5 September 2014

Cannon Hall {Lifestyle}

I have just come across these pictures saved in my drafts to go up from a few week ago when we went to Cannon Hall. It's a really nice place to take the boys and Emme when we want to go for a walk.It's near Jason's mums so we usually call in there after. It has a farm that has recently been changed although we didn't go in on this day we just went round the old house{which is free} and we when round the gardens in the front of the house.

It's Cambells 5th birthday on Tuesday so I have being trying to get things sorted for him. I need to get his cake and some party foods over the weekend which I love doing. I get so excited for birthdays, getting all the balloons set up for when they come down on the morning. They always have a little dinner party for tea too with some cake for after..of course!

He has been asking for one of the Cosy coupe cars for so long, if we are ever out he always plays in them and its is all he has been asking for so even though he is going to be 5 we have given in now he has more space in his bedroom to put it. I know 100% that he will play with it all the time. He has a little Minnie mouse car that he got for maybe his 1st birthday and he uses it in the car every time we go out to pretend he is driving with me or Jason.  When he does grow out of it Emme will get to play in it too.


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