15 September 2014

The cuteness | Floral Shoes {The Bow Boutique Discount Code}

 Ahh these shoes... I love these! This is yet another post I drafted and forgot to post although I absalutley love these pictures of Emme so I wanted to share. This little outfit is one Emme wore alot. I really like the tights under shorts when its a bit cooler.

These floral shoes are some that I found in Mothercare when I went a little bit shoes crazy and bought her about 5 pair at once! Typically her little feet are growing fast and she hardly got any wear out of most of them. These however were my favourite of them all. The pretty pink cape and headband is from The Bow Boutique. She has about 5 different colours in the capes too because they are so perfect with every outfit. I have a post of her cream on here and sand one here.

We are still in the process of changing the website so I have been crazy busy with that this week trying to get it all finished{ nearly there now}. I have been trying lots of new beauty products this week though which I can't wait to post about. I have a few giveaway's coming up too!

10% OFF The Bow Boutique using the code 'LAURAEMMA'

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