9 September 2014

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my baby is 5 already! Cambell is at the stage now where he knows its his birthday and what happens. He said to me yesterday that we need to go to bed early so the birthday fairy could come to put his presents and banners out. So cute! Before now I felt like it was more of a surprise and that he didn't really know until the day.

He woke me up this morning all excited to come down stairs to see if the 'Birthday fairy' had been. We sat and opened his presents before school. It was his first day staying for dinners today then he finished at one.He starts full days on Thursday which he's really excited about.

When they boy's got home we went outside to play for a while then after Jason had got back from the gym we had a little tea party and had some cake.Then played some Frustration {my favourite game when I was little} and Guess who.

I always find it amazing every year that my two boys are they same age for a few weeks. I now have two 5 year old until Jakes birthday on the 26th. I love that they are so close in age, they get on so well. It's been really nice for Cam starting big school too as he plays with Jake at break and then he sat with him at dinner today which I though was so cute.  

We have a few new 'bigger-ish' toys that they have all been loving which I was going to add into this post but it would have crazy amount of pictures if I did so you can see them {here} instead. They are great if you are already thinking of what christmas presents to buy.

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