long lasting, I sprayed it on this morning while getting ready and its been over 6 hours and is still there smelling fresh. When the scent is first sprayed i think it  is quite strong and seems very citrusy although after its been sat on the skin a while and settled it smells so nice and summery, once the extra strong zesty tones have calmed down the i find it a perfect summer fragrance.So if your thinking about buying one and go to have a test i would let it sit on the skin for a while when your doing your shopping etc before deciding if you like it!
I find it so hard describing scents... im  sat smelling my wrist trying to work out how to describe it ... but i just love it .Ive had alot of complements while wearing this, i gave my mum a hug yesterday and she smelt it and thought it was really nice.
The scent is designed to appeal to both men and women with its classic citrus notes are followed by light florals and muskier, woody base notes.The perfume or cologne is one of three in the new range from Provence. There's also a floral scent - for women and an aromatic scent -for men.
The Eau Universelle comes in a 300ml bottle (£37) Handbag size 50ml  spray ( £21) and also shower gel (£13) form the L'Occitane site.

Have you tried any of the range?
 I really want to try the Floral one next!..

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