31 August 2011

My new love...

 My new bag just got here this morning which was a nice surprise because i wasn't expecting it so fast.
I love it!
Ive wanted a new black bag for a while as i have been using mt Chloe paddington (seen in whats in my bag post) for years!Ive wanted a black one as it goes with anything thing i normally stick to creams and browns when it comes to....well anything but i want a bit of a change. I only recently bought the first black tshirt in my wardrobe! and yesterday i got a black leather jacket which i have wanted since at least last winter.
As soon as i saw this bag i fell in love,I really love the Studs on the bottom and that the rest is plain and simple.
I didnt know when i first saw it but I then found out that its very simlar to the Alexander Wang Coco duffel bag, looking at the pictures on google it looks the same!
The inside of the bag is really big which i love because i normally have a lot of things to carry around having two young boys and it has a zip which my Chloe one doesnt have which is a real pain sometimes.

The Alexander Wang Bag

I got mine from Ebay for £30 , the delivery was great really fast i ordered monday ( bank holl) so was posted yesterday and i recived it this morning :)

What do you think?

Laura xxx

29 August 2011

New hair products and part 1 of John Frida Lightning spray review...

My roots are really really dark when the grow through so they need doing quite often.
I love having blonde hair but i hate having to keep up with my roots.
Since going blonde this time i have done it myself using the BBlonde kits from boots.The one thing i don't like about it is having to use a cap.It takes ages and starts to hurt putting loads of small amounts of hair through.I always seem to put it of as long as i possibly can because i just hate doing it.
At the minute though it is really in need of doing.I plan on doing it sometime in the next two week before  my birthday.
However i have found a product that stops them looking so bad John Frida Lightning spray.
  I normally use Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioner but i was in Asda and really in need of some more and i have wanted to try the lightening spray since it came out so as it was on 3 for £10 i picked them all up.
I wasn't expecting for them to make my dark roots lighter but that's what i hoped for, if there lighter then i wouldn't have to bleach them as often.
I noticed my roots were lighter after the first wash and now after using it three times i can really tell a difference.
I'm going to be using it a few more times before i re-do my roots so i will take pictures of how light it goes.So far i think it lifts to one shade lighter after every use.
I really think this product is great and it does really work!! 
I will do a full review in the next few weeks...

Laura xxx

28 August 2011

models own swatches

I got 16 polishes from the sale,i got a bit carried away with all the pretty colours!
There were a few that i think look totally different on the site to in person and ones that look the same but they are amazing polishes the formula is great they go on really easy and don't chip as fast at others Ive tryed, possibly the best Ive tryed so far.....

Top Turquoise
This is really pretty but darker than i was expecting.

 Grace Green
 Really nice khaki colour, love this can see if been worn alot in winter.

When i saw this i was a bit disappointed to begin with, it looks different in the bottle like it has a blue shimmer to it.When i tryed it out thought that didn't show and its a really nice soft creamy blue.
(i had it on while taking these pictures so its hidings in the back ground of some pictures)

 Peach Sherbet
Light nudey peach.

Gun Grey
I love this! lovely shiny grey/black.
Will definitely be my 'go to' dark this winter.

When i opened this and Pink Punch they instantly reminded me of China Glaze pool party and flip flop fantasy!! Both really bright one with a more pink undertone and on with an orange undertone.
This one is definitely more pink.

 Pink Punch
Really bright pink with orange undertones.

Puff Peach
A darker nudey peach.

Buff Pink
A typical clear pink for french manicure.
Very sheer.

Nude Beige
Exactly what it says... nudey beige.
darker than i expected.

Concrete Mixer
This and slate grey look the same with a tiny  slightest different undertone.
I wouldn't bother getting both as you cant tell a difference in them.

Beth's Blue
This picture doesn't show how amazing this colour is! 
I love it! creamy purpley blue, so pretty.

Sophie's Pink
This is alot darker than it looked on the site.
Its a dark hot pink with purple undertones.

Slate grey
A light grey brown, looks just like concrete mixer.
Misty grey
  Nice creamy light grey.
I really wanted this one and thought it would be my favourite.
Its nice and a lovely colour but now as amazing as i first thought.

What colours did you get?
Leave me links to your site so i can see :)

Laura xx

27 August 2011

Models Own 50% off sale...

As most of you know....(and have probably ordered a million things) Models Own have been having a huge 50% off Sale this week....(Which is still on until midnight on  Monday 29th ).

I ordered mine the day the sale went live i think Tuesday? and it came Thursday morning!! Which i was so shocked at as they were super busy!!Can anyone remember the Sleek 50%off when orders took weeks to come? yeah well i was expecting something like that when i heard about the sale but Models Own did a great job of making sure their servers could handle the huge traffic of orders and to get them shipped out so fast!!
They have also constantly been on facebook getting answering peoples questions and sorting any problems within minutes!
Amazing customer service!
 Luckily i had no problems and made my order easily.

I stuck to buying polishes as i hadn't ever tryed Models own!!!
I now have plenty to keep me going for a while even though i have been very tempted to make another order before the sale ends!

I will do a separate post on the polishes with swatches soon :)

Did you order?

 If you did please leave a link to your post i would love to see :) 

Laura xxx

24 August 2011

New MAC lipsticks..... Creme d nude- Angel ...

I recently added two new MAC lippys to my little collection, both ones Ive been wanting for a while.
I am normally more of a nude lover when it comes to lips i just find them easier to were but Angel has had so much hype around it with it been Kim Kardashians 'favourite' lipstick.
I originally went on the Mac site for an eyeliner as mine had run out but got carried away looking at the lipsticks which is such a bad idea for me because i just want them all.

The two i got are,
Creme d nude and Angel
Angel was darker in the tube than i expected it to be.... It wasn't love at first sight for me with it.Hoping that will change when i try it when i have my makeup on with it.

I  love Creme d nude.
Its not as thick and creamy as i expected from pictures ive seem.

Pretty :)

 Creme d nude


Lipsticks make me happy :) 

Whats your favourite lipstick?

23 August 2011


I haven't really been blogging much the last few weeks, i was so shocked yesterday when i checked and Ive only done 7 posts this month! I used to blog every single day but i seem to have been letting it slide recently.
Jason's has 18days off after every seven sets at work so around every 7 week he gets 18days off which is great for the boys they love it when daddy's not at work because we try and do as many fun things as we can.So over the last few week Jason has been at home with us and we've been really busy and by the time the boys go to bed I'm so tired myself i just want to get into bed and watch something .... recently started watching True Blood after watching all the Vampire Dairies again.
We also had the big drama with Cam breaking his tooth and having to be put to sleep then getting sick at the beginning of the month...

But anyway weve had a really good time over the last few weeks it was our little family summer as now jasons back to work.
He's a few picures of what weve been up to... 

Now its nearly september its time for birthdays!!YAYYY
September is a really busy time as its cams, jakes and my birthday plus my dad and sisters so we have a lot of partying to do lol.

 We normally just take the boys out for the day on there birthday but now there getting a bit older im thinking of doing a joint party as well, so theyl still get there special day but they can have a fun party day with there friends to but the only thing is cams is on the 9th and jakes is the 26th so when do i have the party :/?

Laura xxx

Graze- FREE BOX?

I haven't done a Graze post in a while so i thought id do a collective one of a few different boxes Ive been getting to show what to expect if you were thinking of getting one.
I love getting my Graze box on a Monday morning especially when it has honey comb flap jack inside by far my fave!....then the nuts.
I would probably have the same for things every week if i could pick my own box but it is good to try things i wouldn't normally.


What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??
If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code
I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .
Why not give them a try while there free!
You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx
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