30 December 2011

Christmas nail combo...

Ive been wearing these too together since the Jolie and glossybox's came a few week ago, i love them both together.The Deborah Lippmann i gorgeous on its own but i thought the OPI adds a little bit more of a christmassy feel ;). I think these too are the best polishes that have some with the monthly boxes so far definitely ones i will wear more, razzle dazzle been my top fave!

Laura xoxo

28 December 2011

Our Christmas....

*We spent Christmas eve at my sisters house so the kids could all play together and get excited for Santa coming. They loved playing pass the parcel and musical statues although my two couldn't stay still for dead lions!
*We baked Santa some cookies  too so we could leave them out for him.
*Then after all that playing the boys got into there new pjs :)
*On Christmas morning they were so excited when they saw there stockings filled up and couldn't believe Santa had been in there rooms!
* The rest of the day was spend playing with toys and visiting family :).

Laura :) x

WIN The Full New Sure Collection!!

Sure has launched a glamorous new fine fragrance inspiredanti-prespirant deodorant collection, created in collaboration with one of the world’s most talented perfumers, Ann Gottlieb is best known for being the ‘nose’ behind best-selling fragrances such as Obsession, Eternity and CK one.
I have been using these for the last few week trying to decided which is my favourite..... its a hard one. The scents for both Bright and Radiant are both great definitely the best smelling  deodorants ive used, i think Bright would have to be in the lead slightly as i love the smell of warm vanilla.I always find it hard to pick a deodorant i like because of the smells as these are both perfumey smells i like them alot more.Ive never really had a set deodorant i used time after time it seems to be one of those beauty items that get a bit more over looked, although looking through my collection now they do seem to be mainly Sure ... both aerosol and roll on.I now think i have found one i will keep going back for as the smell is just so nice.I don't know about the 48 hour protection as i don't leave it on that long....who does?!But it definitely last the whole time i have it on!
Combines a soft layering of white flowers including jasmine and rich rose, coated with juicy apricot and
warm vanilla.
Consists of rich, flirty cassis mixed with wild raspberries, elegant magnolia and topped off with sensual woody notes.

If you would be interested in winning the full new collection all you need to do is make sure your following my blog and leave a comment  on this post letting me know you would like to be entered! 
Giveaway will be open until January 4th. 

250ml aerosol, RRP £3.56
150ml aerosol, RRP £2.61
50ml roll on, RRP £1.77
250ml aerosol, RRP £3.56
150ml aerosol, RRP £2.61

Hope you all have a lovely christmas!! :)
Laura xoxo

24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
I Hope you have a lovely Christmas and Santa brings you everything you asked for ;).
He's just been to my house....i think the boys will be very happy with what hes left.I can not wait to see there faces in the morning :)!!

Laura xxx

22 December 2011


My sister has just started up her own blog,YAYYY. She is really into makeup and fashion so her blog will be full of beauty related posts! It would be great if you could go over and have a look at her blog, maybe give her a bit of feed back on her first posts and follow if you like :). Also if you have any tips on how to help your hair grow faster, your favourite product for getting your hair healthy... she had a bit of a hair disaster which you can read about here.
Laura xoxo

20 December 2011

Beverley Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes...

 Anastasia Soare is the women behind most celebrities well groomed brows including,Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum. Anastasia has now created her own line of cosmetics, including the Anastasia of Beverley Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes.Inside this kit there are five eyebrow stencils, two brow shades, a highlight,a contour shade, a wax, a travel sized angle brush and also a list of step by step instructions, plus a mirror!! The packaging is also very nice with its leather type looking outer cover and stitch look on the inside you definitely feel you are using something great.
I had always wanted to try a kit with included brow stencils as ive never liked the shape of my brows and with this kit having five to choose from i found one that was the perfect shape for me, the 'Petite arch' . After using this for a while with the stencil i was able to get my natural brows to this shape so i wasn't having to use the stencil everyday. The shade i have this kit in is the light for blonde's and by mixing the two brow colours together i get the perfect shade for my brows which i have not found with any other kit, i just swipe the brush across the middle.
The brow and highlight shades are very pigmented and creamy, which makes them easy to work with and gives a more natural finish, the brush is also great quality, the wax is a little hard to pick up but i love the finish.
Overall, I love this kit it is definitely my favourite kit to use as i find the quality of the products great and the shades are perfect for me. The kit is now and has been for a while part of my everyday routine. The only thing missing for my is a little brush to comb through the brows to neaten them up, possibly if where getting picky some small tweezers.
Price?, Now im guessing your all wondering what the price you will have to pay for the fab little kit is?...this kit will set you back $39.95, which is around £25, worth it?... I think so you get great quality and the kit will last you along time.
Where to buy?  you can find the kit on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website along with the rest of her collection.

What do you think ladies? worth it? do you want to try it or do you already own the kit?

Laura xoxo

19 December 2011

With love....

I love being able to support fellow bloggers when i can so today i want to tell you a bit about Rhi's jewelry and her new shop.This is my new bracelet from Jewel Rhi on big cartel. Its girlie jewelry but with a bit of an edge.I love little bracelets like this that you can just wear all the time and never have to take off. Ive been wearing this constantly since i got it.. I went for the cross charm friendship bracelet in black as i thought black would go with everything although there are alot of different colour options. The shop is quite new so only has a few bits but it is growing and has recently added a 18" Swallow charm necklace,'with coloured string to personalise each charm and make it represent what you believe in' which i think is really cute. All the prices are very affordable too so these would be perfect for a little stocking filler for a sister/daughter or friend!
There is also a facebook page where you can see extra pictures.   

Laura xoxo


Today giveaway is for a Avene Cleaner,Toner and hydrating serum. All amazing products and will make your skin feel great :).Everyone loves and needs some good skin products!!So included in this giveaway there will be....

Gentle gel cleanser -worth £11.50
Gentle Toner- worth £11.50
Soothing hydrating serum - worth£17.50

All you need to do to enter is ...
1.Be a follower of my blog .
2. 'Like' the Avene facebook page.

If you would like to visit the Avene website to find out more about their products you can find it here.  This giveaway will be open until the 15th of January.

Laura xoxo

17 December 2011

Christmas Cookies...

After seeing Khilas vlogmas videos where she made her Christmas cookies, i had to give them a go as they were so simple and fast to make and i knew the boys would love them, ohhh man was i right! after the first lot they went crazy for them and asking me to make some more so when i went back to get more chocolate because really once you have everything to make the first batch only extra thing you need to buy to make more is the chocolate, i decided to get giant chocolate buttons and caramel chocolate buttons.... so good!There definitely giving a go. I always get into cooking/baking alot more around Christmas :)

Laura xoxo

16 December 2011

Inside my December GlossyBox ....

I was really happy when i opened this months box because i had got the box i was hoping for... which never normally happens.I really wanted to try the Blink and go mascara as id heard its really good! I'm very happy with everything in the box this month. I really like the packaging too, the red glossy box looks really christmassy. I think they should keep it like this or at least make the pinks ones glossy.So inside my box there is-
  • Blink and go-Hi-Definition mascara.
  • Cargo Cosmetics-lipgloss
  • Deborah Lippmann-Razzle dazzle with stripped to go sachet.
  • MEMEME seventh Heaven-Facebase.
  • Rituals-Foaming shower gel.
The shower gel and MEMEME cream really remind me of Christmas day when i was younger, i think must be because they must smell like some of the goodies i used to get, i think they may have a smell of little body shop soaps.What a coincidence they are out in the December box lol il definitely be using them over Christmas, i might even save them until Christmas eve.
I'm really looking forward to trying the mascara tomorrow,hoping that's a winner!The Deborah Lippmann polish is so nice...perfect Christmas colour, exactly what ive been looking for.The lip gloss is a nice shade too,something i will probably keep in my bag, although the packaging does feel a bit cheap .
Overall this box is definitely a winner for me :).

****Also my sister has just started up her own blog, shes only  done a few post so far but there will be many more to come.So if you want to see who my little sister is go have a peep :)****
Laura xxx

Keromask WINNER!!!

And the winner is.....

 Please email me your address and ill have your prize sent out :)
Thank you to everyone who entered i still have a few giveaways to come so keep a look out for those :)

Laura xxx

This week...

  • Finally got most of my Chriatmas shopping done this week, phew! just a few more to get then im done and can get everything wrapped, ekkkk!
  • My Sister has started her own blog this week!
  • I made some chocolate cookie yesterday with Khilas recipe. Definitley reccomend giving them a go! really nice and the boys loved them so im sure i will be making them a lot more!
Laura xoxo

14 December 2011

What was inside my Illamasqua goodie bag?

I love seeing post on what people got in there goody bags from different events, so after i went to the opening of the Leeds Illamasqua store last week i thought id do a post showing you what was inside of my bag.The Illamasqua team were so generous and gave us some amazing goodies.I was so shocked at the great things we got ..... and very excited. I have such a long list of Illamasqua products i want to get including the pigments and cream blushers after getting to have a play with them at the launch, if you are local to Leeds and can make it to the shop i would definitely recommend calling in and having a play with the products, the staff are really nice and friendly too.
Inside there was-
*Illumine oil
*Bronzing duo
*Lip Gloss - Indulge- 
This is a bright neon pink, it look more red on the pics but the camera wouldn't pick up the true colour.
*Lashes- number #17.

So happy to get to try these they are all great and all things i would of picked out myself. I will definitely be purchasing alot more things from their Leeds store.Big thank you to the team at Illamasqua.

What is your favourite Illamasqua product, or what would you most like to try?

Laura xoxo

13 December 2011

Chistmas Tag, Christmas tag, Christmas all the wayyyyy...

I saw this tag on Fee's blog (my fave blog, its so pretty and perfect ) and thought it would be fun to do, i love reading what other people love about christmas.Christmas is my favourite holiday, i love how everything looks so much prettier and i get to put lights everywhere, do lots of family tradtions ....and lots and lots of shopping ;).

1.What is Your Favourite Holiday Movie?
The Santa clause has been a big favourite for a long time and also Elf .....oh and Home alone!

  2. Whats Your Favourite Christmas Color?
I instantly thought of red and gold glitter. Which i think red is the main colour but i do love red and white, red and gold and red and green they all make me feel Christmasy.

  3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
I have always opened presents in my pjs then had some breakfast but then ill run upstairs along with all my new goodys and get ready. When i was at home i would have new clothes, makeup, hair tools and perfume so it was always fun to get ready.

  4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
This is a really hard question!.... but if i could only buy for one person....can we say two?... OK thanks ;)  then it would be my two boys definitely.

  5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
  Christmas day! How can you open presents on Christmas eve? Santa wont have been yet!?! Although when i was younger we always got have one present on christmas eve, which i have now carryed on with my boys.

  6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
Yes.... for the first time this year!! I wanted to start little traditions for the boys so that is now added to our list.I have carryed on things that i did when younger but ones like this are new.- Blog post here!

  7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
I love sitting in the dark with all the christmas lights on and having a few candles burning while watching festive films, spending time with all my family, I loveeee Christmas shoppping and wrapping presents!....and listening to christmas songs.
  8. Any Christmas Wishes?
  For my mum to be happy, healthy and back to her normal well self!

9. Favourite Christmas Smell?

The smell of burning Christmas candles and the smell of the Christmas dinner cooking mmmmm..
10. Favourite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
It has to be my mums Christmas dinner!! my mum has always done the cooking on Christmas day and shes amazing at it. Although this year will be my first time cooking the big dinner as she hasnt been well. 

Hope you all have a great Christmas!!
Laura xoxo 

12 December 2011


Lucy, Tor, Sinead, Me , Ray, Caroline, Dan
On Thursday evening i attended Illamasquas Leeds store opening event.After having stores in London and Liverpool, Illamasqua decided to add Leeds to their growing list! The store is in the beautiful Victoria Quarter which is the perfect location for them to be.The decor of the store is amazing with glittery floors and walls aswel as gorgeous black mirrors and make over area.

I arrived at 6.30 along with Ray, Danielle, Caroline ,Tor and Nicoletta.and meeting Sinead inside. We were greeted with a glass of champagne and shown around the store- downstairs you will find all their make up out on display so you can have a play around and find your favourite pieces, then upstairs you will see the amazing make over area and balcony.

It was really nice to get to play around the all the products, have a catch up with other bloggers and the Illamasqua team and have our make up done.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the girls at Illamasqua for organising such a fab event. I had a great time and loved the store. It was really nice to meet everyone, especially Hayley.Also the lovely Store MUAs that were really nice and friendly.

Laura xoxo


5 December 2011

Its Christmasssss.....

I decided this year i wanted to put the tree up ready for the 1st of December so when the boys came down stairs to open there advent calenders all the decorations where up and they could understand what the calender was about a bit more. So my plan was to get everything ready go shopping for a few extra bits and but all the decorations up after the boys went to bed....

We ended up also fully re decoration the living room, we painted three of the walls over and then on the main back Jason wall papered :) then finally after all that was finished i got to put the tree up :) i was probably up until around 2am but i was determined to have it all finished for when they got up.

This year i wanted everything to be red and white. I love the tree this year, definitely our best so far :)

Laura xoxo

4 December 2011

MUA - Eyeshadow Quad - Smokin

I got this fab eyeshadow palette inside my goodie from the Leeds blogger event recently (big thank you :) ). This is a perfect 'night out' palette for me. I always seem to stick to naturals during the day and on a night out i do a full dark smokey eye and these four shade are perfect to do a great smokey eye with.The pigmentation is amazing, just like all the other MUA shadows i have tryed.
I think MUA is a great makeup range for everyone if your on a budget or not the quality or there make up for the price is just amazing.The shadows can also be applied wet for a more intense colour effect or dry for a softer look. 

You can currently pick these quads up From Superdrug for £3.

Laura xoxo

2 December 2011

Corn Silk- Winter skin saviour‏?...

Corn Silk powders have been used by women all over the world from the late 1960's, and this vintage beauty buy is definitely coming back in style!!
As its getting back into winter i have found myself once again reaching for my Mac msf natural which is the only powder i have used to set my makeup for a long time.During the Summer it seems to get pushed to the back of my draw and as the weather starts to get colder it comes out again.Now this year theres a new powder on the block....
For the last few weeks ive been wearing Corns silk translucent satin finish powder over my make up then setting everything with my Fix+ as i do all year round.I love the finish it gives and how it helps my makeup last. I have never liked a matt looking face so the satin finish is great for me(although there is a matt finish if you prefer that).
When i first got the powder my first thoughts when i opened it were that the feel 
of it was a bit chalky although after testing it out it definitely didn't look chalky on my face at all -Phew!
I always use a big fluffy brush to apply over my foundation.
And secondly ...the 'vintage beauty' definitely shows its vintage side in its smell, it was like opening up my Nana's makeup bag.Definitely took me back to raiding her make up ;), so to me it wasn't necessarily a bad smell i actually quite like that it reminded me of my Nana and i could see my self pulling everything out of there makeup bag.Although it is quite strong and i can see that some people wouldn't like that,although i don't think it transfers onto the skin.
Im loving this powder and looks like all the stars are too ;).

 About Corn Silk....
Aimee Adams, makeup artist to the stars including Fearne Cotton, Pixie Lott, Elle Macpherson and Ellie Goulding, has recently been working alongside The X Factor girls. She said:
"I recommend Corn Silk for getting make-up to stay in place and give you a flawless complexion, it is incredible and the only face powder I use on my famous faces!" 
Corn silk is a make-up bag essential this winter for women wanting to avoid shiny skin and keep on looking good all day long. This product is the perfect secret weapon for women not wanting to look hot and sweaty  or  for those who struggle to get through the day without all their make-up disappearing.
  Corn Silk contains a natural walnut shell formula which helps to keep your make-up in place and comes in a matt or satin finish
This can be applied as a base for your make up as well as over your foundation to set in place.-Although i don't think i would use it as a base?

   The vintage compact is bang on trend with the current 60’s revival look and Corn Silk is available from Boots and leading pharmacies, for around-
 Will you be trying it?
 Laura xxx

1 December 2011

Mini haul-Lee Stafford,Models Own

I picked up a few things from town and thought id do a mini haul as i never really put them up on my blog.
To start with i picked up come small clips i think the called crocodile clips? i remember people used to wear the big ones alot when i was younger, my hair was always to long and heavy to be held up by them so i never really wore them.I love these to just clip my front pieces of hair up, so quick and easy.These were only 99p from body care.
Then i wasn't going to include these but i thought if you haven't heard about them you might want to run out and get your self a free lip gloss. When you buy two bottles of coke from Boots you get a free Models Own lip gloss, there were four different shades to choose from.Jason always buys pop while where out so it was nice that i got a little freebie too :) 
 Then finally i needed some toning shampoo and hot shots as i had totally run out and these are my must haves.I love Lee Stafford products... by far my favourite brand.The Hot shots get any brassiness out of my hair so fast. I re did my roots a few nights ago so wanted to put one on and make sure there was no brassy colour in my hair.If you dye or bleach your hair blonde i would definitely recommend these, there amazing.
The Lee Stafford range is currently on two for £9 in boots.

Laura xoxo

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