10 August 2014

Sylvanian Families | Cosy Cottage & Chocolate Family

I loved Sylvanian families when I was little, I really wish I had all my old toys for Emme to play with but she now has her own little Sylvanian families Cosy cottage and chocolate rabbit family to play with. She loves it and move's the little rabbits around the house.

The Cosy Cottage comes with a bed, sink, kitchen table, stairs and Freya one of the rabbits. The up stairs can also be taken out, turned over and put on the front of the house as a garden which I think is great! I love that it can also be attached to the other houses to make a big house. The Chocolate family comes with a family of four rabbits. Father Fraiser, Mother Teri, Brother Coco and sister Freya.

Emme has played with these everyday since they arrived, even the boys have been playing with them too which I didn't expect but there has been a good few times I have seen them sat playing with it together. 

I am now hooked and want to collect them all for Emme, I love things that you can collect. *The Cosy Cottage is £24.99 which is great for a starter home and the *Chocolate family are £15.99.

I think the supermarket and nursery look so cute I just want to collect them all now. 

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1 comment:

  1. To say I was obsessed with these when I was younger, would be an understatement! My mum still has all of mine in the loft! They're the cutest toys


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