18 August 2014

{ ME } || Contouring & Highlighting ||

Q1. When did you learn about highlighting & contour? Who inspired you to start?
To be honest I can't remember the exact time learnt about contouring.I definitely learnt more about make up when I started watching youtube in 2008. I loved watching xsparkage. 

Q2. Do you like to highlight & contour everyday or just for special occasions? 
I highlight/contour everytime I wear makeup. It's just my routine now to do it, I don't think I could do my make up without doing it. 

Q3. Do you prefer powder or cream based products? 
Right now I prefer powder based products. I just find them easier to work with. I do love the look of cream based products though.

Q4. Favourite contour product? (High end & Drugstore) 
I have a few contour products that I like, the one I'm using at the minute is Bourjois chocolate bronzer.I have bought this one a few times. I also like harmony from mac as a contour and the Chanel Soleil tan.

Q5. Favourite highlighting product? (High end & Drugstore) 
My favourite highlighter of all time is mac soft & gentle 100% best highlighter I've ever used! Mine ran out a few weeks ago...totally ran out I used every last  bit of it! So at the minute I'm using a kind of 'dupe' for it which is one from the body shop. It's no where near as amazing but it's still good. I will definitely be repurchasing soft and gentle as soon as I can get to a mac store though.

Q6. Do you contour/highlight before or after foundation? 
I always do it after doing my foundation. I will let my foundation set while doing my brows and eyes then go back to highlight/contour.

Q7. What are your favourite application & blending tools?
I use my real techniques brushes which I love!

Q8. Give us your Top Tip!
Use a spray to set your make up and take away any 'cakeyness'. I love mac fix+. 

If you do this tag please link it below so I can come over & see your favourite products :)
Laura xx

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  1. I need to learn asap! I have tried sooo many times but it just doesn't work! I look stupid when I try!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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