30 April 2012

Glossybox - April...

It seems like forever since the last Glossybox was covering my dashboard but its finally arrived and its a good one! 
The theme this month is 'The Natural Box' as its earth month and Glossybox have decided to support this by doing biodegradable box full of products with natural packaging and products.

I'm so happy with the things in my box this month, i know i will get use out of all the products.I definitely think its one of the better boxes.I also think this has to my my favourite box so far i wish they did the beige colour every month.

BURT'S BEES- 24 Hour moisturization.
I was so excited to see this, ive never tryed anything from Burt's Bees.. not that i can remember anyway.The smell is a bit Strong at first but when its dried into the skin it smell really nice, definitely smoothing i would use. I'm really funny about the smell of products if i don't like the smell i cant use it at all. I think im going to go check out the rest of the Burt's Bees products and try a few other things from there line now.
This is 99% natural.- £9.99

I love this smell of this im so glad i got the cherry and vanilla scent!! This is a 100% organic balm for the lips,face and body. This is one of my favourites from the box this month. Its so hydrating and melts on your finger and feels like a liquid when you apply it. Also i cant belive the price- £3.29!!

Ive never had an organic eyeliner and i don't think ive ever come across one before either so i think this is a great addition to the box. Its super soft although i haven't tryed it on my eyes yet so im not sure how the staying power is going to be as ive seen a few post where they have said it doesn't last as long but im guessing that's down to it all been organic? - £11.75/per liner

This serum is extremely natural and plant based to ensure your skin never lacks moisture. Although this looks like a good sample size there isnt much product in the tube to try out which is a bit disappointing but so far it seems like a good enough serum. I'm not sure il get chance to get enough uses out of it to fall into with it though with there only been a small amount of product in there but will see-. £29.00/30ml
A rich, luxurious cream to relive dryness and smooth fine lines.This says its for dry, very dry or dehydrated skin so im really looking forward to using this, my skin gets super dry after ive washed it so i need something really hydrating to help and as ive recently run out of my favourite cream im really hoping this one works for me.It smells really good to. -£17.50/50ml

Overall i would say this was a great box and possibly there best one so far! 
Next month is there one year birthday!! How fast has that come around!?

Glossybox¦ £10pm+ p&p)


29 April 2012

Orly Neons....

Passion Fruit...

Hot Shot...

I cannot stress enough how much of a hard time i had taking pictures of these nail polishes!! Why are neon's soooo hard to get the right colour?

Saying that i still haven't got the perfect picture and i think these colours are so much better in person which is going to be the main thing about this post as i want to say how much nicer i think they are in real life to swatches online as its just so hard to get the true colour!! When i was searching for swatches of these i wasn't sure if was going to go for them as the look so much more red which im not really into but i am loving bright neon colours at the minute so i just went for it and im so glad i did!
I they remind me of China Glazes pool party and Flip flop fantasy in one been more pinky and the other with more orange tones, so if you have them you will kind of get more the idea of the colours.
On 99% of the pictures i took of these try look the exact same!!

The formula of the Orly polishes is amazing they go on so easily, i think they may actually be my new favourite.There abit thinner than other polishes so some shades needs more coats although the neon's you could get away with one coat! i always do two just because i think it looks better but if you are in a rush you could get away with one. With them been a thinner formula i find the last longer too my china glaze neons like pool party are getting a bit gloopy now which i don't think will happen as fast with these.

Passion fruit is not as red as it looks on online swatches its definitely more of a bright pink with orangey tones and Hotshot is a bright pink.

Passion fruit and Hotshot are  part of Orly permanent neon collection that you can find here for $8.50 which converts to about £5.25

Laura ...

24 April 2012

Keromask Travel brushes....

The natural hair bristles help glide the product onto the skin for a smooth application - covering imperfections without looking heavily made-up.

 If you havent heard or tryed the Keromask products they are an amazing brand that help people covering up those imperfections they want to hide. For people with scaring, birthmarks to tattoos they want to cover Keromask is perfect.The creams are long lasting and waterproof and the powders set them perfectly.I have done reviews on these a while ago and the results were amazing...you can see them here and here.

The Keromask Brushes are specifically designed for the most natural application of the Keromask cream and finishing powders. 

My thoughts on the brushes...
I have tested the brushes with both  the keromask products and products from other brands and they are amazing, the brushes they are so soft!! 
* Ive actually stopped using my new real techniques powder brush since i got these because i love how the large brush applies powder and the size is really good for getting in all the little places like the sides of the nose.
*The second biggest I wound either use for applying the cream to a bigger area or blusher/bronzer.
*The smaller round brush is perfect for concentrating the cream on a smaller area its also really dense, this could also be used as a crease brush to apply eye shadow.
* The two flat brushes are good for using as concealer brushes or possible to apply an eyeshadow...
* The angled which can be used to apply products to the browns or it would be good for liner and it is quite thin. 
*Then there is the final brush i would use to comb through my brows.
They feel like really good quality brushes which i think you can really see from the pictures.The hairs are really soft and make applying product easy and look great.The travel bag is really protective and compact, i think the little zip pocket is fab . 
There are seven brushes in the smaller travel set which is £15.99. They also do a set with bigger handles which has five brushes that is £19.99.

Laura ...

21 April 2012

Cold outside....

Its so cold and rainy out today plus Jake's back at school :( Its the kind of day you just want comfy clothes and so sit with a blanket in front of the TV and watch a movie...

I still love my H&M scarf. Only thing with it is the material scrunches up really fast and goes flat so i have to wash and iron it all the time so it looks fluffed up.
My big cosy jumper is from H&M too, its perfect for days like today :).


20 April 2012

Macadamia haul...

These is my absolute favourite hair products right now so when i called to Dennis Williams with Jessica...
..  we wanted to get a bigger oil treatment and with this you got a free deep repair masque which was great because my big tub is nearly all gone so this will keep me going until we next go :). We also decided to try the Leave in conditioner- Ive used it a few times now and really like it! keeps my hair so soft!

Macadamia healing oil treatment- Healing Oil Treatment is a therapeutic hair oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair.
  • intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
  • hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
  • natural UV protection extends the life of colour treatments
  • reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50% 
 Leave in conditioner-Nourishing Leave-In Cream is a leave-in texturizing conditioner for taming unruly, difficult to manage hair.
  • detangles and tames the most unruly locks
  • adds silky softness & shine
  • UV protection extends the life of color treatments
Hair masque- Deep Repair Masque is a hair reconstructor that will penetrate and rebuild damaged hair for improved shine and elasticity.
  • combines Macadamia & Argan oils with chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract
  • deep nourishment & long-lasting conditioning
  • ultra-conditioning hair reconstruction
 The oil and hair masque was £6.95 +VAT 
 The Leave in conditioner i think was around £3.00ish +VAT

We always buy ours from Dennis williams as its the closest place to us that sells it instore but you can order it from places online too.


19 April 2012

Shower emptys...

I don't think ive ever done a empties post before but i was cleaning my shower out today and swapping all my empties for new products and realised quite a lot had all been used up at the same time... typical!

Two of the Shampoos i have been using have gone which i suppose is a good thing now i don't have blonde hair anymore (booo) i wont be needing them although when ever i do have blonde hair these are the two things that i always have! - Lee Stafford Beach blondes and John Frieda . Both purple shampoos - a must for blondes!!

The Four seasons hair treatment which is amazing!! i really need to order some more of this!

Klorane shampoo i did a review on this a while ago i love it!

Then the last few things are all body washes well apart from the Davine's  which is a like a moisturiser for hair/body. I do use this on my hair quite a lot and it works great but i also use it for shaving!Perfect! This is the first tube i got i think from the Glossy box but it did also come in last months Jolie box!

 The Molton Brown body wash was OK i didn't think it was anything special so i wont be repurchasing although i did hear alot of people rave about it, maybe i just don't know enough about it but it didn't wow me.
 Same with the FAB gentle body wash it was good and moisturising but i wasn't amazed by it i wish id of got the moisturiser as ive heard it amazing!

I did however loveee this Yogi Flow body wash this is my favourite body wash ive used maybe even my favourite ever!! I really loved this!


18 April 2012

A spoon full of sugar...

We've been watching a lot of films this week... Mary Poppins been one of them.
We had Jason's Little sister come over for a few hours to play with the boys while Jason's mum was at work , they love it :). They also got these little boxes for Easter while they now call there lunch box and have me putting them a picnic in so the can sit have have a picnic in there bed room with there toys, soo cute i remember doing thing like this when i was little and it was so much fun :).
I was hoping that when i dyed my hair they would match my extensions but they dont at all so I'm planning on saving up for some more! 
Im hopefully going shopping with jessica tomorrow so i might have a mini haul :) 

 Laura ...

16 April 2012

Opps i did it again......

If you follow me on twitter(@lora_505) or instgram (lauraemma77) you will of already seen that i changed my hair colour.. again.

I was so undecided for days about whether i wanted to do it or not but i didn't want to really ruin my hair by keep putting bleach on it and as my hair was getting really light it needed do more often because the roots were more noticeable so i just went for it. I used L'oreal Iced Mocha, its only a semi permanent which says it lasts 28 washes although i cant see it totally washing out to how it was but i think il just either use the same on again in a few weeks or see if they have the same colour in permanent as i really liked the shade.Normally when i first do my hair dark it goes really dark...like black but with this one it hasn't and it kind of looks like i have highlights from the blonde underneath so that a plus :).
This picture isnt the best to show the hair but i wanted to get a post up on it so i took this from my instagram :).

The only thing i really want now is some extensions as the ones i have are still too dark and don't match at all :( 


11 April 2012

The hair situation...

L'oreal- Casting creme gloss- 613 Iced Mocha
Oh no....

Will i do it? i have no idea :/ ....

10 April 2012

L’Occitane - Pivoine Delicate limited-edition fragrance and beauty collection

The L’Occitane new Spring limited edition fragrance and beauty collection is inspired by the peony flower.

I have three lip products from the collection to try out!
Firstly i love the packaging its so cute the outer park of the lipstick and top of the lip gloss is made of a textured  cardboard which i haven't seen before, it has a peony flower imprinted on the cardboard which is the inspiration of the collection, definitely something you want to have on show.

 This is by far my favourite from the products i have tryed in this collection. The shade is 02 -Pivoine Delicate and it is a beautiful soft pink.The formula is perfect its really soft, creamy, moisturising, and has good pigmentation.
Its a great everyday go to lipstick. 
It is a bit pricey side but if your looking for a god lipstick its definitely worth it.

This is the Lip shine, the shade is 02. Rose Fremissant. This a soft pink with a sliver shimmer. This looks really pretty when it is applied and is not sticky the only thing with this one that im not so keen on is that once the gloss has worn off the shimmer stays so it looks like sliver glitter over the lips. 


This is the Duo Eau Detoilette and Gloss.
This is perfect to have in your handbag for touch ups, The scent is a mini of the main product in the range which is the Eau de Toilette.Its a soft floral blends of the peony and rose petals . (If youve recived the recent Jolie box which has a poeny scented wash in you might have an idea of the scent).
The gloss is a slightly more pink that the rose fremissant and has a gold shimmer which i prefer.

Top notes
The freshness of citrus and velvety white peach.
Heart notes
A delicate luminosity of rose, peony and lily of the valley.
Base notes
The downy softness of white musk and light woods.


7 April 2012

How to - Easter buns...

I love doing crafts and baking with my boys and making holidays exciting and memorable. For easter we decorate eggs, make easter buns have egg hunts... all the fun stuff you love as a kid :). These are so much fun for them to do and quick!

All we used were-
Rice crispies
Bar of Galaxy Chocolate
Mini eggs

Melt the Chocolate, add the rice crispies then add some nutella to the top and pop on a few eggs! Then into the fridge to harden... so so simple but the boys love it :)

Happy Easter...

6 April 2012

Blonde or Brown?

Ok so once again im having the hair colour problem which i go through every few months where i cant decide which colour i want my hair to be :( .....

I love blonde.. i feel more me but i hate how fast roots come through and having to keep doing it so do i go brown?.... easier because you don't see roots all the time but it does lighten really quickly because of the blonde underneath so has to be re done quite often :/ 

What do you think? 
Blonde or Brown?

5 April 2012

Multi Nails....

 Colours used...
Barry M -Strawberry
Barry M- Lemon
China Glaze- Re-Fresh Mint
O.P.I-( not sure on the nail but its the purple from the shrek collection)
 Models Own-Beths Blue.

I was looking through my old posts yesterday and saw my post on the multi coloured nails from last year and decided to give it ago again :). I went for all pastel colours as ive been wearing alot of brights recently, my favourite being Models Own pink punch but it never shows up the true colour when i try taking pictures so i haven't been able to do a post on it :(.... annoying!
Saying that i think i might try the multi coloured nails with bight summery colours next :).

3 April 2012

Tan Gloss- Self tan..

3 in 1 Gel
Self tan, instant bronzer , luminous superfine shimmer.

Firstly i love the smell of this fake tan... yes i did just say that! It smells really nice and reminds me of holidays although i cant quite put my finger on what it is it reminds me of its like its about to pop into my head then goes again...so annoying  but it doesn't have the usual dreaded smell biscuits or however you want to describe it its more of a vanilla.The tanner itself is a gel which goes on really smoothly and makes the skin feel soft. The gel feels quite thin too so it spreads around nicely and evenly.When you apply the tanner you get and instant tan with added superfine shimmer- which would usually put me off buying a product but its not big chunks of glitter they are as it says...super fine and you don't really notice them it just gives a nice shimmer as the light hits and makes you look more glowing and tanned while the tan develops... now if you don't like the shimmer but love this tanner you can just put it on at nice and shower in the morning and when you shower the shimmer washes of but the tan stays!
I love that with this i wont have to bed covered in tan i can just wait until the morning and it can develop through the day and look natural with out an awful smell, or for the days when you've forgotten to tan this is great.

My First experience- 
I first applied this in the morning so i had to get dressed straight after and it dried really quickly and didn't transfer onto my clothes, it did feel a little sticky as it dried but that could of been that i put to much on at once. Once dried i couldn't really notice the shimmer while inside until i got into the sun. I tryed this last week while it was really sunny and i notice while i was in the sun you could the see the shimmer but as i when i the more shaded areas with less direct sunlight you couldn't really see it. The tan you get from it i think is quite a natural looking colour it  isn't was dark as the tan i normal but i really like that it looked more natural for day to day use. Also as i said before i liked the smell when applying the product i notice i didn't really smell and scent from it once it had dried.

Would i repurchase?
Yes! I love that i can put it on quickly on a morning and not have to worry about forgetting to tan the night before. I love the colour of the tan and that theres an option to have shimmer. If i don't fancy any shimmer i can just shower before going out and keep the tan but lose the shimmer ;). 

You get 100ml of product in the tube for £15.
* This post will be updated with extra pictures of the tan shortly as i am currently having problems with my computer.*

1 April 2012

Easter egg decorating...

As its Easter soon i though id do some Easter related posts :) Jake had to decorate an egg for school . I wanted Jakes egg to be fully done by him... which is what this sort of thing is all about. He has so much fun doing it and picking how he wanted to do it and what he wanted to use and at the end of it he was so proud that he had done it all by himself :). 

Happy Easter :) ..
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