27 September 2011

This week i .....

...haven't got round to posting much this week as Ive seen really busy with birthdays and poorly too :(.
I thought id do a 'week in pictures' type  post using the pictures i took on my Instragram app.
I finally got round to doing my roots and had a night out on Saturday for my birthday (which is this Friday 30th) but as Jason's working we cant go out that night do did it early. Yesterday was Jake's 3rd birthday so we has a party day which both the boys loved.

Hope your all well :) 

Laura xxx

23 September 2011

Boudoir prive September box...

My first Boudoir prive box arrived this morning and im very happy with it.
When the first box came out i wasn't to fussed about it because the products didn't really appeal to me i mean i think there was some tea in the box :/ , id rather had beauty products. I did plan on signing up from the start but i had trouble ordering and by the time it was sorted it was to late anyway after seeing the box i wasn't sure if i should sign up for the second box but Boudoir prive sent me a code to get my first box half price so for £5 i ordered my box straight away and im very glad i did. Last week i was told by Boudoir prive the there would me a sample by Macadamia in the box which if you read my blog over the last few week you will know how in love with the range i am!I was super excited and thought that if that's the only thing i like it would be worth it.

When i opened my box this morning my first thought was ... theres alot in here.... SEVEN samples ( although they are all small) and a nail chart/card.

The products -
-Colbert Eye cream
-Zoya nail polish
-Cargo cosmetics eye pencil
-Tropic skincare body smooth
-Agent Provocateur perfume
-Macadamia Hair repair oil
-Mai couture blot and bronze

Thoughts on products.
Very happy about the hair oil as i know its amazing i already have two mini bottles so i know il use it.The Zoya nail polish is also an equal fave as i havent tryed there polishes before and its a lovely winter colour. I wouldnt normaly use a sliver eye pencil but im going out tomorrow night for my birthday so may give it a try then.The body smooth and eye cream i will definitly try although im not really into perfume samples i dont know why i just never seem to use them.Ohh and the blot and bronze i will definitly like to try ive never used blotting paper before as i dont get very oily so would never of bought any but im happy to get go try it out.

Half price box?
For the £5 i payed i am really happy with the box and will stay subscribed and see how the next few months go.If you havent subbed yet and want to try them out the code to get your first box half price is 1BOX12 although it does say it only last untill 25th September which isnt very good :/ maybe its because the boxes are out really late hopefully they will extend it.

What do you think?
did you sub?
will you?

Laura xxx

21 September 2011

Rimmel Sexy curves Mascara Intense Black

 I have been using the Sexy curves mascara for the last few weeks and i thought id do a post about my thoughts on it. When first opened the tube and saw the wand i didnt think id like it, i like a more big fat wand and this one is quite small.My sister had told me it was good so i gave it a try anyway.

My thoughts?The thing i like about this mascara is that it keeps the lashes seprate and makes them look long which is great. I like thick lashes though which this doesnt really give so ive been using this to lengthen and separate them then using a different mascara on top to thicken them up a bit.As for the sexy curves i cant say ive really noticed a difference but i perfer to use an eye curler anyway.And as far as clumpy mascara go this definitly doesnt clump my lashes together even with a few coats.

 Will you like it? If you like long more natural looking non clumpy lashes this is fantastic and you will love it.Its a great everyday mascara.But if your looking to just use one mascara and are wanting thick lashes id probably give it a miss.

Waterproof?It also comes in waterproof or non waterproof which is great.The one i have is non waterproof, i find it stays on fine all day i havent had any flakeyness with it and it washes of easily on a night using my liz earle cleanse and polish or any eye makeup remover.

Price?Where from?You can pick it up from Boots for £8.19 where its currently on 3 for 2 offer.I could only see it regular black and brown and water proof black on the superdrug website (this one is extreme black) which is £8.19 but you maybe able to get  it instore.

 Have you tryed it?
what are your thoughts?

Laura xxx

Macadamia love #7

I am in love with this stuff!! I said in a post last week that i was planning on going back to get the bigger tub as it worked miricals on my hair.... well i did.I did want to get the 500ml tub and the bigger oil but i didnt have enough cash on me and forgot my bank card.Therfore another trip needs to be done but for now i have the 250 ml tub and another little oil which i stuff have half of the last bottle i bought so it should last until i go back.
I got both of these for just under £20 the macadamia masque was just under £14 before tax and the oil £2.95 before tax.(would be so much easier if they told you the actual price to start with like everywhere else).
I plan on covering my hair in the masque staight after i redo my roots and leaving it on over nigh, hopefully it will stoop my hair falling out :/.

Laura xxxx

20 September 2011

New Scarf #6

My scarf finally turned up that i ordered from h&m weeks ago.I don't think ive heard one good thing about h&m's delivery service which you wouldn't expect because that stores are great, online seems to be a totally different story though! Saying that i do love my new scarf and i have been in to my local store a few times while i was waiting for this to turn up and i never saw it in the shop.
Its long and thick in a white linen material with black feathers, theres also the odd rusty red and pale pink feather dotted about.
You can have a look at it online here if you like. Its priced at £12.99 but i used a discount code that i found online im not sure which it was but ive just found one for £5 off if you spend £11 or more ....1304 which would make it £11.89 including p&p.

19 September 2011

Boots order #5

My boots order turned up today which i wasn't expecting :) 
I got home to a 'sorry we missed you' note but luckily they'd left it hidden for me. The chucked in one of the magazines and a tooth paste sample which i thought was good.Ive actually been wanting to try this tooth paste for a while as i have really sensitive teeth.
I can not finally get rid of the dreaded roots ready for a well needed night out on Saturday.

Laura xx

16 September 2011

Macadamia Deep hair Repair Masque- Review....

A few days ago i did a mini haul showing that i had bought the Macadamia Deep hair repair masque and the oil treatment, i ended up using it that night.

My hair wasn't in great condition to start with as i have bleached my hair on and off for a good few years i would say at least 9 years i think Ive had possible 2 years if that that my hair has been brown in that time.(both time been when i was pregnant).

Although it has been bleached alot i do take good care of it but i recently started using the John Freda lightening spray which over around 10 washes has made my hair really dry.I really noticed it this week, the day after i washed my hair (i wash it at night mainly) it felt so dry like it was all going to snap off.So i rushed to Dennis Williams and picked up the Macadamia masque.
About Macadamia deep hair repair masque

Macadamia Natural Oil comes from the South Pacific and is becoming very popular for its amazing effect on hair. Hair will be given a soft touch that feels healthy and cared for. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair. A combination of macadamia oil and argan oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.

How i used the Masque.
 It does say on the back to leave it on for around 8 minutes after shampooing then to rinse of but i felt like my hair needed a bit extra so i washes my hair, put on the masque and some of the oil treatment.The lady in the store said it good to add a bit of the oil.I  wrapped it in cling film and went to bed, the wrap did come of half way through the night so i just clipped my hair up and went back to sleep. Then the next morning i rinsed the masque off.

I think i left it on for around 9 hours to really work into my hair.

I did notice too that you get alot of product in the sample pack, i normally hair to buy to of everything for my hair with it been long but i found there was plenty in this, i think someone with shorter hair could definitely get two uses out of it.

Did it work?

YES! my hair has never felt this good! it is so soft and smooth and manageable.
I was hoping for it to work wonders but it was better than i ever expected.
The best hair product i have ever used my far!!I am definitely going to buy the big tub and the rest of the range i love it so much!

How much/Where from?
I picked up the 30ml sample packet for £2.05 from Dennis William,but you can get this from Amazon for the same price.
The 250ml tub from Amazon is £16.75.
There is also a 500ml which you can get of the macadamia website for around £34.00.

Laura xxx

15 September 2011

Glossybox....what i got...

So when the Glossybox came earlier today i was really excited because  had seen in some posts yesterday that the hd brows kit was in all the boxes!So i was really happy about trying that.

In the box i also got....

-Dead Sea Spa Magik.

-HD Brows-Eye and Brow Palette.

-Moa- The green balm.

-Neal and Wolf-Harmony Intencive Care Treatment. (really looking forward to trying this after using the macadamia mask a few days ago which was amazing!i hope this ill do the same) p.s A Macadamia product will be in this months Boudoir Prive box  eeekkkk!!!

-Plum by Mary Greenwell.

I think i will used everything in this box possibly bar the perfume not because i don't like it but i just never seem to use up sample perfumes, maybe il keep it in my bag so i do.
I was looking at last months box this morning i i have only taken one product out!The other four are still sat wrapped up.

If you have a post on what you got in your box please leave a like so i can go have a look :) i love seening what everyone else got.

What Did you think of this months box?Yay or Nay?

Laura xxxx

14 September 2011

Sisterly love- Liz earle- My life project 365#3

Liz Earle is loved by many bloggers and im sure you've all seen post on it.
I have never tried any of her products even with all the hype.I have been thinking about it for a while but just never 'got round to it'. I have a routine that i was set in and happy with.Last week my sister decided to give it a try and order the set that's on offer plus a face mask. With it she got a free gift which was a mini cleanse polish and because she already had the full size in the set she let me try out the sample on :).
So far i have only used it once but i am definitely converted and now want the full size plus everything else on the site!My skin feels so soft and clean, i love it.

Today has been spent at home and not really doing to much.Jason started putting my shelf's up but so far out of the six one is up, he gets distracted easy when  hes doing something he doesn't want to but still he wont let me do it lol.

13 September 2011

Coconut Water - project 365 #3

Ive been wanting to try coconut water for a while after seeing it all over the Internet with YTer's and Bloggers talking about it and about how good it is for you and how it helps weight loss by getting your metabolism working faster after a workout.Most recently from Shaycarl (Shaytards) im sure you have all seen his videos.
So after he was saying it was so nice i wanted to give it a try even more so i looked up where i could get it locally and found that Holland and Barrett stock it.
While in town today i called in and picked up two 330mml cartons for £2.05 each.
I waited until i got home and let it cool in the fridge before trying as id heard it was nicer colder it is.I had such high hope and expcting to want to rush back and stock up on lots more...... unfortunatly not :( I really dont like the taste, so disapointed. I was execting yummy coconut, it tasted off like it was really old and gone off . I only had a few sips and didnt bother with anymore.
Although i do have another carton i think i may give it a second chance and make sure its freezing cold before trying again.

About Vita Coco
-100% pure coconut water
-Hydrate naturally
-Packed with naturally occuring electrolytes with 20 time more potassium of leading sports drinks
-More potassium than two bananas
-100% natural
-1 ingredient.

Have you tryed Coconut water ?
What did you think?

Laura xxx

12 September 2011

On the hunt-Hair Treatments- Project 365 - #2

Ive been on the look out for a good hair treatment today, i called to Dennis Williams with my sister and decided on the Macadamia range. Ive heard its a good hair range so im looking forward to trying it out and if it works as well as im hoping im going to go back and get the full size bottles.
I think im going to leave it on all night and wrap my hair up and give it a deep condition, since using the John Frieda lightening spray my hair has become really dry so im hoping using this will help.

I will do a review when ive given it a try and let you know what i think.
The Masque as £2.05 and the treatment was £2.95 for the small sample size.
Then they add tax at the till which was £1.00 so for both products i payed £6.00.

Have you tried this range before?
What did you think?

Laura xxx

11 September 2011

To the Park- My life Project 365-Day #1

I took Jake to the Park today it was so windy though, as you can tell from my hair!
Cambell went to Hornsea with his Nana to see family who live around the corner from the beach so he has spent the day building sand castles and eating fish and chips.
Jason's was working his last night shift so went fishing straight after work then to bed when he got home around 2pm.

My plans for tonight are to catch up on big brother,shower and tan.

Guessing the boys wont go to bed until around 8.30 though, Ive been trying to  keep cam up a bit later to see if it helps him sleep through as he isn't a good sleeper at all!! He's usually up every few hours still!!
He did do 8.30pm until 8.20am last night though which was a shocker, very rare. He used to be such a good sleeper.Hopefully he will keep it up and do a full night again tonight.

Laura xxx

Out for tea....

I went out for a meal with some friends from school on thursday night for one of the girls birthdays.
I love been able to meet up with them as its not often we get to see each other now, as most of you know after school everyones lives change and you all go off your own way so its nice that we still get together for each others bithdays :)
Here's a quick FOTD.
Im looking forward to meeting up again in a few weeks for my birthday meal :)

Laura xxx

10 September 2011

This is how we do it.....

I thought id do a little update post as i havent posted in a few days i want to get some product reviews up as i havent really done any for a long time ive recently bought a few new mascaras im going to post on.Mascara is probably my favourite item of makeup so i love finding new good ones that make my lashes long and thick.

I posted a few days ago that i was going to do the 30 day Shred, right now i am on day 3 and i really like it!I love that its only 20 minutes so i can fit it in while the boys are having breakfast or watching peppa pig. I have been using 1.5kg weights.

Yesterday was my youngest little boys 2nd birthday :) it was great! every birthday gets better and better because they can understand more.He knew it was his special day which was nice :) Jake says it was party day :). Im really looking forward to doing it and on the 26th for Jakes 3rd birthday :).
Im still waiting on a scarf i ordered from H&M delivery takes forever!!! 

Im also really in need of some new UGG boots, if anyone knows of any sites with good deals on real UGGs it would be great if you could let me know.

Ohhh were going to the Doncaster Zoo on Monday for Cambells birthdays day out ( couldn't go friday as Jason was working nights) Im excited :) i love family days out!

Laura xxx
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