9 August 2014

New Design, New Layout, New Inspiration...

I feel like I am starting afresh with my blog again. After 6ish years of blogging I felt like I had to have a big change and bring all the motivation and Inspirations back that I had when I first started and all I could think about was sitting down to write my blog and reading others. My life has changed so much since I first set up my blog. I have 3 children- Jake was a newborn when I started, I first found youtube/blogs while I was pregnant with him on maternity leave.I have also started by own business, so with everything that comes along with these my life is alot crazier. 

I felt like I needed a whole new design and not just changing it up myself making new headers {I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes it HTML stuff} so I finally did what I really thought I would never do and bought a design. I am so happy I did! If your thinking about getting one yourself... just do it!

Most excitingly of all..for me anyway is my new camera! I have wanted a dslr since I started blogging so I am so excited to learn more about how to use it and take amazing pictures {If you know of any tutorials for Canons please link them}.

Now all I can think about is what pictures I can take, I have so many posts I want to write I just can't get them done fast enough. I feel like I want to stay up all night writing! I want to find new blog to read too. {leave your links in the comments}.

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  1. Love it. Looks fresh and clean. :)


  2. Love the layout. Super easy to navigate and the colours are so pretty


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