30 November 2011

This week...

I tryed out the nail rocks from the glossybox and i actually really like them they were easy to put on and lasted a lot longer than nail polish :).
I did my hair this week to but instead of just bleaching it i but a colour on that my sister had brought home from work for me a while ago. 
We finally started doing the Christmas shopping to yayyy ...still so much to get though seems never ending but it means i get to go shopping :) 
 Laura xoxo

29 November 2011

Whats inside- November Boudoir Prive..

 This months box came a bit later than normal and then most people received there box on Saturday but my box didn't turn up until Monday (just my luck) so i had seen what was in the box before i opened it.I caved and ended up seeing a few posts.
 Firstly there is these Vinies ayurveda's soul- Luminous skin masks both the same.I like that these two of these samples in as you get to try it twice before you buy (if you buy).
If im going to be spending £32.85 in a skin mask id like to know im going to like it.The smell of this isnt amazing, at first it smells OK but then after a few seconds it has a not so nice smell mixed in :/ .It kind of reminds me of one of the body scrubs from in one of the boxes but with an added smell that makes it not so nice.
Im looking forward to giving this a try.
It says-
The gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners will even skin tone and keep your skin glowing through the day.
In this box there is samples of Rahua shampoo and conditioner, i think it maybe the Glossybox which this has been in before although i didn't get this in my previous box i think it would be better if the different boxes didn't use products from the same brands.I suppose for some this is good that they do if they arnt subbed to any other boxes.I also don't really like getting sachets as i never remember to use them, i don't know what it is about them but id much rather have products in little tubs or tubes.
 The dead sea spa brand was also in this months Glossybox although i would much rather have this body loton than the sea salts i got in the Glossybox, i love lotions so im happy to have this and it will definitely get used.
The sample of Korres 24 hour moisturiser i a small 10ml i would of like this to have been a bit bigger.
This has a natural source of vitamin C and helps repair fine lines and uneven skin tone.
Lastly the main product in this months box is a full size Studiomakeup rich hydration lipstick.
These are creamy and hydrating and available in 4 different colours.'the anti aging and moisturising formula is perfect for the coming frosty months'.
I got this in the shade shimmering sands which i dint mind the colour too much but what i dint like about it is the finish, im not a big fan of the frost finish on this i prefer more creamy finishes but saying that i will probably wear it.
It does seem quite long lasting even after eating and drinking i find it still says on.
I also really like the packaging, its different from any other lipstick packaging i have seen you have you press the bottom so it pops out then twist.
What did you think of this months box ?

Laura xoxo

28 November 2011

Scarlett Hearts- Rose necklace...

Ive been loving my rose necklace from Scarlett Hearts.
If you haven't seen the Scarlett hearts shop its a lovely online boutique of handmade jewellery and accessories and each piece is handmade.
There are lots of different cute and fun bits from Rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings as well as personalised bits.
All at very affordable prices.
Scarlett hearts recently had some of her piece included in the goodie bag from the Leeds blogger meet up which was so nice and generous.

There are so many cute items in the shop i love them all
here are a few of my faves..

If you like to go take a look at the rest of the pieces from the shop you can see them here.

Laura xoxo 

27 November 2011

Christmas fun ...

I am so excited for Christmas this year, every year the boys get older it seems to get a million times more fun its like been able to re live Christmas again when it was exciting and magical.
This week me and the boys made a Christmas Gingerbread house while listening to Christmas songs.
The house smelt amazing and festive it was a perfect little Christmas project for the boys.They loved decorating the house and adding the sweets....and eating them.

The pack we use was only £2.60 from Asda so if your looking for some cheap christmassy fun things to do with your children, brothers, sisters or just for you this is great! 

Laura xoxox

26 November 2011

Its that time...

Ive been feeling really festive so i decided to whip out the old red lipstick, now its not often i were red lips i normally stick to a nice easy nude.Actually i don't think I'd ever worn a red lip out of the house, the closest Ive ever gotten is impassioned by mac.
The Red i have on is one from the first Glossy box so I've had it quite a while and decided today was the day it was going to have its first outing ;)

Laura xoxo

24 November 2011


 Thank you to the lovely ladies that entered this giveaway, I have picked a winner using random.org.I didn't keep this giveaway up for long as it was only a small giveaway but i will be posting a new giveaway possibly later today or tomorrow. I'm hoping to have a giveaway running every week leading up to Christmas even if its only small things its still nice to get a little early Christmas present ;).

And the Winner is.....
Leanne from A slice of my life
Please email me your address :)

 Could you please email me your address and i will get your prize sent out :) 
Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to enter the new giveaway which you can find here for a chance of winning more  goodies :).
Next weeks giveaway is amazing!  

Laura xxx

22 November 2011

ghd air....

I have been wanting a new hair dryer for a long time but never found one that made me think..
'I really want this one'
and until last week when i went shopping with my sister i had put looking for a new one to the back of my mind.We were looking for the shops at the different hair dryers to see which was the best so we could put it on our ' Christmas list' and there wasn't really one that caught my eye.. until this morning when i came across a press release for the new ghd air. I am a huge ghd fan and have used the ghd straighteners since i started using heat on my hair.I remember my mum buying me my first pair for my birthday years ago and ive been hucked ever since.So I am really excited about there new addition!Here's a bit about the new ghd hairdryer...

The first ghd salon strength hairdryer -  
ghd air.

The new ghd air is designed to help you unlock the secret to a gorgeous salon blow dry, every day. Featuring a powerful professional motor and advanced ionic technology, it delivers exceptionally fast drying and styling while helping to reduce frizz, leaving your hair soft and silky. Whether you’re looking for quick, sleek, smooth results or fabulous, impactful volume, ghd air puts the salon power in your hands. It’s the perfect companion to the other ghd styling tools and makes sure you leave the house looking beautifully glamorous.

The new ghd air boasts the following benefits:

*Advanced Ionic Technology: for reduced frizz and a silkier, softer finish
* Cool shot button: for a quick blast of cool air to fix your look in place
* Salon strength AC motor: for more powerful drying
* 2 concentrator nozzles: helping to create a wide variety of styles
*Ergonomic design: for easy handling and maximum control

After reading about the hairdryer this is the one that is definitely going on my wish list im sure it will be on my sister and my mums too!!

The ghd air retails at £99.
 visit http://www.ghdhair.com for more information

Laura xoxo

21 November 2011

November Glossybox- ..

Inside this months box-
Arbonne hand cream
Dead sea spa salts
illamasqua perfum
Monu moisturiser
Nail rock wraps.

If you have been on twitter over the weekend you may have noticed a few people received there glossy boxes on Saturdays before most other subscribers and the contents were shown.Now when i saw a few of the blog posts i was quite disappointed and when the other boxes started arriving this morning from what i have heard from other bloggers there is a good-ish box and a not so good one.
The main thing that make me disappointed about this months box is that one of the products has been in a box before ( which i still haven't got round to using) and they give perfume samples which you can pick up for free from any where that sells perfume, the perfume samples seem to be in the boxes every month too.
I dont think this box is there best - maybe some people will love this box and that's great but its just not one I'm overly excited about . 

I am looking forward to trying the nail wraps and seeing how long they last, the perfume does smell nice although i dont think these perfume samples which you can pick up for free should be inculded and i will use the moisturiser.

I think theres alot disappointment around this box because the new monthly boxs that have started have had much better products in.. Feel unique for exaple..
Id love to know what you think if this months box?

Laura xoxo

20 November 2011

This week...

A few pictures from my week :)
I am definitely getting in the Christmas spirit this week i cant wait to get all the Christmas decoration up and snuggle up under a blanket with the boys and watch Christmas films.We watched 'home alone' yesterday which the loved and of course 'The Santa clause' has been out a few times ;).

I really want to make a few of my own 'shabby chic' decorations this year so hopefully il be able to do that.We are definitely due some new decorations this year ... I'm thinking red and white instead of the read and gold we have had the last few years.

What colours do you have on your tree?
Laura xoxo

17 November 2011

New Topshop Bracelet....

I picked this Bracelet up a few days ago while shopping with my sister and wanted to show you as i love it and it was i the sale a £2.50- Bargain especially as it can be used as more than just a bracelet!..So If you like it now is the time to run to top shop before they are all gone. The one where i got mine from still had quite a few in thought :). Ive just had a look on there website but cant see it on there in the sale section.Booo.

I love the colours - a gorgeous
wintry burgundy and the gold beads

 The clever thing about this is that it can be used as a head band or a necklace as well as a wrap bracelet. 

 What do you think?
 Laura xoxo

15 November 2011

Leeds Blogger meetup...

On Saturday i attended the Blogger
meet up in Leeds organised my the lovely 
Ray and Tor.

I have to say it was quite a strange feeling as i was meeting people who i felt i had known for so long, who i talk to everyday on twitter and read there blogs/YT, but at the same time i had never met in real life so i was quite nervous.
Although i can say everyone is just as lovely and friendly
as i expected :).
Jo, me, kirstie ,Caroline
I had such a bad night sleep the night before with excitement/nerves and the boys been up and down.I was up from 5.30 so my the end of the day i was quite tired haha but it was well worth it, getting to meet everyone and i had a great day!

 I got my train to Leeds at 10.20 where i met  up with 
Charlotte  @charlobsession
 Sinead @daintydollymix
 Ray @raywhoisshe
Tor @tornumber9
Ellie @missy_ellie_uk
we then headed to the corn exchange to meet everyone else  
Gem @gemmaantonia
Dan @danielle_stott
Kirstie  @ohkirstiejones
Jo @lespoirdemavie
Hollie @gollymshollie
 Caroline @sparklyvodka
Haidee @haidee_pants
Lauren @laurensdressing
  Maxine @maxinecassidy
Carla @carlito86
Others we met later included
Liloo @tsunimee
 Catherine @perfectpolished
Clare @bigbeautyblog
Victoria @vipxo
Clare @pinklittlebean

Then it was time for food, the deserts were so good!
Jo, Hollie, Tor , Kirstie
Kirstie & Dan
 (pic from Tor)
After we had some dinner we headed to the shops for a bit of retail therapy,Where Lauren found her Christmas outfit ;)
Lauren and Ray
Ray , Gemma , Tor
And then we ended the day in the pub where everyone could had a good chat.

I forgot to take my camera with me so only had a few pics i took with my phone but for more pictures check out the other girls blogs, I know Tor,Ray and Lauren definitely had there Cameras :)

I left for my train around 5.30 as i had to pick up the boys,
I had a great day and would like to thank Ray and Tor for organising the whole thing as well as a lovely goody bag!
It was really nice to meet you all,
Hopefully we will all get to do it again :)

Laura xxx

13 November 2011


Had a great time at the leeds blogger meet yesterday 
will have a full post up on it very soon :) ;)


10 November 2011

Orly Space Cadet...

Space Cadet is part of Orly's cosmic fx collection
which is from 2010.The collection
has six shades which have a multi-dimensional finish.
I don't always go for shades with the 'duochrome' effect i usually stick to polishes that have a creamy finish to them.I have always loved the look of these but never really worn them much until now!

I really love this one. Its the lightest and one of coolest
shades of the collection with a very strong duo chrome finish/effect.
It has a plumy
finish with lots of gold/yellowy- green tones.

The formula is really nicely pigmented and not too thick, it is very easy to work with.

I have just done a quick eBay search and you can pick this shade up from this seller for £5.17 + £1.41 First class P&P.

Enter my Giveaway here

Laura xxx

9 November 2011

Curls- Your favourite hair tool?

I have always loves long curled/wavy 
hair and seeing these pictures
make me want their hair.
Although my hair is quite long its not very thick at the ends, 
so when i where my hair like this i like to wear extensions to thicken it up.
Unfortunately my current set of extensions are dark brown so definitely not a good match for my hair right now :(.

But what i wanted to ask in this post is
What is your favourite curling wand/ waver you have used to achieve this look?
Im on the look out for a new hair tool but not sure which to go for. 
My hair never seems to stay curled for long, an hour after doing the curls it has fallen out.
Although I do find if i curl it after it has been left to dry naturally with no heat then the curls last a bit longer.
After having a little look around ive come across these that id like to try out, 
Have you tried them?
If so what do you think,are they worth getting?

1,1/2" curling wand by hair tools, possibly the 2" 

Babyliss ceramic hot rollers
and also the Deep Barrel waver.Although it isnt for curls i  love the wavey effect.

Laura xxxx

8 November 2011

China Glaze Medallion + Models Own Slate Grey- NOTD

These are my current favourite nail polishes, ive been
wearing them all the time recently i think there
a great combo.I love a bit of glitter this time of year 
and this eases it in perfectly :).

I love that now the seasons are changing i am able to play around with different colours. I am definitely one to wear different polishes depending on the season. In the summer i tend to stick to bright colours and during the winter/Christmas time i definitely go for more natural or darker shades with glitter and the brights get put away ready for next summer.
Here i have Models Own slate grey which i love with China
Glaze Medallion on my ring finger.

Models Own Slate Grey
I picked this up while Models Own were running there 50% off sale but you can 
still pick it up from there website for £5.

China Glaze Polish Medallion

As with all my China Glaze i picked this up on ebay im not sure of the exact seller
i purchaced it from, i normally check beautyzone2007 but i have just done a little
search and the cheapest i could see it going for was 
£3.90 + £0.94 p&p. from this seller .


Laura xxx

5 November 2011

Zoya...Marina- Smoke and mirrors collection.

Marina is one of the nail polishes from the Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Fall 2011 collection.
The collection has twelve shades - six creme shades(smoke)and six shimmery shades (mirrors). 
Marina is part of the mirrors. 
 The bottle i received in my September Boudoir prive box is a mini bottle at 7.5ml 
which is fine for me as i rarely get though a full size bottle as i have so many.
I have had a look around eBay as this is where i would normally buy all my polishes 
and found the polish for, 

£8.79 with free p&p for the full sized 15ml bottle - here.
 The shade is a smoky steel blue metallic, 
Zoya describe it as :
A strongly blue-toned smoky silver-grey with a dusty metallic finish. A blue smoke shade to give a dreamy artistic look to the nails.

Which shade did you get in your box?
 Laura xxx
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