28 March 2014

Weekly Advertiser #001

There's so many blogger's out there now that I thought I'd start to share with you a different blogger or two each week.I used to do posts like this a while ago and really enjoyed it. They will some how have to fit the style of my blog by been rather beauty, lifestyle or mummy related. Naturally I asked Jessica to complete the first post to show what each weekly advertiser will be writing about.

01. Tell us about your blog?
I mainly focused around the lifestyle side of blogging with little bit of everything else thrown in.. there's wide variety for anyone to relate with. I find lifestyle blogging the most interesting to write about because everyone has different lifestyles so you'll never find two the same.
02. Why and when did you start blogging?
I created PeachyNotes around one year ago. Like most people I'd began from reading other blogs before creating my own. I needed a hobby at the time of creating my blog and now its just something I really enjoy spending my time doing, I love the social side of blogging talking and meeting other people. I've wrote a post here about why I became a blogger. 
03. What are three things people may not know about you?
  • I've been the beauty specialist at Superdrug and I'm now the skincare expert at The Body Shop.
  • I've attempted to go blonde in the past and failed, Its taken three years to grow my hair back this long! 
  • Although I love everything beauty and skincare related my collection is rather small.
04. What's your everyday style like?
I'm normally wearing skinny jeans with just a plain top, then my leather jacket or chunky knitted cardigan thrown over, Also I tend to stick to the simple colours like black, grey and white. My footwear ages between boots and pumps, depending on the weather.
Any Last Words?
I hope you click over and visit my blog, I've added some pictures above to show you that kinds of post you'd see over there, thanks for reading!
If you'd like to advertise on next weeks post,  follow me over on bloglovin' and leave a comment below, every week I'll read through and pick one or two people from the comments left, Hope you enjoyed this post and find lots of new blogs to read!

25 March 2014

Leeds Event | Russell Eaton Salon | Nioxin 30 day Challenge

Last week my sister Jessica ( Peachnotes) and i went to the Russell Eaton salon in Leeds for the Nioxin 30 day challenge night. We went on the train as non of us like driving to Leeds, its alot faster and easier. I would probably get so lost if i tried to drive to Leeds. The Russell Eaton salon is really easy to find, once we arived we were greeting with a glass of champain and shown to our seat ready for a talk all about Nioxin and how it helps your hair grow thinker. 
After the talk we got to see our scalps through the NIOscope which its a camera the can take pictures of your roots so you can see them clearly and all the build up on your scalp. It was good to see the before and after to see how much difference the Nioxin dermabrasion makes.
The dermabrasion cream was applied to our roots and left for 5 minutes to work its magic. While we waited we were offered a hand & arm massage. Jessica tucked in to the snacks and ate the whole bowl! We were also told which our most suited system would be from the Nioxin 30 days system range which gives fuller, thicker hair in 30 days or your money back! I was most suited to range 4, fine, chemically treated hair. My hair is in alot better condition than i thought it would be but im really looking forward to trying the range as i do feel my hair is so much thinner than it used to be.
After the treatment had been washed off we had a lovely blow dry..i wish i could come here everyday!We had another look on the nioscope to see the difference. My hair felt so nice and refreshed!
Overall i had a great night and i cant wait to go back to the salon and see everyone again. The staff were so lovely. I would definitely recommend the dermabrasion and I'm really looking forward to trying out the little kit and seeing if i can see the difference after 30 days. I will definitely do a post an let you know how it goes!
Thank you so much to the staff at Russell Eaton and Nioxin for a great night!

Dermabrasion - £15
Nioxin 30 day kit - £30

Laura xx

20 March 2014

At the park..

We are definitely making the most of this nice weather while it lasts! Our local park is right next to Cambells school so we have been going to play for an hour before school while we can. He gets so excited and Emme loves the swings.  
Last night i got the chance to go to a really fun event in Leeds at the Russell Eaton salon for the Nioxin night. I will put a post up about that over the next few days with pictures. It was nice to meet people who i felt like i already knew though blogging but never met in person before. 

Emmes little cape and headband are both from The Bow Boutique  
Tights - Asda
Top & shorts - Next
Floral shoes - Mothercare

Laura x

18 March 2014

Canvas Design & GIVEAWAY...

I recently had the chance to try out Canvas Design and have a print put on to canvas*. 
We were sent a 12x12 100% cotton canvas, i thought of the picture i wanted straight away as Jason had always said it was his favourite one. My only problem was that it was taken on an iphone.... like most of my pictures now. Which i was abit worried about as i know you are suppose to use high quality images which i just didn't have i stopped using my actual camera a while ago as my iphone pictures seemed just as good and it was lot easier. So i went for this one, it was also a good test for other people that only have iphone pictures so you can see how good the image quality will be. We have been decorating our stairs so i knew i wanted the picture to go there which is why i got it in black & white so it would go perfectly.I couldn't wait for it to arrive. 
I am super impressed with  how it turned out, the quality is amazing! I am 100% happy with it. I am definitely planning on buying some more. I have a photo shoot coming up soon so i am going to get my favourite ones put onto canvas. Canvas design have great prices so i can get a few different ones.
Prices of the canvas start at £5.99 which is such a great price! 

We have also been given the change to give a canvas away!! 

Have a nice day :) 

15 March 2014

Pretty in Mint!

 I really love mint, its been my favourite colour for so long, i think it was actually when i first started my blog and i fell in love with the Barry m nail polish. Now it I,m just addicted to anything mint for both me and Emme. She does look so cute in it though. We are loving going out on little walks now the weather is getting better, this little bit of grass and lake is on the street where we live so its a nice little area we can walk round when we get chance :) its all closed off too so its safe for kiddies to play. 

Headband & cape - The Bow Boutique
Dress and Tights - Next
Shoes - Very

Laura xxx

12 March 2014

Emme's 14 Month Update

My little baby has just turned 14 month old!! So crazy! She is growing and learning so much everyday. She has been walking since around Christmas time and she's getting very confident now, today she was running around the room with her ride on but instead of using it to help her she was just dragging it around, jumping and picking it up. She can say a few words and is eating everything we do so far she hasn't been a very fussy eater. She still sleeps through the night and has a nap at around 12 until 2-3 while her brothers are at school. She is wearing 12-18 month clothes and still has some 9-12, both the boys were in sizes bigger than there ages when they were little so i was surprised Emme was still fitting in her clothes longer.
She has the most amazing personality, very happy, fun,cheeky little princess. She loves books, we read the ones with the flaps so she can pick them up or the ones with the different materials on so she can touch them and see how they all feel different, she will pick them up and come sit on my knee as soon as she spots a book.

Laura xx

9 March 2014

My Little Model | What she wore - Her style

I absolutely love Emme's cute outfits and i share them daily on my instagram ( lauraemma77) so i though i would share them on here too so  i can look back on them as she grows. I started posting ones of the boys before it got too cold so I'm going to add in ones of them too. The cape and headband are both available from my website The Bow Boutique

Headband : The Bow Boutique 
Cape : sand colour The Bow Boutique
Yellow top : Next
Shorts : Next
Tights : Next
Shoes : (size 4) Very  

Emme's first summer walk...

We went on a little walk today with the weather being so nice. Its Emme's first proper walk really as she hasn't been walking long and its been way too wet to take her out. We have a little lake on the street where we live so we decided to go there so she could have a run on the grass. I can't wait to start having more days out this year now she can walk around :).After we had been on our little walk we decided to call to the local shopping outlet for a starbucks and some sweets from the old sweet shop!
My sister Tanya came around this morning to do my hair for me so i think I'm going to post about that when its finished because it was the Macadamia oil color that she used and it is the first time I've used it. I'm having a lighter shade added later this week so that post will probably be towards the end of the week :).

My coral cape & Emmes white cape both from The Bow Boutique
Headband & hair clip also from The Bow Boutique
Laura xx

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