24 August 2014

ME { Fifty Things }

These kind of post's are always fun to get to know a few things about the person's blog you are reading. I have done a few tags in the past, probably in 2010 so a updated one was probably needed. 
1. I'm a libra.
2. I got engaged on my 21st birthday.
3. I have a golden retriever.
4.We adopted her when she was a few month old as the first owners daughter was allergic.
5. My boys have an 11 month age gap.
6. Which means for a few week every year my boys are the same age.{kinda}.
7.My oldest is 6!!!next month.
8.I met Jason when I was 15.
9. I own my own business {with my older sister}.
10. I love baking.
11. I passed my driving test in 2007.
12. My first car was a ford KA. 
13. I live on toast.{ quick and easy}
14.but my favourite food is Chinese.
15. I have been addicted to youtube since 2008.
16. My favourite place is Isle Of Wight.
17. I can't wait to get married. 
18. I always go over the top on peoples birthdays to make them feel special.
19. My favourite day of the year is Christmas eve.
20. I love my new camera.{just need to learn how to use it properly}
21. I have 3 sisters.
22. I have only been abroad once. { now I think I'd be too scared to fly}.
23. I went to Ireland on a ferry when I was younger with my friend & her family.
24. I'm addicted to instagram.
25. My favourite colour is mint. 
26. Thinking of 50 things is hard.
27. I love family traditions.
28. I think being a mum is the best thing in the world.
29. I have a rabbit called Bow.
30. I have never take off the ring Jason bought me with his first wage when he was 16.
31. Emme is named after my nana. Her middle name is May which is my nana's name.
32. Jakes middle name is after Jason's grandad.
33. Cambell's middle name is after my dad.
34. I am always on facetime.
35. Soft & gentle from my is my favourite highlight ever!
36. I am left handed.
37.{ I think Emme is too}
38. My Nana, mum & sister are also left handed.
39.  My birthday is 30th September.
40. I'm scared of going on a plane.
41. I talk to my sisters for hours a day.{while doing other things}
42. I can't remember not having a blog.
43. Pretty little lairs
44. Vampire Diaries
45.Breaking bad
46. Prison break
47. The lying game.
48. Secret circle.
50. Are some of my favourite programmes.
Wow 50 things is so much harder than you'd think!! I tag everyone reading, link your fifty things below so I can come over :).

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