3 September 2014

Heading to Leeds {Outfit post}

Love this jacket, I really like the waterfall look I think its alot more flattering. It's fast became my go to Jacket. I want to get the black version too... Yes I'm that annoying girl that finds something she loves and gets every colour.This is what I wore to the recent blogger event in Leeds when we went out for a love meal at a few different restaurants in Trinity{post}.

I am finding so many things I want to buy though looking on everyone's blogs. I've really been into house things this year and trying to decorate all the rooms in the house again. I have a huge list of things still to get.Also wanting all the mac highlighters, since running out of soft and gentle the more I'm just wanting to go and get every one they do.

I have been addicted to Jaclyn Hills videos these last few days. She is amazing at make up, I wish I could do my make up half as good. I was looking for mac blushes as came across her videos a few nights ago, I think I've literally watched every video since! I've just done a big mac order from things she has used in her videos and the Becca highlighter, which looks amazing! 

Laura x
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  1. Gorgeous jacket! It's such a great colour for this freakish weather at the moment and a bit different from the black that everyone has :) I reaaally like it! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. I love that jacket it's so flattering! I'm that annoying girl too if I like something I have to own it in all the colours! xx
    An Uninventive Name


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