28 February 2011


 On Saturday night we had a little get together for my friend who is about to have her first baby.

We went for a lovely meal at a local restaurant.
I love meeting up with the girls i went to school with and having a good catch up and remembering all the fun times weve had.
Everyones life changes so much after leaving school and you all go of , live your own life and its very easy to drift apart, so on special occasions  i love meet up.

Seen as though  it was a baby shower i thought i would take my baby along.So off me and jakey went while daddy and baby C played at home.

What i wore ..
I was in a rush so had to throw on what ever i had left in my wardrobe.
I also had black leggings and uggs on.
I didnt bother putting any extentions in just a really quick messy plait at the front :).

The Present <3

I decided to go for something that could be kept.
I picked out somthing that i knew i would of loved to get for my first baby.

*A 2011 baby keepsake box- i love the fastening.
*2011 teddy
*set of mini keepsake boxes for
-first curl
-first tooth
-name tag
*I love mummy and mummy love me baby grow :)

Jake had lots of fun too ripping all of the presents open .

(The pics are really bad quality due to lighing and been taken on my phone)



Laura xxx

27 February 2011

ravishing lippy and fishtail plait...

Today i went for Mac ravishing lippy, i think its such a pretty shade :)
Also back to the fishtail plaits, so simple and easy to do, i added my extentions aswell to get a bit more thickness xx

25 February 2011

MAC Lipstick collection.

Nude with a luster finish.
Very sheer and like a gloss.
I love this it is my new favourite at the minute.

                                                          Vaguely vacant soft pink beige
                                                                    (Amplified Creme)

laugh a lot
Plummy Pink.
The heavier you apply the darker and more plumier this looks.

Pale muted peachy-beige
This was my First Mac lipstick and i would say my all time favourite.
honey love
Light honey-beige toned with rose
Clean light peachy coral
Viva Glam Gaga
Light blue pink
My go to pink shade i love it.
I find it near enough the same as Saint Germain but this has a glossier finish so i find it easyer to wear.

Saint Germain
Clean pastel pink
 (Amplified Creme)

Amped-up fuchsia
 (Amplified Creme)
I have a post on this one here.

Laura xxx

20 February 2011

How much is your face worth?Tag!

So for this tag you write all the products you use on your face daily.
Your normal everyday makeup .

I love looking at this post and seeing what people wear because i think the products someone wears on a day to day basis have to be there faves?

1.Epaderm cream-£12.00
I get this from my sister, it is the BEST cream i have ever use.I wear it every single day and would be lost with out it.

2.St moritz - £3.99?
I dont feel the same with out a little bit of tan on my face.
 I normally wear St tropez but recently run out and this is a great alternative and much cheaper :)

3.Mac Face and body foundation- £23.50
I swap between three foundations depending on what coverage i want that day.
The three i use are face and body, studio sculpt and studio fix.

4.Mac Studio Sculpt concealer-£13.50

5.Benefit 10 bronzer-£23.50

6.Msf in soft and gentle-£20.50

7.Mac paint pot in bare study-£13.50

8.Mac eyeshadow-naked lunch,all that glitters and twinks-£28.50
These are what i wear if i wear shadow but this last week i haven't been wear anything on the lid just liner and mascara

9.Mac black track-£13.50

10.Mac splash proof lash-£13.50

11.Mac lipstick in gaga or myth-£13.50

12.Sleek blush in rose gold-£4.29

This has been my everyday make up through out winter pretty much but i have to say this last week or 2 i haven't been wearing anything on my lid so i will put that amount too.

Total-£187.28- OUCH

Without eyes done

I actually feel really bad that i spend that much on things i put on my face everyday!

Although the things i have do last me much longer than when i was buying more drugstore makeup.The msf i don't think ill ever run out of.

I am going to tag everyone to do this comment below and let me know so i can have a read :)

Also i would like to tag a few people


Im going to have another tag up soon-getting to know me better :)



18 February 2011

This week....

1. me and my lil baba.
2.Took boys to park, jake now LOVES the swings after watching peppa pig way too much.(he used to hate it).
3.too much st moritz?
4.catching up on the latest jersey shore.
5.ahhh shaytards. its a daily must. ( If you havnt seem them before check them out on YT youl soon be hucked).
6. Finished The whole 4 seasons of Prison break in maybe a week. This show is Amazing!
Now i need somthing new to watch-ideas please?

Laura xxx

13 February 2011

Style crush...

I haven't done a style crush post for a while so i thought i would up date along i do still love my other style crush posts on vanessa & Pixi .

Laura xXx

11 February 2011

Shrek-tacular Nails with OPI

As you maybe able to tell ive been on a bit of a nail polish binge resently.
 Heres a few minis i picked up and thought i would show you the swatches.

These mini's are so cute, i love the size.
Great for testing out colours.
Although i dont think they will last to long if you love the colour and want to wear it a lot.

First up is-Who the shrek are you?
A kind of slimy looking green. It applys really well, get formula.
Took two coats.
Fiercely Fiona
This is just a simple yellow with a hint of green.
In the pictures it looks totally yellow but if you catch the right light you can see the slight greeness.
Good formulation-two coats.

What's With the Cattitude?
This is a pretty baby blue.
I think  a good dupe for this would be Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.
Two coats.
 Rumple's Wiggin'
A lovely creamy purple, i think this may have the best formula.
Again I think it could be duped for Barry m-Berry Ice Cream.

So all in all i think these a pretty colours with great formulation but not very unique and can be easyley duped for barry m colours.
 Although for only £6 for all for mini's, I think there worth it.

Laura xxx

7 February 2011

Pelican Grey-Anchors away Spring 2011

Another China Glaze swatch today.
 Heres Pelican Grey from there Spring 2011 Anchors away collection.
This is a cool toned grey crème,with faint Sliver micro-shimmer.
I have seen it is similar to Zoya's Dove .
The polish application is really good and although i used two coats i think you could get away with one.

I also really like Sea Spray and Sunset Snail from this collection which i am hoping to pick up soon :).

I pick mine up from eBay where you can get them at really good prices.
I think it was about $2.99 which is around £1.80?
Each bottle contains 14ml.

Laura xxx

6 February 2011

Whats been happening?...

I just wanted to do a little update as i feel i haven't really been posting much recently.Least not anything that interesting.Ive been really busy with the boys to be able to sit down and write a good post (there both taking a nap atm).Jason is back at work after having over a month of for Christmas so were missing him and getting back into my usual routine of cleaning, looking after two babies and a dog that likes to make the floor moody (hate this weather) means washing it a millions times a day!

 So here's a few things that have been happening.

1.Firstly i wish i was at the meet up today with the lovely Ray.
I hope everyone that made it had a good day and a good night out tonight.
Il be there next time!

2.Jasons mum had here baby yesterday morning so he now has a lovely little sister Emily rose :).
Should be going to meet her tonight as we haven't been able to get up there yet with him been on nights.

3.I'm so into Prison Break right now.Ive watched all season 1 and half of season 2 in 3 nights staying up a bit to late.
I go through fazes of wanting to watch films/series and then not watching any for months.

4.Thinking of ideas for a Valentines post.

5.Buying lots of new nails polishes.
Also lost two this week, they fell of the side and smashed :(

6.Wishing summer would hurry up.
I want to wear bright colours and get outside.

7.....I hear a little mister shouting mummy so i best go :)
Time to play with my precious babies.

Thanks for looking at my blog :)

Laura xxxx

5 February 2011

Topshop bracelet..

I wanted to show you this cute bracelet i pick up on a resent shopping trip.
I love the colour and the lace.
It was a total bargin too!!
I picked it up from Topshop and it was only £4.00.

Click pictures to see in better detail :)
Laura xxx

2 February 2011

Pool Party-China Glaze Poolside

Here's another China Glaze Polish i recently picked up.
Again this one is from there 2010 Poolside collection.
This is a super bright neon pink.
I did a post a few days ago on there Flip Flop Fantasy which looks a a bright pink although when you put them next to each other you can see the Flip flop fantasy has more of a orange under tone and Pool Party is more a true bright pink.
These dry super fast im not sure if its because there more neon colours?but they definitely dry faster than other China Glaze polishes i have tryed.
You do need a few coats to get a good bright colour but it is definitely a summer fave and i am looking forward to using this alot!
Great summer colour if you looking to start you summer collection :)

Flip flop fantasy, Pool Party

Laura xxx
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